To avoid hands and hearts

manygoodtips.com_26.02.2015_3zM2kOa3oBwDcThere is an ancient joke, not a saying: if twenty years have not married, then before. Talking about impulsive desire young guy to ask the hand and heart of a beautiful lady, which gives way to the intention in any way not to fall into the trap of married life.

And that you yourself no longer a boy, was educated, got a job as adults. At stake is another rate Mature life, the price of the ring.

It would seem that there is nothing wrong. On the contrary, it is a serious and right step towards the altar, which promises you friend cherished the keys to the doors of family happiness. Perhaps you already live together, and stamp in the passport will change nothing. But something embarrassing, right? And you don’t want to marry…

Perhaps the culprit doubt there is a desire to change the boring work and, even at this late stage, to try to realize his teenage dream. Maybe you are inconvenienced by the idea that last taste of freedom close to the Bank’s responsibilities and marital debt. Sometimes reason does not exist, or you simply did not understand the meaning of marriage. go on about your question. In this article you will find practical tips that you can use to try to delay their sudden marriage. Let a friend ready for the wedding, but you haven’t played enough Xbox. You need the necessary time to prepare. So start to win!

What has become of your friend, honey?


She wants, and you don’t. Sounds strange, but we’ve decided to help you. The first thing to learn: their negative ideas about the wedding leave with him. You want to win time, not to start a war, which immediately lose. Forget phrases like: «It’s just a stamp in your passport, honey.» So you can tell your friends and random passers-by, and not his girlfriend. To overcome with logical attacks her romantic desire to marry the damn Prince, it is impossible. Come to the aid of more sophisticated methods.

Most likely, you have common friends, acquaintances or colleagues who bravely took a step into the abyss of family life and now somehow. Operate their destinies to bring the confidence of a friend is correct to persuade you to get married right now. Don’t overdo it.

For example, for a homemade dinner say unobtrusive sentence: «do you remember Masha, which for Vova was released in the summer?» If your girlfriend is not amnesia, and you have fictional friends, the bait will be swallowed:

– Of course I do. What’s wrong with her?

– Saw her yesterday at the supermarket, exchanged a few phrases. It looks like a broken horse, put on weight, dark circles under the eyes. Asked what had happened. She said the family Affairs, hustle, here’s a Chinese marinade came because Dr. husband prescribed diet. It is understood that walks. Can you imagine? And I remember her so vivacious woman. Was wondering how Vova lucky to have her.

After this trick immediately translate the conversation in a neutral direction. The seeds of doubt have already managed to sow, and they go easier when they did not pay special attention. Let a friend take information as a given, not a topic for discussion. If you continue to talk about marriage, the mission will fail.

Laundry and cooking


Shows how terrible divorce statistics, the main unaccounted factor of married life is a sharing of domestic duties. Even the most simple domestic are capable crucified unwashed dishes the strongest bonds of love.

Do not be afraid of the need to remind girlfriend about your future role is. Drop the fantasy and creativity is the trivial story of living together would be quite nice. You’re the breadwinner, she the homemaker.

Even though you don’t share a similar situation: he is willing to cook something delicious for dinner, and the washing machine is more your friend than her. Now we don’t care about the truth. If you’re going to avoid marriage, you have to bluff.

Previously in the eyes of the unsuspecting girls faucet fix, put a new outlet in General, expertly imitate the activities of the owner of the house. After a couple of days, coming from work in the evening, raise your hands to heaven and cry out, «Where’s my dinner, honey!?» Later, bite a sandwich with sausage, continued the attack: «I have collected a few dirty shirts, I would be grateful if you will wash them tomorrow while I make a living.»

All the appropriate words of my friend, like: «You got cocky, asshole, I work too you know!» – answer condescending smile and conformist phrase: «Okay, I’ll do it myself».

Guilt is a dangerous thing, and she will feel close to thinking about marriage. You do, ready to fix something in the house, cook food, do Laundry. Your self-sufficiency should be to him a reproach. The idea that while she hardly looks like the perfect wife, will allow you to buy time. Of course, probably not necessary, but it is hoped that all would go that way.

The flowers of life


Often unbearable desire to have a baby is the key reason for its desire you to wear a ring on your finger. But there are times when thoughts of marriage and children are in different corners of the girl’s head. This is your chance!

Remind her that you want several sons, and it is better to triplets. Let them know what your Napoleon’s plans to impregnate her incessant labor.

A logical chain of «marriage pregnancy children» will slow down her one-time desire to marry you. In the end, public debt, parents and maternal feelings will help her resolve, but the time you win with a vengeance.

Perfect wedding


The last reception if the other has failed miserably.

You want your wedding to be enchanting and the best in the world. Tell me about it friend direct test.

The stars from the sky just can not be removed. The perfect wedding requires extensive training, opportunity and a blessing from the Universe. If you want you can easily delay his bachelor demise, stretching all these pre-wedding preparations for years.

«Why not play our wedding in old castle on the shore Elsa? Of course, you need to save a bit of money on these apartments, but you deserve the best, darling!»

In the end, the accumulated savings you descend on a summer holiday in Spain, and the wedding will occur in a suburban Park reserve.

This will not be an occasion for mutual sadness. We are confident that by this time you’re finally ripe for a sincere desire to make a perfect your life together: to grow a couple of kids, become a real man. And it does not require training, dude.

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