Tired from everything: from work, from relationships, from the environment, from life



Hi. In fact, I…all. What to do?

Tired — from work, from relationships, from the environment, from life. Literally all z..Balo. No energy, no drive in action, I felt.

Don’t know what it is. Tried the rest — did not help. What else? To quit? Radically, make things worse.

Anyway, I…all and I don’t know what to do.

The answer

Hi all….they, dude, we’re with you. We’re all terribly fucked-up, because it is the yoke of human existence — occasionally feel hatred towards all living things. Routine, brother, she, damn, ruining everything. But as with any other problem that must be solved. Radically, boldly, but gently, like a surgeon cuts a tumor from a patient.

First you need to understand what it is. You do not have to be all bad in all directions — often all the spoils a small thing. One little cheesy flavor, which does not allow you to work normally. For example, you have a problem with a girl, constant scandals and quarrels, she calls into work, hysterics. You sit there, so angry that I can not even eat, constantly thinking about how to live. What work is there if thoughts covered only by relationship, and here it is necessary to find time for work, to plow, although there was no desire there, and work starts to annoy, push.

Here is your new friend tells how he famously went to Monaco on a hot ticket that won, becoming the 10,000 th customer in the store of fine pants. Moreover, that freebie went, and he was right: in the pants better, because you walk without them and satogaeri kidneys, swiping the toilet painful hours of trying to pee. Plus a call from your mother, and learn about your problems, start to brainwash words: «I told you so! I told this fool not for you», and now brainwashed with every phone call.Feel awful about, to communicate with friends does not want to listen to mother’s «I told you so» too. Was not to work through the bulk of the problem. Plus the owner of a rented apartment advised to collect belongings and within three months to move out, because he sells the apartment. In the end I hate my job, the people who were right, enrage, enrage happy friends, work, a complete madhouse, and blame relations.

Therefore, you need to understand and to solve one particular problem. Here we’re not advisers, because they do not know the causes, you’re on your own. It may not be as objective as we came up with. For example, you hate a colleague, who is aiming to increase together with you. Or the reason is that you have work that you don’t have time to do and not enough sleep. Then you need to thoroughly revise your routine and try to follow it. Maybe you just got a job, girl, it’s a city where you don’t succeed, and it is necessary to send the cargo to hell. Again: no need to abandon all enough one thing.

By the way, we have a question for you: do you weather-or not really? Just days became shorter, at six o’clock it gets dark, every hour increasingly colder, winter is coming, and we (Psychonauts) starts autumn aggravation, and people have it easier — boredom. Then don’t worry, it will pass.

In General, similar symptoms is a kind of a signal of the body and mind that you need to rest, to change the type of activities and environment to protect yourself, take care of work and rest, eat right, go on vacation and get new experiences. As a rule, simple physiological fatigue easily takes place after such events. You know, sometimes bringing order to the desktop and disposal of junk out of the house give us strength and give a sense of purity.If for some reason you find an excuse that will not follow these tips, and expect us to do something magical, then bummer: your problem is old as the world, and the only way to solve it is to make new colors. If your crust of bread covered with mold, why would you continue to eat when you can eat a normal piece. If there is no time for sports, a new hobby, it is impossible to live under the regime — so we need to change life itself. Why do you think that a radical change won’t help? Afraid of difficulties? Then Chao-bye, stay in the ass. You’re probably one of those people who like to sit on the bench, from which protrudes a nail, and change is difficult, it is necessary to move.

Again and again we find the root of the problem and wicline it, even if I have something to lose (job, etc) if you don’t like Noah.

In an extreme case, there is a way of life with itself, but its implementation still have to hold myself craniotomy. Simply put, you’ll have to peruse many books on psychology and philosophy, and to find an explanation for your eternal question Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Sartre and the other guys. Then the void gets logical justification and comprehension, but alas, you never gonna find the answer on how to change the situation. Therefore, we hope that you will show prudence and will be able to get out of the pit.

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