To be a leader and be normal

the leaderThere is a story that perfectly shows the need for leaders in human society:

«People were walking in the desert and saw the dried up riverbed of the river. They went down into the riverbed and followed him: so it was more convenient than walking in dry sand. Moreover, all rivers where the flow is, therefore, on a channel you can go to where there are people. One man said: «I heard that sometimes a dried up river suddenly and very rapidly filled with water.» Nobody answered him, and all continued to walk along the bottom of a dried up river. Suddenly, the channel of water flowed, and all the people drowned. This group simply was not the leader.»

The same fate will befall any group of people without a leader. Even if you are a supporter of a free society without slaves and masters, and an outspoken opponent of the exploitation of man by man (you forgot us, misguided socialist or an ardent anarchist?), you can not deny that informal leaders is very difficult to undo.

Comparing the position of the leader with the situation of the slave, there is clarity: to be a leader steeper. Clear sea! Cooler-the cooler they are to become?

1. Professional competence

You have to be good at anything, but better — in a lot of things. When you’re a leader, your job is to organize the work and to give instructions to people who are better than you versed in specific areas, but this does not mean that you should not have the slightest idea about their Affairs. A basic understanding is necessary. The rider does not need to be a great mechanic, but he needs to know the structure of the car.

2. Attention to their strengths and weaknesses

Leaders are always something to someone require, so they ought to demand more from themselves. There is an opinion: «I Want to do well, do it yourself». So say those who are in charge of assholes or just not able to manage. You are bound to talk about your shortcomings. Any modest. You know your weaknesses — it is not surprising that they can be seen from the outside.

3. Seek and take responsibility

Responsibility in our days no one is looking. Everyone is looking for glory, while the real leader is just doing their job. Never shift the blame on others. If you see a problem, solve it, do not pass away in the hope that will fix it someone else.

Boss is looking for temporary fame and always trying to support someone else’s opinion about yourself. A true leader gets respect. See the difference?

4. Give example

To inspire others to do more than require them. You set the standards, you inspire.

5. Tell me about its intentions and then lead

If the person is not the leader, it does not mean that he does not think and it is not able to act. It is not necessary to monitor each others step. Give people freedom. When they realize that improvisations are welcome, they will do much better, they will be born with more ideas, which in other circumstances would not appear on light. You are surrounded by are not cowards, not assholes, not latent criminals, and normal dudes.

6. Know your soldiers and keep them

Most often we get what we want, and not what we truly need. The leader sees the subordinates (if you can call it that) of individuals, not faceless, and cares about their well-being. Loyalty is a mutual thing. Do better for their soldiers, especially if it helps to discipline. Sincere concern about their Affairs, not manipulation — that’s your target.

7. Develop their potential

To be a good leader we must first learn to follow. To be a good student, you have to think about yourself. Leadership is not slave mentality, it is the ethics of a free people. Develop others, not to be a wiseacre in the land of fools. One day one of them will take a leading position — they have to be ready for it.

8. Make reasonable and timely decisions

A good decision now is better than perfect later. You’re in charge. Be careful, all the suspension and act-act! Leadership is not a democracy and not a support group. To instill in others the confidence to be confident in my decisions. If you’re an employee, trust in their leader and forgive him mistakes because once you will be the one who screwed up.

9. Train your soldiers in the team and develop in each of his strengths

People need to be United and interchangeable. Give them the opportunity to grow and from time to time put to the limit of their capabilities. Build among them a hierarchy and cooperation, specify their common goal.

10. Tell them about the progress

Take care of them, and they will take care of you. Share with them new information and they will proceed. Draw in front of them the overall picture of where you’re going, and they will understand what to strive for.

All men at some point or in some area we have to be leaders. Don’t fuck it up.

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