To be a sane man has never been so easy

to be normalHave you ever noticed how little in the world of normal people? Very little. On our planet there is a real shortage of normal dudes. Don’t tell me that you don’t belong to them. Even so, I know what to do.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself

If you’re able to read this post, you are much more fortunate than millions of people who do not know how to read. So stop flipping without end picture of friends and passive-aggressive comment under other people’s statuses, citing the fact that they have de look what a cool life and you are useless. Let you all will be okay, you’re acting as if nothing depends on you. Fix summary, try to smile (even if by force, after a few minutes the smile will be sincere) and rethink its potential. The thing is, as you yourself do.

Ingenuity, my friend!

The problem is not always comes with a solution. Demonstrating their creativity, hope for the best and prepare for the worst, and there will understand. What is not discussed: to help someone change a tire or help to get home — don’t pretend to be a soulless log.

Pay attention to the details

Actually, we’re all terribly spoiled. When we have to wait a little longer than five minutes, we have already called «bad staff», and when someone is not smiling at us in response, or does not say on duty greeting, we define it as a rude and arrogant person. But if people called in sick today. Maybe he had a bad day? Or he had an accident. You can ask to infinity, the main idea is clear without it: don’t give up on people if they don’t behave as you expect from them.

Get finally

If someone or something is draining all your attention and you again and again to check the updates of the pages in social networks, click on the button and delete him from friends, from phone from Twitter. If you invest an exorbitant amount of effort into the friendship, but things are only getting worse, take a deep breath and realize that you still will be new friends. The people you already know, is not the entire population of the globe. If you know is extremely harmful to people, find someone new, and not harmful.


Biased advice from the man who wrote that his entire adult life. For a few moments before going to sleep write down all the best that happened to you during the day, how did it go and do what you want. A great field for self-reflection, and a few years will be very interesting to read about all of this.

To follow developments in the world

You have a laptop, desktop, smart phone and TV — and you still don’t know what’s going on in the world and learn about everything last. Maybe it’s because of Subway Surfer or Instagram that for you in a much greater priority. If everyone will know what is happening around them, humanity will become much less ignorant and far more intelligent.

Appreciate second-class citizens

Not mother, not friend, not my dudes — here everything is clear without moralizing. We are talking about Barista, waiters and cashiers in the supermarket in front of the house. They do their job — just like you did today a few hours ago. Even a simple «Hello!» will help them feel that their work is valuable and important, but a good word, as we know, the cat is nice — and especially the employee of the fast food chain.

Be realistic

Don’t need the hundredth time to give yourself a promise that tomorrow you will start to eat right and get more exercise, if you know that you can’t do it. How many times you say: small goals. Do not put a cross in training, if once strayed from the schedule, or ate cake at someone’s birthday party. Go to the gym when you can treat yourself to your favorite Granini and, of course, eat cake on birthdays. Enjoy all aspects of life, enjoy all, don’t need the stress of crazy goals.

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