To be healthy, like a caveman

picerne manWhen it comes to cavemen, remember the cartoon about the little family Flintstones. They’re not exactly cavemen: drive a car (although make it move down), work on dinosaurs and even buy food. Aside from this funny cartoon and go to a real cave people, we find that they were very healthy and strong, they are by today’s standards did not have excess weight, they do not suffer from these diseases of our times like diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancer.

A lot of people can argue that the average life expectancy of cavemen was much less than now. Yes, it’s true, but the reasons were different than we believe. The key word here is «average». 10,000 years ago — it’s not a walk in the Park. Many women died during childbirth, children died, people died just because of bad climate. Naturally, all these disasters were not accompanied by the modern medical care that we can count these days. So the life of modern and caveman — things are not comparable.

But even if we look at those cultures that have abandoned hunting and gathering only a few centuries ago, we still find that people are living longer on average and, more important, among them are less common these diseases. When hunting and gathering, people lived longer, healthier and fuller. So what can we learn from our ancestors. Let’s see what it is.

Cavemen lifting weights

They did it with different goals: raised logs to build a fire; fought with stones; built shelters and brought the prey. Life was full of a heavy, unstable, and these weights need to be moved long distances. Cavemen certainly did not raise the rod and thought, what kind of pancakes they are the best fit. Their bodies were adapted in order to lift weights (or many small objects at a time) and transfer them.

In order to survive, cavemen ran and walked a lot

Survival depended on whether you have food and will not eat you in turn, someone else. Cleaned, cavemen walked the fields and hills in search of roots, edible plants, nuts and seeds. When the time came to hunt, they pulled themselves in animal skins and armed with spears and rocks — it was their only weapon. When areas ran out of food, it was time to move somewhere else. Life of cavemen, were full of activity: running, changing pace and some semblance of Hiking. And no Jogging.

Cavemen did not exercise on certain muscles — they’re moved

No doubt that all this fever with gyms and exercise machines began much later than last century cavemen. I don’t think cavemen rocked the press or lifted weights. They moved, led an active lifestyle. This means that they moved large objects, throwing stones and spears, climbed trees, walked the hills, and lean over to lift something, jumped over lying on the road, and brought produced food to the fire. Their body was harmoniously developed thanks to the natural activity, not exercise different muscles separately.

Wasn’t running shoes and elastic bandages

Did you ever see a lion put on the sneakers before you catch some prey? It’s the same with our cave guy. He walked barefoot on any terrain, up the hill and came down from the mountains, climbed rocks, etc. When they raised that they did it without special gloves. They moved all over, had no special equipment and, of course, remained, but then acquired the necessary dexterity. And what we see today? An infinite number of different fisioterapi, orthotics and no naturalness, no balance! What with our natural movements, where we left them? All sports injuries occur from a lack of balance. The cave guy could stretch a tendon in the pursuit of dinner, but the modern guys can make it, doing less difficult.

Cavemen ate natural food, meat and were often in the sun

Health depends on diet — will we lose fat, we’ll build up muscles. Ate what our cave buddies? They gathered seasonal fruits and vegetables in the summer months. And they ate nuts and seeds, when they found them. When it came to meat, they could eat a whole animal, especially the internal organs like liver and brain (excellent sources of vitamins, minerals and fats). The size of the brain of a caveman exceeded the size of our brains, and why? Probably because they open animal skulls and in the truest sense of the words sucked out the brain — excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which improve brain function. Who knows, maybe if they didn’t, we would still lived in caves?

Cavemen did not eat every three hours, and the Breakfast was not the most important meal

It’s been years convenience stores and supermarkets, no canned food that could be stored for months. Cavemen did not fit with such earnestness for Breakfast. If only the evening was left with meat, they the morning get up and go to get food. They found a little snacking on the way, nuts and fruit, but waiting for hunting. They had a lot of energy and they had to be very vigilant to outwit their prey. The most important meal was dinner and not Breakfast, when the hunters returned home and shared the booty with his family or tribe. It was a time of celebration, enjoy the food for hours.

