To be a lifeguard you’re cool, brutal man, but, above all, a good guy, maybe you’re a lifeguard. These guys don’t work in a single state structure, that is not the instrument of oppression.

Being a lifeguard is cool because you’re really doing a two-man job. While it is unlikely that the lifeguard will take a bribe you when you’re sinking. In our country do not have to be part of the Ministry of emergency situations, in order to officially receive this title. Need only state certification and training of emergency services. Undergo this procedure at the age of 18.

But people who do this, despite the mediocrity of regional leaders, deserve respect. We constantly occurs some shit. Floods, fires – all these things are not new, and humanity is unlikely to ever they can to defend themselves. Planet fucking angry, and maybe it happens as it has happened before. So, if you suddenly realize that your ass is in danger or your house blows a hurricane, you’d want to be around cool dude, who risk their lives for such paltry wages. will not be unfounded to say that this is probably the only profession that is unlikely to ever be in the doghouse of public opinion. Perhaps because there is just nothing to share, but if you make a bad specialist, it is unlikely that you will stay in this world. Just die if you don’t engage in physical standards and comply with clear instructions. Almost like in the army, only you don’t kill people, but rather provide an opportunity to continue to live.

But for the loyalty and the respect of society. Part in rescue operations has always been a difficult job, protection tools are still imperfect, and any person exposed to danger, when he wants to get bro out of extreme environment.

The film «Lifeguard», directed by – Andrew Davis, perhaps the only product of the cinema, which glorifies the exploits of dignity faced daily by the men that decided to dedicate his life to this cause. Although, of course, not every day they have to participate in any rescue operations or life at risk.

Among forty thousand men, serving in the Coast Guard, there are only 280 rescue swimmers. And that’s because we – the elite Coast Guard. We are the best of the best. In a hurricane, when the ports are closed everywhere, – all hope for us. When a storm hits the ship – all hope for us. When the Lord himself, the Lord of heaven, destroys the fruits of his actions, winds, exactly at home with the earth, – all hope for us. But more than half of the course is eliminated during the training. So, if you have enough strength and skill to join our ranks, then for a tiny fee, you’ll have plenty of chances to die a painful death, cold and alone somewhere in the vast sea. However, you will also get the opportunity to save people. A higher calling in life.

From the film «Lifeguard» , in General, being a lifeguard is no easy matter, and the above quote from the film entirely true.

Being a lifeguard it is always in great physical shape. Nobody cares what you have shortness of breath after a 10 km Jogging. If you will not be able to work well muscle and brain, why do you need it?

Being a lifeguard means to obey orders and to follow logic. To save all people is impossible by definition. Rational – your best companion in this case. However, those of the rescuers who violate this rule more than any other deserve the title of hero. Not a hero in the understanding of the meaningless awards, the state title what country, namely the title of hero at its core.

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_MZaWenTtyYBAkBeing a lifeguard means being able to treat people whose brain can not due to the extreme, to talk at least on some level. You need to be able to cut down all the emotions and just do their job.

Being a lifeguard means being ready for regular delivery of standards and constant checks. You won’t have much time to relax, and certainly no time to start its shape.

Being a lifeguard is always to be on the verge of death, to realize that you could die under the rubble, to burn in a forest, drown in the filthy water amid the wreckage of a house. Of course, ordinary people are dying more often, but they do not choose it as their profession.

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_bzxIVJUMACsZQAnd as in any profession, where at stake are human life, every rescuer should be cool and stress. You will have to deal not only with human beings but with corpses, and those who «ain’t dead yet». This may seriously affect the psyche and life in General. Imagine the situation when you see that the person is alive, but to save him is not possible, and you need to move on to other, otherwise they may be doomed.

In short, I appreciate these dudes, and that without them all be very sad. Especially now, when we often hear about that part of our country is constantly burning, burning peat bogs and forests, the people are left without homes and in poverty generally. It seems to us that this is happening somewhere far away. For some it is, but this does not negate the fact that there are people still able to clean up the problems bestowed upon us by nature.

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