Tips on how to get over a girl quickly

People meet, people fall in love, but not always married, and that is divorce. And one certainly this breakup hurts the heart. And who doesn’t know that feeling, when it seems that life has stopped, and all that happens is irrelevant because the one that recently made you coffee in the morning, suddenly waved their hands and wished to remain friends. You increasingly ask myself the question:

How to forget a girl you love?

Tips on how to get over a girl quickly

Probably friends and relatives you already tried to comfort him, repeating the trite «time heals» and «everything passes». You yourself know all this, but now while still not passed, and sleepless nights painfully long stretches, you’re hurt and disgusted, and similar advice, from which it becomes easier not only annoying. Some suggest to drink to forget, but this is not the way out of any situation, and in matters of the heart will strengthen. Because you probably will call her, talk drunken nonsense, can be rude, or Vice versa, it will beg to come back. And in the morning you’ll hate yourself and suffer even more. What to do and how to forget the girl to continue to live a normal life? We try to give you some advice, of course you won’t forget her in an instant, as if by a magic wand, but I hope that your suffering will not be so painful. In the end, after a few years, you certainly would remember it often, just like a little episode of life.

So how to forget ex-girlfriend

As mentioned above — don’t get drunk, but that doesn’t mean that you must lead an ascetic life to avoid the temptation to crash with friends at a bar. First, make sure that you do nothing else will. Because even after a severe quarrel and tear, the relationship can improve. If everything is really bad and broken do not stick, start to build a new life. And smaller ask yourself the question how to forget a girl and how to love. Now you have free time became more, use it wisely, do something, has long dreamed of, and everything was shelved. Anything not dreamed of? Then just think of a new hobby, preferably a very active and sociable, trust me, loneliness is now for you worst enemy. Communicate, educate themselves, and develop self-reinforcing.

how to forget a girl

The best incentive can serve as your possible future communication. Well, to your ex-after some time, suddenly found you randomly on the street or in a cafe saw some haggard presrciption being. Let her see you strong, toned, resilient guy. Let her jaw droop and she’ll know who lost. Do your best to bite your elbows and regret that broke up with you relationship.

Do not call or answer her calls! Many girls even break up with a guy, I like to keep it to themselves. This is «let’s stay friends» to anything good will not. Of course, and enemies to leave is also not necessary, but communicating for some time it is better to stop. Otherwise, you put yourself, perhaps with false hopes. Don’t hate and curse your ex, any display of emotion towards her now superfluous. Better visualize their future life with another girl. Imagine yourself happy with a new girlfriend, and how against this background, the happiness of your memories of a broken heart when seem ridiculous. And believe me, man, all of this will be. As soon as you meet someone else and love, memories of past relationships are not going to bother you, and you won’t even remember your ex. And you’ll smile to think about how I was once looking for the answer to the question how to forget a girl and not to suffer.

forget the former

To look at other girls. Maybe you still think that no other such that it is unique and unrepeatable, Yes, it is, but she’s as unique as others. Of course, any serious relationships out of the question until you can. You now do not need this, but to have a light affair, or just sleep with the blonde from next door who always smiles at you walking your pug is not a sin, and even benefits.

If you’re really down, dude, and all of the tips, including our you get no help if you’re very painful breakup, then you better contact a specialist, Yes, you guessed it, sign up on reception to the psychologist, these people, believe me, helped a lot, and not doing his job.

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