To be a nihilist: life outside

Bazarov remember? «Fathers and sons» read? Nice book, isn’t it? So the protrusion of the own «I» to the scale of the universe with subsequent formation into question (if the absolute negation) common values, ideals, morality and culture — this is nihilism. It has its charms, there are drawbacks, but today the concept is discredited cleaned, because a just such a way to justify their inferiority. But all is not so simple.

Philosophers and nihilism


The notion plagued the minds of much of the middle ages through Pope Alexander III, who was subjected to anathema. Just Church didn’t like the guys who claimed that Christ did not contain the human impurities and was pure divine creatures.

Later it took over the philosophers who have considered the nihilism in their own way. Kierkegaard the source of nihilism believed the crisis of Christianity and the spread of the «aesthetic» attitude. Nietzsche meant by nihilism awareness of the illusory nature of failure as the Christian idea of a dead God («God is dead»), and the idea of progress, which he regarded as a version of religious faith. Spengler nihilism called the line of modern European culture, which is undergoing a period of «decline» and «senile forms of consciousness», which in other cultures inevitably followed as the highest peak. Heidegger considered nihilism as the main movement in the history of the West, which could lead to a global catastrophe.

The essence

In fact, it’s very simple: a person has no sense of life, absolutely not. That is, dear friend, you live, because once your mom and dad didn’t do anything that could interfere with your birth. Here and you live here because you live because you did.

Man is his own authority, and no it is not a decree, and culture, religion, love, ethics and morality are social instruments created by the system for control over man.

Not the best Outlook for the cynics and those who are too lazy after each step to look at morality, God and the opinions of others. That is, if you’re an ugly pervert with a bunch of complexes and deviations, for which you despise society, the best way to convince yourself that you’re normal and still higher and better than others — to become a nihilist. Unfortunately, such a healthy flow a lot of disgruntled, disappointed in life, the unemployed, the lonely rogue and, strangely enough, of suicidal tendencies. Because it is necessary as-that to justify their own, so to speak, of inferiority. But what is a handicap, because from the point of view of the theory it is normal, just not needed that much about the good: the car loan, the iPhones and the expensive tomatoes. He denies love and consumption — they make a man a slave.But do not confuse nihilism with a sociopath, nagging teenage idiocy or misanthropy. From the fact that you’re sitting at home trying to convince myself that alone is not bad, it is unlikely that life will get better. Nihilism requires work on yourself. Since I called penny, be good, get rid of habits, preferences, some plants and comfort.

Therefore, not all are able to withstand absolute freedom. Man by nature is weak and with great joy becomes under the protection of various dogmas.

But the nihilist no choice. If we add to this the disruption of social ties and the rejection of the favorite habits, rethinking the scale of assessments, it is possible to move the roof. But without the experience of such feelings of nihilism can not be. They make it different from rigosa stupid crowd. Including why they have such an ego to say: I went through the thorns, now it’s your turn.

The nihilist no illusions and never deceives, saying, «justice is.» He looks in the face of this strange world with hostility and sees it as a tool to achieve their own goals. But despite his personality, he sees the same thing. He would despise everything and everyone and care only about yourself, if you can figure out who he is. He is a free man, owes nothing to anyone. But himself a nihilist, he is not called, because to label — against the will.

In fact, a nihilist (a terrible cynic, what the light is not seen) to achieve this goal is ready to fall on different baseness, even need to smear shit or Rob an old lady. The main thing that it will do so with a sense of self-righteousness.

Nihilism and politics

Nihilism is very often associated with atheism and the biggest threat to the system. It is considered that it was denying the faith, Tsar and Fatherland comrades shot the bourgeoisie with the Royal families, destroyed churches and wrote a dangerous book. Because unscrupulous singles create, shape the ideology and morality of the future. It is the rogue creates new modes and new «freedom.» Such people move the planet, building new orders, but not always, they are just nihilists. After all, denying one ideology, it is impossible to build another, because the very concept is alien to them. Each of us has a little deny from all rebel, but even we are willing to put up with something in common. And they are not.


Remember the era of LSD, various revolutions and protests. Fertile and lush ’60s. In these times with different bells was heard the voice of pastors, who argue that the growth of the individual, the rejection of common social and cultural values» could be the impetus, breakthrough to new horizons of consciousness. One: to create a healthy society with nihilists is impossible. A group of proud men can only sink a boat, because there is no guarantee that they will be able to work together. The nation is doomed, and for the normal existence of any country needs slaves.

We must admit that in the scale of society any ideology brought to the absurd. For example, the nihilist is not going to storm the White House came to the idea that the current policy is discredited, but rather will reflect on how officials affect the crowd as they manipulate the society. They’re not going to destroy the Church, and reflect on the culture of the supernatural. So no need to be afraid of them, because the nihilist — man first thinks and then acts. When you think primarily about yourself, it is unlikely that you will begin to incite the crowd to behave the same way as you.

A nihilist is smart, but, like Diogenes, does not exceed the limits of their barrels. The nihilist makes his opinion, but in order to understand the truth, will have to take some paragraphs of those ideologies that, by definition, should be ignored. Only then can we understand why certain things happen in our crazy world, and if something happens in accordance with the position «because it is not accepted», it is the usual clowning disorder in children. Cognition — the basis of existence.

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