To be funny = to be successful

manygoodtips.com_24.03.2015_BqAqkPDaRm91kExcellent ability to joke and make someone laugh makes you almost omnipotent dude. You love women, you are a welcome guest at any party, and the new team quickly likable. Humor affects the first impression, the further development of relations and the ability to surround yourself with the right people. One of the leading journalists of Forbes argues that humor is the key to success in the workplace, and it gives you an added advantage when it comes to all sorts of social situations. Surveys of the magazine give us the following statistics: 91% of executives believe that having a sense of humor is an integral part of career development; 84% of these executives believe that people with a sense of humor do their job better the other. Why? Now try to understand.

1. Laughter is a way to cope with stress

Laughter and humor are instinctive protective mechanisms that help people to cope with disappointments and problems in life. Also, according to a new study, long-term sincere laughter can be equated to light aerobic exercise, at least if you compare the feeling. The release of large amounts of serotonin gives you improved mood and reduced stress levels. So if you laugh, is not too difficult, then most likely, you calmly react to the negative aspects but are able to appreciate all that is good around you.

2. Humor is associated with a higher level of intelligence

Love the words Jankowski from the movie about Munchausen that is a serious face is not a sign of intelligence. Often you’ve been called a «nerd» after which released sharpness? Maybe to be a wise guy and being funny is the same thing? However, the word «wit» already speaks for itself. According to the theory, proposed by psychologist Geoffrey Miller of the University of new Mexico, women prefer witty men, as the presence of humor proves that they have an active and healthy brain, and, consequently, good set of genes. Humor is considered as an effective and reliable way to verify you have the creative imagination and intellect. Fortunately, a good sense of humor is appreciated not only women, but also employers. Anyway, did you ever jerk, who knows a good joke? It’s the same thing and say that you saw a fat bitch, graceful dancing a waltz.

3. A sense of humor as an indicator of psychological maturity

A huge number of psychologists agree that humor is a key characteristic of socially adapted, mentally healthy and physically Mature person. Their views on this issue are crossed that this trait is an indicator of success and status, because, as we said above, a sense of humor is directly dependent on the level of intelligence and can manifest in the form of the ability without fear to make fun of your own shortcomings and failures. It can only Mature person who is able to look at ourselves.

4. Shared laughter contributes to a trusting relationship

American sociologist Mike Kerr in his book entitled «workplace Energizer» wrote that humor is one of the best foundations on which to build a trusting interpersonal working relationships, because the people who can make you laugh, can make you do other things. Kerr writes that a good appropriate humor creates an atmosphere of trust and openness and sets the tone for the entire work. The author compares this ability with the «icebreaker», which is able to attract new business partners and allow them to feel more comfortable. Humor helps break down walls and to build strong relationships in the workplace, and that, especially these days, is crucial for success.

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