To be or not to be vegetarian



Healthy, edition.

I’ve been lately thinking about how to treat the meat, to eat or not to eat, I rummaged through a pile of junk and realized that I was still a man and my ancestors crap wouldn’t have. But doubt some have. In General, forget your doubts, guys!

The situation in the wording got heated. Dangerous questions you ask, man! The fact that we have among vegetarians, whose number is pretty decent. Not to offend them quite difficult: throw broccoli and I hate broccoli. So we decided to write two ideas from different warring factions.

The answer of carnivore:

The only time I wanted to give up eating meat, was in early childhood, when uncle for the repair of the TV gave a huge RAM. With the sheep I became friends and he wore his cool stuff, and one day the sheep have gone from my grandmother’s barn, and in the refrigerator there was a suspicious amount of meat. Hell, I was upset! Still I sheep mind, honestly. I swore of meat not to eat, but after a few days my uncle welded a notable hush and called our family to eat it. I have long held, but dish out my RAM was just great.

The fact that I absolutely don’t understand all the hysteria about giving up meat. Well, you do not like meat don’t eat it. Well, you love animals, don’t eat meat like them! I believe that this will allow you to lose a lot of weight and gain health? Regarding weight loss: a vegetarian diet is hardly appropriate for weight loss. Fruits are very high in calories due to glucose, potatoes and other nishtyaki krahmalsoderzhashchego is hardly beneficial. But boiled chicken breast, Turkey and beef is a great alternative, unless, of course, do not forget to dilute the diet with cereals and vegetables. The rejection of processed food, preservatives, purchase of canned and suspicious of «instant noodles» is useful to any person. Why, if you want to take care of your health, it is necessary to drop some really questionable products such as salami, sausages, canned food and go for home made meals. It is not too difficult, believe me!

Vegetarians need to constantly think about replacing the greatest sources of protein of different surrogates. Generally, the benefits of legumes and mushrooms, but the protein is not absorbed by the body. Swing and rise in weight for vegetarians it is difficult, of course, you can drink protein and it is good to understand the nature of additives, but the meat-eaters grow in the ground easier.

Not zaparivatsya about the food, so vegetarianism and other varieties very fashionable in recent years. I can’t list the number of their friends who suddenly don’t eat meat. Not to say that many of them changed. A normal diet should be balanced and devoid of outright shit on it and I recommend you to rely on.

The response of the vegetarian:

When I was little and I still could not decide for myself what I have and what not, I had to eat meat. But I’ve seen how animals are killed, and every time I look at this scene in my child’s mind was any protest. It seemed to me that all this is wrong, unnatural. When I left home and started living alone, I gave up meat. I was disgusted by the mere sight of the dismembered corpses of animals. I hate the words «slaughter», «meat», «meat dumplings with meat of young calves», I am disgusted with the corpses of piglets on the shelves of supermarkets. But I never called, didn’t talk and no one is advised to become a vegetarian (especially since it’s not easy). In the Internet you can find a lot of controversy on this topic. Meat eaters assert his vegetarians — their own, and one feels right. Let them spend their time and effort, and you have to make a choice, and not because you suggest. Even if you trust the opinion 100% (and we are), in this matter you must listen to yourself, not to us.

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