To be disciplined means to be a man

Discipline today is not held in high esteem. Still don’t understand why people are such a pleasure tell you how they have no enough time where they did not, what did not and as late as if it were their somehow colors. Probably, thus they want to demonstrate their employment or feigned negligence, which in this case does not prevent them to stay afloat. This is just a guess, and if you, man, are among such bouncers, please, enlighten me in the comments, why do people show the world their complacency. Personally, I think it’s silly. Cool is not when you don’t have time and remember important things at the last moment. Cool — this is when you remember everything and do everything on time.

Discipline is the main component of success

Discipline is the most effective way to achieve power is the key to effective work is the secret of freedom. A disciplined person can do anything and at the same time to fully display their talents and abilities. Undisciplined people don’t have to end.

First you need to tune. Seriously, in every endeavor, the first step is to make a decision: without this it is impossible to develop. The decision to be disciplined is a necessary first step in any progress. If you made a decision, are all effective ways of achieving the goal.

When you’ve made your decision, to become disciplined is a matter of technology, but not without difficulty.

The next step is goal setting and development of your path to it. When you have thought through your strategy, you need to create a schedule according to which you act. Similar to the standard program of achieving the goal, isn’t it? It is true. This is the essence of discipline. You just have to set a goal and achieve it again and again.

It is actually very simple

Why do we have a problem with that?

It is difficult for us, because any plans could be the fault, any plans can fail. At every step we await the frustration, do not hold back other promises, unforeseen circumstances, and it’s all a little confusing. Circumstances and conditions beyond our control, and to destroy our good mood and are the real speed bumps on the road to success.

And who said that everything in life should be easy? Real men don’t care about simplicity, although complicating the process also makes no sense. Be a man, go ahead and do what you have to do normal guy: look what you have to do and do it.

Some dudes need to have someone holding their hand and patting on the head every time they do something good and right. Enjoy personal pleasure from every little success, but no one do not expect praise and don’t chase the trophies in any case. The process is complicated, partly because people are constantly waiting for somebody awards, although the awards did not help to develop the discipline. If your only motivation is the encouragement that you a free man? You’re a douche. You can lead a donkey forward, holding before him on a string, a carrot.

To be an ass honor. You know that carrots will not approach you. Learn to get pleasure from the work itself. Focus on the moment and keep meaning to actions. Let your goal be to do the best work, at the maximum of your abilities so that you could set yourself up for her «excellent» truthfully. Perfection is the mother of success.

Most people are much more disciplined than they think. The fact that we do not take the trouble to examine your life and your achievements, and therefore can not give yourself a fair assessment. Look at yourself: you have accomplished much in certain fields you probably even successful. Just sit and think.

Discipline is the key to success, which in itself is a reward

Discipline develops when you learn to be satisfied with their efforts to immerse themselves in a process of personal growth and see their reward.

Does this mean that lazy and never get anywhere, people will not see success? Does this mean that the lack of discipline automatically dooms you to failure?

In principle, Yes, if you don’t want to make the first and most important step on the path to success and decide that from this moment you will do anything to achieve their goals and lead the life that you think is right and correct. If you lack the desire or determination to do this step, I’m sorry, but except you no one can help you. Discipline is not accustom to mediocrity is the attitude for a great result. If you don’t want to perceive this process in this way, find something that does not require much effort, and be content with it. There is nothing wrong, but if you don’t feel pleasure and want to go forward, you’re not to blame.

Discipline is an internal personal characteristic, and the development of discipline is a private matter. It’s a process. Look at the outside world and will not be able to look away. Of course, promoting other people, their assistance and useful, but to success you’re going by itself, or the disappearance of all external stimuli will evaporate and your motivation. Motivation is not only and not so much discipline. Discipline is what works, even if the motivation disappears.

The choice is yours. Failure is the result of fear, doubt and peace. Discipline is the antidote to failure.

What do you choose?

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