To be a man: separate the wheat from the chaff


Happens that you live yourself live and have no idea how others perceive you. Until the last moment I’m interested — until we released our post about the book. Our website read including my friends, and one of them said to me: «All well and good, but the books you read, some gay. Look at yourself. Cortazar. Williams. The rest of the normal peasant kniise, and you keystovalue of fine writers — I won Cortazar girlfriend loves». And that got me thinking. Are our heads really such a mess and we are ready to judge a male and not a male in such categories as literature? Maybe something else I do that makes me not a man in the public eye?

In General, these thoughts led me to the idea once and for all close the topic of male and pseudomuscari. In other words, if I miss pseudomuscari, it is your problem that it prevents you. But if I don’t have enough men, then I have a problem.


The oppression of women. For most of human history men were the main. The men always praised women, the ladies place it on the pedestal: women were always too good to be tainted by men’s classes. Ever since women were not allowed in sports, fitness, military, politics, did not allow them to build a career, etc.

Some men are nostalgic for the old days, when women’s and men’s roles were clearly divided. They think to tell the women in their place» enough that everything was back to normal. Personally, I think that emancipation was good for both sexes. I’m glad my friend level me intellectually that it works and can give me a lot odds that she is independent and self-reliant. I’m glad women don’t have to limit myself and change into a dress, to listen to a lecture at the University. Feminism was a bad thing for women? So, no doubt. But a man should value freedom not only for themselves but for each other. For women in particular.

Man suppress emotions. Decades ago universal standard of courage was a pattern of Chuck Norris. Discreet stoic dude who always hangs out in Pokerface regardless of the circumstances: neither grief nor joy should not appear on his face. Cry baby. And what is the result? The men were stone blocks, did not reveal their feelings in front of his wife and children. To say «I love you»? Whole event! To calm or comfort woman? Only a deathly silence. Today, society has become more tolerant to men: they can cry openly demonstrate love to friends and family, to acknowledge their feelings. Some even go overboard with this emotional openness, and as a result of their control of my emotions. This is the other extreme that we don’t need — but the message you understand.

There’s only one way to be a spouse. Well, Yes, a suit, polished shoes, a housewife and three children. Here it is, a success. And everyone who thinks otherwise, those pathetic stupid, ridiculous dreamers who only complicate the life of the society with his presence.

But if I don’t like it? If I earn money sitting in his underwear on the couch with the laptop on my lap, then what? If I don’t like silly costumes and shoes, like sneakers and skinny, then what? If I like bake pies and cook the cocoa, then what? I have ceased to be a man and provide for his family?

Men should not mess with children. They come home from work, Pat their children on the head, and then take a beer and sit in front of the TV. They had a tough day, you have the right. Children is women’s realm, let them babysit, educate, erase, wipe, scold, praise — and we have their cases fully.

Oh, no. And who will teach the child normal human things? To hammer nails, mazes to draw, build shelter, make houses out of matches? Someone feed him a sandwich of biscuit, pear and chocolate paste? Women have boring, always with my soups and porridge, no imagination! In short, the man next to small offspring is indispensable.

Homophobia. In the nineteenth century men were friends much closer and showed more close physical relationship with each other. They could cuddle, and kiss, and nobody called them homosexuals. And then started all this hysteria over homosexuals: they wrote about, they exposed, denounced, and everything else. Today many men are afraid of being considered gay is considered an insult.

My tastes are called gay. What now? And nifiga. Not scary. And if I were gay, I assure you, it would also be scary. Because the normal man should be interested in who I sleep with and in what way. And especially he should not have an opinion on this, and if there is, he knows where and how deep to shove. Men are able to somehow solve such problems.


Leadership. Here are hardly not agree. Men must lead, men must be able to lead and command. When it started to be normal — always something to slip on the sidelines, hoping that no one will pay attention to you? Hey, your family, your job, politics and all the world need leaders! All need to have smart people telling them what to do.

Initiative and ambition. Today women as well as men receive education and work in all areas. Even women learn better than men. But men need to be close to the spirit of competition, a desire to be the alpha and all to get ahead. It is not enough to do only what is already known. Try to invent, to move forward, to overcome yourself, to prove yourself. It’s manly.

Men and women are different. Just above, we sang a song about gender equality. But equal does not mean identical. We have more in common than differences. We are different, and that’s cool.

I think that our generation is somehow blurred understanding of the difference between the sexes. We do not seem to feel men and women. It is normal that men and women are different say different evaluations of events and people, and pay attention to different details.

Courtship and chivalry. Our grandfathers treated women with awe and treated them chivalrously. They don’t hang out with them, and was invited on a date. Physical closeness was for them a sign that serious that they have an obligation to each other, it wasn’t just fun in the bedroom.

Some girls like the word «sexist», but they just don’t understand the point. These are typical patterns of behavior, even archetypal, designed to remind us that we men and they women and it is good. It’s a sign of mutual respect, a very symbolic thing.

Manners and rules of conduct. Somehow it happened that to have good manners in our society is equated to gayness. If you speak politely, so you’re not a man. The man shouts, shows itself in all its glory, rude — and that’s fine. Now, I want to say that education is like a man, but rude is just rude. It’s okay, when you say «thank you» and «please.» If you do not, then look like a log. To destroy the enemy, and without shouting — and even much harder than if you were yelling. I guarantee it.

To be neat. Forget about what a man should be a little nicer monkeys. This, incidentally, is a shame. Why should I be like the foolish macaque, which is not worn and not washed? The presence of testicles does not oblige me to do so. T-shirt with a stain does not say anything about your belonging to the man — rather, it says that you respect yourself enough to walk into a clean. And the men, of course, respect yourself.

So that’s what I think. Well, what am I wrong?

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