To be lazy and not grow fat

how to be in shape without strainingReceived when people learn that I run in the morning, their reaction is about the same. They say, «I would never get up at six in the morning.» They are saying: «Running is harmful to joints, they’re still useful». They make excuses: «You live in such an ass if you lived closer, I would join, and one wound round the stadium sad». They even make me look stupid: «at least You don’t eat three hours after a run, and then another and grow fat». Why? Because they are too lazy to move and they want a way to avoid feelings of guilt for his basepagename lying on the sofa.

I am not against these guys. Moreover, I know a great way to rid them of the guilt for my laziness and finally suppress their wish to tell me nonsense and bad things about my glorious career jogger.


1. Look at yourself in the mirror. Not truthfully identify your weaknesses and set goals. Think how much time you’re willing to spend on exercise, and promise yourself not to cheat. Remember: exercise is more effective if you do them bit by bit over the day, divided into small portions: morning, afternoon and evening.


2. Get up and move. Say, 10 minutes of yoga. Walk with the dog. A couple laps around their block. Exercise helps Wake up no worse than caffeine, and the energy level will be at altitude for much longer than after a Cup of strong Americano.

3. Don’t leave. Anything to become a habit, we should do anything every day for three weeks. Maybe even a little longer. Get over it this time at any cost, and if you feel weak, remind yourself that the eggs in your body are still.

4. Start with a small. Even if you decided to abandon the career of lazy and I promised myself to run 10 miles, do not think that it will turn you the first time. Better to start start with a 15 minute jog the stairs up and down, and even then not every day. Reaching little goals, it is easier to get to big.

5. Eat. Breakfast starts the metabolism. After Breakfast, the day will you burn more calories. The perfect Breakfast combination of protein and carbohydrates: for example, scrambled eggs with broccoli or muesli with yoghurt.

At work

6. Potyagushki. If you’re tired, stretch, and immediately cheer up. Stand on tiptoe, stretch arms upwards as in physical education classes in elementary school.

7. Breath. I make it a rule every hour to get up from the chair and take a few deep breaths. It is necessary that the body always has enough oxygen.

8. Carry snacks with you. I always bring to work fruits: Apple, and something else. Here are ideal seeds and nuts. Such snacking is the most healthy option, they get fat and no longer hungry.

9. Moves. Choose the farthest toilet to go the extra few metres.

10. All day drink the water. Before lunch, a pint is the norm. Often we confuse hunger and thirst, so water helps to get rid of this deceptive feelings of hunger.

11. Go for a walk after lunch. At least a couple of laps around the building.

12. The moves, talking on the phone. This extra physical activity during the day: they do not consume much time and benefit.

13. Hrenovina. Bring to work some sort of expander. Discuss anything and lose a fight. Very good.

The evening

14. The man on the ball. Buy yourself a gym ball and practise with him while watching the show tonight. And just, and good.

15. See the correct channels. The cable has plenty of channels with various workouts and exercises. Suddenly something like it, will be repeated.

16. Don’t just sit. If you watch television, at least get your butt on advertising: squat, press drill, press. Until the end of the program will be a good training.

17. The man on the ball! A great option is to swing back. Lie on the ball, so it was the hips and lower abs, and the other part of the body hangs down. Hands behind his head and went to lift body! You can even roll the ball with body: put your palms to the floor, put the thighs on the ball and went to tighten the legs and straighten them back! Hard, you try.

18. Again the man on the ball. It can still doing crunches. Lie on your back, take the ball down, and then raise the body and legs at the same time, taking the ball hands down. Then in reverse order.

19. Intervals. They are important for cardio and for strength training. Two or three minutes to engage in hard, and then rest. The best option is through the day. Interrupts the monotony of pumping and the cardiovascular system.


20. Sleep on schedule. The body will thank you, and exercise will become much easier. Eight hours is important. No, over the weekend you won’t catch up.

21. At eight in the evening close the fridge. Don’t go to sleep with a full stomach. The belly will grow.

22. Potyagushki before bedtime. Saying that it informs the body that you’re going down.

23. TV has no place in the bedroom. Moving pictures do not give a normal sleep.

24. The outside of the bedroom. In the bedroom don’t work. In the bedroom don’t play video games. There sleep, having sex and resting.

25. Evening ritual. Something that will set you on a dream: a hot shower, a book or something like that.

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