To become an adult: how to understand that you’re not a young man?

manygoodtips.com_8.05.2014_Hr1Ffx9Y0rtDvIt is believed that adults are when they get full independence from parents, starting to earn money itself or when you get married. All this is fundamentally wrong. Remnants of youthful innocence and perfectionism do not go, when you go through certain social rituals. Changes occur in the head. Sometimes you look at a 20-year-old and understand he’s a man, but this 30-year-old, for example, still infantile, cowardly and incompetent.

To become an adult is to take responsibility for themselves and for others. But the most important things that make an adult an adult is the ability to take responsibility for their words, to see the perspective and critically analyze each situation. Indicators that you ceased to be a child, quite a lot. Most importantly, it’s how you deal with issues and Affairs. It is in relation to some things you can determine, increased boy or not.

In fairness it should be noted that a lot of men never grow up.

1. Pay bills immediately

The presence of you have accounts that have to be paid, gives you the confidence that you are completely disassociated themselves from the parent. So. You’ve got more problems that need to be promptly addressed, but this does not mean that with the advent of responsibility you suddenly became an adult.

The boy is psychologically Mature person is distinguished by the fact that he’s not just pays the bills and pays them on time, and not when the mailbox is no longer fit receipt. The young, but lives separate person, has its own money. Usually this realization is extremely giddy. He has learned not to spend their money in the first three days and stayed three thousand rubles and handouts for the mother, but from accounts he had problems.

By the end of the year when it’s spitting a decent amount of penalties, and the landlord will throw him to the scandal, our hero will go to the Bank, is in the queue of the same forgotten and will pay a huge sum of money at once. Adult always puts a sum of money to pay the bills and rent immediately. He pays on time, not because I have to, but because he paid and forgot about future problems. In other words, a grown man not put off until tomorrow, and simplifies your life as soon as possible.

2. To consult a doctor immediately and do not postpone the visit

To go to the doctor — very unpleasant. Everybody knows about it, but a Mature man differs from it by the fact that he understands the necessity of attending this event, and see not only unpleasant expectation and procedure of inspection. You can probably see at work or among their friends children, who are desperately suffering not the first day of a toothache, instead of to solve this problem. «It is necessary to choose the time and go to the dentist!» — they repeat several times during the day, but not all go. Don’t think we’re talking about the symptoms in the spirit of «somewhere something stabbed», we’re talking about frequent periodic pains and other unpleasant things are all that it is time to consult a doctor.

Immature people lays not because he’s very tight with time or hands on deck at work, and because he did not like the idea of going to an unpleasant place, long wait and walk from office to office. Also, it is scary to realize that he can detect something very serious or unpleasant. The motto not an adult male: the less you know — sleep tight.

3. To be able to control the flow of money and not spend it on some garbage

Even in the small city of many temptations that cause us to spend too much money on nonsense and not feel much impact. Really, really big city, too, can learn to control to keep your money on unnecessary things and questionable entertainment.

You see that one of your innocent, it would seem that habits takes you too much money? But you don’t want to abandon it, because otherwise you have no «joy of life»? No, dude, if something takes a lot of your money, and you suffer from this, it is unlikely that this habit can be called «joy.» You’re just like a child does not want to give up the expensive toys and cling to it like it was a great value, naumava some sacred significance. Here you can do without Breakfast at a cafe before work, which costs you more lunch? Can! Do it less often, and delight that you will be much more, believe me.

4. Take care of your body

If the need for physical activity the modern man is realised, perhaps because of the fashion, to monitor their nutrition, hygiene and body condition start not all.

Why eat vegetables and fruits a person begins only when the stomach requires more fiber. Again, the story of the roasted cock: until you bite — nothing will happen. A grown man care about food and the body just because it is a secure investment. He begins to eat right, exercise and take care of their appearance not because of the fact that the procedure launched themselves. Mature people understand that good nutrition will provide him with a good chair and don’t let her turn into a fat ass. Physical activity for Mature people — a pleasant spending of time, which, moreover, is useful. And he knows exactly what the profit.

5. To be able to dress appropriately

We don’t mean wear a hat when it’s cold. In this paragraph we are talking about appropriateness.

Attempt to dress in the same thing is regarded by many men as a kind of rebellion against the system. Unfortunately, they don’t understand that look quite inappropriate when, for any reason, dressed in a shapeless sweater or suit teenager». You have to understand when you can wear loose jeans and when to wear formal trousers. You should also understand why the theater or to some official occasion should not come in a t-shirt with «the Avengers» and worn sneakers. Know how to wear particular shoes is also important. There’s no conspiracy — it’s all about the appropriateness of your appearance in your environment. By the way, some people regard inappropriate dudes dressed as those who show disrespect. Remember this!

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