To break off relations, like a moron. Part 2

Poradi.s.ua_17.03.2014_79xluIhQb7OK8The theme of separation found a warm response in the hearts of the citizens, so I decided to write a sequel to this article, which will mention some more absurd ways to break up with a girl. I must say that when girls do the same methods that were described in this article and in the first part, they are no better than us. They also show that by nature cowardly and want to shift the responsibility on anyone’s shoulders but their own. The best way to break up — to cause a person to have a Frank conversation and not from a distance, to speak directly and in person: «you Know, we must part!» No need to say, «I was thinking…», «You’re a very good person, but…», «I have to tell you something important, don’t get offended…» Only in a person, honesty is something that is worthy of respect and that is always attributed to men. So why should break up? Because it is risk minimization, it’s the same thing that quickly cut off the finger until it was too late and did not have time to cut my arm off. Honest and fast — less pain, less problems. In addition, speed will help you as quickly as possible to close the Gestalt, to see all the flaws and the reasons for the separation and reduce the risk to think that the former is just awesome.

Immersed in a maelstrom of cowardice, abdication of responsibility, lack of eggs and all such things. Today you’ll see another shitty way to leave my girl to start a different life.

1. In front of a crowd of people

How many times need to tell people that they took out the garbage from the house. Relations, as well as their figuring out what you like to watch only those who are very much interested in someone else’s life. The most appropriate people feels awkward when someone starts to sort things out with them. The worst is when someone decides it’s time to see the girl break. Normal guys will feel that they are not at ease when the personal drama being enacted before their eyes. Gossip will get the popcorn and will be interested to see what is happening and smile like a hyena. Why bother to leave, when around a large crowd of familiar folk? To gain support. Eye to eye the one who was going to break off the relationship, awkward and stsykotno. The man remembered the school when they are together teased some omega, enlisted the support of virtual and let’s put yourself in an awkward position. If you think so, then this is one of the worst ways to break up with a girl. It’s a pointless school revenge, because an adult understands that personal is personal, it is not necessary to make public and show.

2. To get her to break up with you

Oh, that you would not say that I want to save her feelings or the fact that you’re a dick and don’t deserve her, so it would be easier to forget you, there are two very real true reasons for this behavior. First: are you a dependent of a pussy which can not solve the problems alone, and to shift responsibility to other shoulders. Second: you’re aggressive-passive bastard.

Because it is risk minimization, it’s the same thing that quickly cut off the finger until it was too late and did not have time to cut my arm off.

You know, when you begin cutting to act like a bastard laughing at her in front of friends, not answering calls and not going to sleep with her best friend, that doesn’t make you somebody who wants to preserve her feelings. Usually an outside observer quickly becomes clear that you intentionally act like a complete jerk, so she divorced you, not you with her. First, she will remember that you became a full m*a duck, you very well remember! Secondly, it will be much harder, because she just did not consider m*duck. If a smart girl, she’ll quickly understand that you forced her to take this step, and it hurt her, because she’ll know that you dated a coward.

3. To get a girlfriend to break up with the other

This is a very roundabout way. Instead of going through the tunnel through the mountain, you’re looking for a workaround and a very long walk around. It’s like trying to operate on the heart through the heel. But if I hadn’t seen with my own eyes how a friend of mine started allegedly to meet with a student of the first course to piss off another girl and break up with her, I’d have never come up with anything similar. In fact, this item is a perverted form of the second item, together with a share unhealthy hatred, revenge and the indulgence of their baser passions. By the way, a guy with a girl had been Dating for only two weeks, seems to be not even slept. And all that «the former was easier to break up with him, realizing how bad he is». But the guy didn’t take into account the fact that the former were from the same circle, had a huge amount of friends in common and relatively quickly found out that he broke up with a student when the last of my stuff from her apartment were removed. Of course, it is very unpleasant. But he succeeded, now she knows that he is a rascal.

4. After that, when something good happens

Your girlfriend on vacation, she had saved a lot of money to go somewhere where you’ve always dreamed of. She finally graduated from University and got a diploma of higher education. She got a promotion. In short, there was something that she always wanted. All this time you diligently pretend that everything is going well. You hypocritical «are happy with her progress, here’s to her health and having fun with it. If a piece of the fun and fulfillment of dreams fall to you, you stoically go down with her for her money in her favorite country, so as not to spoil her impression of the performance of its cherished desires. After it ends, and your girl glows with happiness from realizing his ogranichennosti, you go up to her and break up. Worst of all, if you have used one way of the last part, if you’re divorced, looking her straight in the eye, you can still be called good. But if you really think so you don’t spoil her impression of some joy that she went so long and which brought her so much joy, you are very much mistaken. I would even say that it is very cruel. His break-up with her, you’re spoiling that happens, you negate exactly what she wanted. Of course, if you dump her before it happens, is likely to be even worse, so the situation is really complicated. Of course, it is best to wait for the joy of the girls goes down and starts the usual routine. Then you can approach her and leave as an adult.

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