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manygoodtips.com_6.07.2015_uhzdLp5HeBgrYSo, you’re young, ambitious, confident and want to be a millionaire? You have your own business, and you’re ready to be a step up, to finally come to success, which for so long dreamed of. But you’re afraid of the financial risks and do not want to lose the last pants in the risky adventure, the price of which is in the millions. The most important question you can ask yourself: what you’re ready for the business of your dreams? And here are some things accumulated over the history of mankind, you have to consider to arrive at the coveted wealth. We know that all love motivation and advice.

1. Keep it simple

Reveal a terrible secret, but the Internet is not created only for GB free porn. There’s a lot of useful information. To begin to examine how much of the information contained free resources. Yes, it’s old, very banal Playground, face-to-face with the online space. But that doesn’t make it any less effective.

However, don’t obsess, dream business is not built on only one banging on the keys and clicking the mouse. It is important to build real relationships.

2. Be modest

If you have a vision of your business, don’t lose your head. It is not necessary to throw dust in the eyes and throw Ponte immediately after placing the first order. All wise and very rich people humble. Polonsky was not modest, and where is he now? In prison. What are you doing in jail? Jay and silent Bob will. And benny gates modest, like a monk. What about him now? Everything is great!

Don’t rush to rent an expensive office in the centre of the city. If you have the opportunity to work on udalenke, work! Not put up a pageantry, do not do anything that costs your fledgling business a pretty penny. Do not waste your last pathetic for a car. When everything is adjusted, you will be able to buy a great car. Don’t rush in saying «All the time» has some truth.

3. Keep your mouth shut

Never tell no one about his plans. There is this sad feature: if you share with someone their intentions, they will fail. Keep everything in mind. Don’t let the haters and detractors reason to send in your direction the rays of hatred and curses. Let your rise, will be a surprise for them. And besides, competitors are not asleep. Wanting to steal a promising idea – more than enough. But if that bastard still nimble, you can say goodbye to their prospects.

4. Invest in yourself

Make sure by investing in the initial stages of business, you invest in yourself.

You need to obtain the skills that will help you in doing business. Skill is necessary for all without exception.

5. Talk

If you didn’t know, then tell the terrible news: to talk to, helpful, important. First, it helps to organize accumulated in the head stuff, and second of all, comforting. In reflection, the truth is born. No wonder the Greek was famous lazy as thinkers. And yet this simple method allows you to cope with stress and focus on still unresolved issues.

You can meditate – it all depends on your religious affiliation and worldview. We will not insist. Some people like it, some don’t. It’s easy for someone to think so, but someone stupidly staring at one point, his head in his hands. But meditation is not in vain in the translation from Latin means «meditation». Something in this.

6. Keep an eye on health

You can not, absolutely can not neglect physical health. A focus on business minds scored on physical form, which is then very sorry.

Business is a bloody meat grinder, in which the strongest survives. And this requires energy. And in the body, moving from chair to bed, the energy is very low. Take the example of Richard Branson. Think about how he is successful, do not have to talk. And about the energy of that irrepressible joyous and optimist know, even those who are far from politics. He has repeatedly said that daily exercise – his secret weapon.

Well, in the end, what you joy, if half earned million you spend on drugs and surgery and can’t fully taste all the joys of life?

7. Live up to it

Try to justify your expectations. Let this be your incentive, a flywheel, which turns the mechanism.

8. Give

There is a wonderful English proverb: «Living is gigving». Don’t be afraid to give something to others. This also applies to charity and promises. Just bear in mind that a promise is a promise. Or as we say in the hood, «it is necessary to share, dad». Money comes and goes, but a good word about you remains for a long time. But it must be earned.

10. Think outside the

It seems that in this rich ideas crazy era it is quite impossible to come up with something new. But if someone does it, so the chance is still there. And no matter how. It is enough just to stop thinking stereotypically, look around carefully, and thought itself is born. The main thing is not to smother her.

11. Be yourself

Be yourself because everything else will come with age and experience. You’re just you, the unique you have. And the less you mediocrity, the better.

Use your own unique ideas to stand out in a competitive market, and follow your heart. Yeah, sounds like a cheap phrase from the movie sob, but damn it, you can trust only yourself, listen to yourself, don’t imitate.

12. Don’t give up

Never give up! If we got involved in this vicious business the abyss, please go to the end. Nobody said it would be easy.

Don’t be afraid of failures, all failures should be seen as a learning process, and when you meet the issue openly, then suddenly find that it is much easier to solve than it may seem at first glance. There is no way that was going. Mistakes pave the road to glory. If you fail on the fifth time, you get to the sixth, don’t forget to change something and not Dolby as woody woodpecker, the rock business with old uninteresting idea.

But before you listen to our advice, consider that you can not reckless to follow everything I said to you, let the wise, but unknown man. All these tips is the experience of those who have already made their billions. But even with this in mind, remember that not every advice is suitable to the situation. Maybe they even contradict your principles of life. It’s the fact that before you follow and implement them, think about how this is possible in your situation.

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