To be happy with yourself — is this even possible?

how to be happy with yourself

We will now touch on a very sore topic for many: how to be happy with yourself. Perhaps this advice is all and everywhere give us the most. Love yourself. Treat yourself with respect. Himself no love — no not love. I love all these smart tips.

They, of course, is the truth. But the truth is. Think, familiar to you the following situation. You’re not happy with yourself. Does it bother you that you never finish the begun business. Never be anything ACE. To love yourself, you must accept this fact and recognize that this is normal.

But to recognize this is difficult. You’re constantly thinking about what you’re wasting your time and your talents, and it kills you. And you’re not gonna get out of this vicious circle until you start to treat yourself with love.

I advise you to live the life that you like. Any free. Love yourself. Forward, forward. And you try to dare. First, there is even some enthusiasm, you rush forward, and you cannot be stopped. But the enthusiasm ends very quickly. After a few days start to show the usual patterns of behavior.

You know, what’s the problem? You can’t just decide once and for all and begin to love yourself. It’s not working.

What we don’t understand

Here’s what you need to know: love is action.

Love of self is not what you feel about yourself. This is something you do for yourself. Can you love yourself just the action, not thoughts. Actions must show love, respect, or them no meaning.

First, work on your body. Without interacting with him, you are not able to do anything at all, so it makes sense to treat it well. It is not necessary to poison himself, hurting himself, to neglect his body. Unwillingness to work on it negates any attempt to love yourself. Show a good attitude to his actions, otherwise one day your body will enclose you a pig. If you do not treat your body, it’ll have my revenge — maybe even kill him.

Learn. Fill yourself with skills, languages, abilities and art. Developing skills is the easiest way to give you to feel the freedom and raise self-esteem. For what qualities do you appreciate in other people? Kindness, sense of humor, thoughtfulness, efficiency? Cultivate these qualities and develop them.

Many people believe that to pamper and reward yourself is a sign of good attitude. Advertising and magazines are vying to invite you to love yourself, say that you deserve it, and then recommend to you to buy something or eat chocolate cake. Find a reward or consolation is not love. Often it even is harmful. To reassure myself — not so good to treat yourself. Realize your desire to comfort and be careful of her. Often we look for comfort when afraid, and don’t like. No need to calm yourself — need to respect themselves.

Do work that you like. Even if it means getting less money. Even if it will disappoint someone. To vegetate on the job you don’t like it — so give yourself eight hours every day. No one will be able to be good to yourself, if will be forty hours a week to torture yourself. If your job is pressuring you, start to make plans to change it. This is a manifestation of a good attitude. You can’t spend a third of your life on the enjoyment of someone else’s dreams and excuses of other people’s expectations. Dignity is worth any loss of pay. If you don’t like your job, you’re slowly killing yourself.

Make respect a habit

It is important how you do each case. To perform any action you should carefully. Treat things with respect. Don’t flop into the chair, sit on it for a specific purpose and as it should be. Respect all your purchases, all that you borrowed all that is given to someone for a while.

Respect your time. Waste it on actions that improve your life on things that you get something new, not something that helps you in the moment to feel better. You’ll appreciate yourself for it.

Respect of other people.

Respect their skills and their values. And their shortcomings. Respect other people’s opinions. Let others finish his speech, don’t interrupt, listen to them. Try to understand what they want to convey to you. Let them be themselves. I am convinced that people think about themselves just as they think about others. Understand that everything around you has value, otherwise you will never begin to consider valuable yourself. Forget all your thoughts about how I wanted someone to change and what you do not like them. Forgive them and forgive yourself. Goodbye every morning when I Wake up, and every time I go to bed. Goodbye themselves each time they blow it.

Respect the world around them. Landscapes, events, details. Respect the buildings and people who built them. Respect of the company and the people who run them. Respect the tree. Respect even the ordinary grass, which all their energy spent on growth and trying just to be myself — the same, nobody noticed grass.

Love to lift weights, when you start doing exercises. Do the most unpleasant thing for myself immediately after waking up.

The attitude is not to try to finish earlier and faster to grab a beer. This is not to say to myself what a pigsty — the normal state of your apartment.

Every second you have a choice: to do something out of self-love or from fear. At any moment you can stop and look at this moment and you will understand why you do something. Make it a habit.

You can’t be respected, if you do not take yourself into the habit of understand the value. Each person is valuable, every object, every place and every moment mean something, but you may not notice if you keep feeling guilty and their insignificance.

Understand that the world’s valuable all — including yourself. In the end, you stop seeing the difference between oneself and the world.

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