The only stress was the hunger and the ability to be eaten

Lifestyle affects human health, and the most important feature of modern life is chronic stress that we face daily. Long ago, all the stress was to search for food and survival. The cavemen had enough time to rest, they did not have to prepare a report by Friday evening (if we are not talking about the Flintstones). Was no artificial lighting, no television which would occupy their time and were not given time to sleep, so that the cave guys slept well. Of course, the stress was at all times, but the body coped with it differently and reacted differently to it. Cavemen did not live in a constant state of stress they dealt with problems as they come, and they had time to relax, socialize and even play. The comparison that comes with modern society?

In the twenty-first century to live like a caveman

No one invites you to live in a cave and abandon the benefits of civilization in the form of mobile, Internet and laptop. But we can take in the cave guys something useful and important for our bodies and how we move, eat and generally live. Remember that cave you guys are not sick of degenerative diseases in such proportions as modern humans. So we should learn the lessons of the past and apply them today.

Raise gravity

You will not only develop muscle, but will increase the level of hormones that will help you lose fat and continue to grow muscles. Libra needs to be really heavy, and the number of approaches is small (around 5-10).

Do exercises for all the body

Forget about exercises on individual muscle groups. Focus on those exercises that involve the whole body at once: pull UPS, push UPS, squats, deadlifts, lunges, etc. Do these exercises as the basis of their charge. And thanks to these exercises will decrease your chances of injury because they usually get because of the lack of exercise caused by using a variety of equipment and isolated work on different muscles.

Series run with less intensive workloads

We all know that short high intensity approaches help to better burn fat. Cardio high intensity stimulate the production of hormones, and it needed a release greater amounts of fatty acids from our fat stores that we intend to burn. The best training program will include a short jog, followed by less intense exercises.

Go for a walk / go Hiking / dance to cardio has become a lifestyle

Like our ancestors, go for a walk under the open sky. Take a rucksack with some food and maybe even a tent. Find attractive winding path and enjoy. Leave the player at home and remained alone really does help stress. Or just go with my friends to dance — the cave the guys were not fools to dance ritual dances around the fire. What would you do, have fun!

Train naked

Well, not quite nagesha, but don’t need any gloves, elastic bandages, special shoes and stuff. No matter what you do, try to carry less clothes. If you can’t lift the weight without additional equipment, it is not necessary for him to take. If you want special shoes, then you are either incorrectly run or run too much. Try to run barefoot for the experiment — if I like it.

Eat natural products

Less food in jars, boxes and packages. Fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and meat should be the basis of your diet. Fish oil, Flaxseed oil a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, good for the brain.

May you have days of feast and famine

There’s nothing worse than these pointless speech that «Breakfast is the main meal, and apart from him there should be another five.» You so need a hearty Breakfast? No. If you want after it again to take a NAP? So. We will die if we don’t eat in the morning? No. Are there any more or less clear scientific evidence that five meals a day something is objectively better than three? No, because people lose weight no matter how many times they eat and how many calories they consume. The idea that the metabolism of all wins — it’s just a harmful myth who spins guess who? Companies that sell dietary and sports nutrition, which according to their plan you should eat.

The return to nature means that you become stronger. We have to somehow balance the power and even select the days of the famine and the feast. What does it mean? Perhaps a few days to eat in Lite mode, consuming less calories. It is also important to in the days of the feast you ate more, the dinner was more than satisfying. You should eat a few hours after the workout when your body is able to process more nutrients. Remember that if you want to lose weight, it is necessary to pay attention to calories, not the number of meals.

Relax, go outside, sleep well, drink with friends, dance and just enjoy life

If your life is too much stress, this affects your health. The cavemen there was no urgent deadlines, traffic jams, overcrowded schedules and constant worries about a lot of other things. Think about what’s really important and enjoy the company of loved ones. More sleep to restore your hormonal balance. Get out, have a beer, dance, have fun with friends. Paleocene their values and enjoy the things that are important to you. I’m sure Fred Flintstone would agree with me.

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