To break off relations, like a moron: really shitty ways to break up

manygoodtips.com_12.03.2014_U2UAOAjykqbN3Breaking up has probably everyone at least once in your life. On the way to the perfect girl, we have to try a lot of third-party options, many times to make mistakes and in the end, or to find someone you are more suited, or to stay for quite a passable variant on the principle of «to be». Ending relationships always hurts, she’ll cry, you’ll be nervous, to feel a sense of guilt or shame. Then will be tempted to start over, then she will be the remarkable former, and then, perhaps, it finally will settle down and begin a new life that might be better than the previous one. The main thing in this situation — right to break up with someone, behave like a decent member of society and try not really to hurt the feelings of another person, no matter what a bastard he was. Otherwise you will multiply the number of men hate ladies who can carry their experience to their children, growing loser, and man-haters.

But there are those dudes who break up with a girl, like real assholes. As a result, we have angry women with broken self-esteem, a cloud complexes and the belief that all men goats. Any girl will understand that the relationship did not work and need to kill them, if you break up as normal adults. I’m not saying that you can still be friends after this, it is not necessary. The normal divorce entails smoothing of sharp corners, lowering the degree of the images and reducing the number of complexes and cockroaches each other. If you don’t protect the nerves of this girl, to show male solidarity and protect the nerves of the other dudes.

These ways to break up with a girl typical of those dudes that have a similar trait: cowardice.

1. With a text message

No matter what: text, private message on a social network or a message in Skype. It looks like this: «Nice talk, it’s time to know and honor!» Often this kind of separation is typical of people who talked more on the network and met for sex than talking in real life, at least for a Cup of beer. If you are more or less normally talked, and you decided to break up with her via text message, it says that you’re a banal coward.

2. Ask a friend

Are you in school, dude? I don’t even know how it’s okay to describe. your friend should answer that for you, to see her cry, to feel uncomfortable, although he has no relation to your girlfriend relationship. Moreover, who should be the man to agree to such crap. And now imagine how will be the girl, because she in fact did not deserve the banal honest relationship and a normal breakup. Now imagine that your friend mumbles her that you decided to break up with her and you’re sorry, and you’re sitting at home worried sick and playing Xbox. What a shit!

Communicating with the girl, you increase the good, grow powerful virtual penis and clean your karma!

3. After sex

Hmm, man, fair of idiocy continues. After sex we always feel joyful emotions, hormone rages, you know. And then suddenly you tell her such news. Not only that, she feels naked and unprotected, and it looks as though you finally got what you wanted and decided that you’ve had enough sex with this girl, she’s tired of you and it’s time to throw it. And, frankly, there’s no other explanation, this is the most logical. Of course, you can

to say that you wanted to sweeten the parting, but it sounds forced. It’s something, frankly, m*ducky. Spoils the Karma how.

4. Using Facebook status or contact (or tweets)

The biggest way… if there was no other. In fact, you’re telling the news around the world, and she can learn about her as if accidentally and even the last. It’s the same as telling everyone you know that you’re breaking up, and only then notify the one who is most interested in the information. In some ways, it’s even more cowardice than to break up with a girl with a message. You did not even write to HER, so you are, pussy. When it comes to divorce, move back to more familiar technologies, such as you technology verbal communication with eye to eye?

5. Stop to chat and avoid it

Continuing the parade of colorful panties. All you pussies who don’t even bother to explain to the girl that the «Bank is closed». Interesting topic, but a former colleague of mine once told me that «divorced» (if it can be called separation) one girl, with whom he, according to him, it was all serious and was almost to marriage. When I asked him why he didn’t explain to her to confront her about the end of a relationship, he was very surprised and said a phrase that I remember very well: «We’re adults, isn’t it clear that it’s over?»

In fact, it is not clear. You know, no matter how smart and understand some people, many of them still need at least some explanation. So, she can see that you’re acting towards her lately, like an asshole, that you began to linger and to spend less time with her. Probably, you somewhere have left some signs, hinting at a change in attitudes and characters of the future separation. But the relationship is not a «Fort Boyard» and «University challenge», where you see some signs, put them in the head and bring forth the right answers. In addition, you should never write off the banal hope, when one person sees the changes but hopes that you’re tired, what are you worried about something and just can’t devote as much time as before. And in the end doesn’t she deserve an explanation? The truth is that in 99 percent of cases these guys just don’t want to explain. Even if the relationship was «comfortable» and does not have a future, you need to explain yourself like a real man. Understatement creates much more pain a girl feels that she just enjoyed, and considered, and some obscure rag that is only good for use with subsequent throwing in the trash. Even outright prostitutes don’t deserve it. Communicating with the girl, you increase the good, grow powerful virtual penis and clean your karma! If you are under any pretext to ignore the girl and don’t have to explain to her, you coward, banal, matter how eloquently you could not be justified.

Actually, it’s not all bad ways to break up with a girl, maybe, if you like, I’ll write a sequel.

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