To be richer without earning more

how to feel rich

Notice how quickly you lose the joy of new toys? Very well it is noticeable after the New year, when, after playing all the new things, you get used to them and lose the feeling of a gift: just the new stuff built into billion of junk that you had before — and all things.

Unfortunately, to fight fire with fire in this situation, not the solution: any new stuff with the same success it becomes old stuff, and so on to infinity. So it’s hard to feel rich. Or not?

My Kingdom for an iPhone

Technology gave us, without exaggeration, supernatural opportunities and it is the greatest wealth that we can imagine. Today technology is so widely spread, that powers has almost everyone (except, of course, residents of third world countries). You already have superpowers, if you have Internet access — let in order to get it you have to walk to the nearest coffee shop or to crack the password of a neighbor.

Imagine that you and your own home transported to the middle ages. Your house is on the outskirts of a village. All devices in the house work, Internet works, do you have water and heating. Do not bother with technical issues, how it all happened, and where you have electricity — use your imagination; if you have already been able to mentally travel into the past, you should be able. Imagine that you can afford this stuff — only in the whole district. This privileged fuck.

As soon as you walk out the door, you find yourself in another world where people live by the whole law of past centuries. They stoked the furnace with wood to keep warm, can only work in the light of day and are forced to repair their clothes and tools. They are equal to you in every way, except one: even the most privileged of them can’t afford all these blessings and freedoms that you have and for which you not even bothered.

Imagine how they would like to receive all that you have. What money they could give even one single convenience that you do a lot? For a warm house, don’t heat with wood; to get the water from your home; because in the dark you can do what you want, because you have bright artificial lighting. They would be ready to spend a fortune to be at least a day to enjoy all this.

You can do some truly amazing things:

  • speak with people who are far from you, and even see them;
  • carry in your pocket all the encyclopedias of the world;
  • to look at fragments of the past (or someone else’s past) in the form of moving pictures in real time;
  • to see the faces of deceased loved ones;
  • to cook and warm food in minutes;
  • wash clothes, sitting on the couch;
  • to get water into the house without effort;
  • at any time to learn how to do any thing, just what a person can do.

This is an amazing opportunity, which the people of the past could not even dream of, and they are all yours right now. Do you really think more money will make you somehow richer?

The wealthy of the past could not have all this, even if hypothetically they have enough money for it. And yet it is impossible to deny that one opportunity to live in our time makes us rich. All of these devices include with your Khrushchev would be appreciated by the people above all other benefits.

You have everything, not to mention more complex and abstract things: the rights, freedoms, education and medical care.

How to feel rich

Gratitude is a key word. If you should be more appreciative of any. Although it is a bit hypocritical.

You may recall stories about how people who win the lottery, were unhappy and even wished that they never happened. One can imagine that the person suddenly falls as a whole, is faced with challenges for which we never suspected before. But still can’t shake the feeling that these people are either naive or short-sighted, just could not make the money work for themselves.

However, to think so is naive. Most of us do the same. Almost all of us live in prosperity and social well-being. That is, we are quite rich, but not feel so.

This is a completely different question. We do not feel that I should be more grateful for what we already have — although in reality even as they should. No matter what material things we possess: we’re not looking for them, and a certain feelings, whether it’s security or power. To get back on the iceberg with a million dollars under his arm — a strange and terrifying prospect.

Our sense of self wealth is only slightly dependent on what we have. It’s hard to feel independent when you don’t even have clothes or home. But mostly this feeling depends on what we always compare ourselves to others and often think about what we have, rather than what is.

The sense of personal wealth depends on how you evaluate what you have and what have not. Typically, this rating changes from day to day, from year to year. Depending on how you look at the situation, we are happy with what you have, or compare ourselves with someone who have more, and not feel rich.

«Rich» is a very relative concept, it has more emotional evaluation than is rational. If you ignore, we will understand that we only need:

1. Enough stuff to survive in relative comfort. Talking about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: food, shelter, water and health.

2. Extra stuff — something more than survival kits. Entertainment, technology, and units, without which you can do. Most of us even more than a little.

3. Friends. I don’t think it’s optional, if you want to feel rich. We are sharpened by the existence in society, in solitude harder and sadder.

4. Freedom. To Express their opinions and to engage in its business. The meaning of freedoms varies in different societies, but we need independence to be rich.

5. The ability to look clearly at things: appreciate what you have and what you don’t. This is just a skill that can be developed.

And a few more tips for each day:

The gratitude of the people from time immemorial: when you use something, think how valuable it would be for a person of the past. Remember, you are the same naked animal, just surrounded by different things that improve this fact.

Have fewer things but of higher quality: respect what you own. Get rid of low-quality items. Get rid of anything that you do not respect or do not use. Every thing in your house should be your home — or get rid of it. If you do not respect your things, you’re not going to appreciate them and feel rich.

Imagine losing something important. This is a wonderful habit. As in the proverb: what you have is not stored, lost — weeping. Imagine that lost. Mentally cry. Now will please that all this still you have.

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