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manygoodtips.com_28.05.2014_8qnjQeHGGcpNrWho doesn’t love to travel?

There is something special about waking up in unfamiliar surroundings, to see the scenery, which only read, and to be among people who speak an unfamiliar language. Travel look forward to, not knowing what to do with myself from the burning desire to hit the road. This energy should be devoted to preparations for the upcoming trip. prepared for you road advice.

1. Always dress in style

Even on the road. When you look stylish, you have folded a great opportunity. A suddenly vacant seat in first class will not be offered a slob and even the common man. All want to see a man dressed to the nines: he gives us all a sense of confidence and peace of mind.

2. Dress comfortably

You need free space in my pants, but the shirt should leave a space of movement, otherwise it will be stretched, and the buttons will diverge. Pay attention to the stretching of the fabric is traveling is the best choice.

3. Shoes that are easy to remove

Let it be a comfortable — slip-on shoes, espadrilles, boat shoes, sneakers — as long as they were easy to take off without bothering with laces. It is untold easier for you passing the metal detectors at the airport.

4. Portable shoehorn

At home we all have this simple device, but taking him would be the height of impracticality. Therefore, we advise you to use for this purpose a rigid strap or a plastic card from her purse (preferably seldom used discounts, and not a Bank).

5. When you fly on an airplane, less metal parts

Iron buckle will definitely react the metal detector, and it is an incredible waste of time. The same goes for shoes with steel glasses and cufflinks. If you have metal accessories, put them in your hand Luggage and after passing the control back into their rightful places.

6. When you sit, hang a jacket

If you go by car, you take a couple of coat hangers and use the hooks on the back for the jackets so they don’t get crushed. If you are flying by plane, hang the jacket on the back of his chair — it is desirable to remove it as soon as I go to the salon.

7. Buy a quality suitcase

There are several reasons: first, the suitcase protects its contents from damage. Secondly, the bag should be comfortable. Thirdly, inside the suitcase, everything must be in order to you so you can easily navigate the things, without taking them all. This can only be bought at considerable expense.

8. Make a list of things

Take your time and carefully make a list, take a few copies, one of which is put in the Luggage (or take care of the document in the cloud so it was available to you from anywhere). It will save you a lot of money, and you don’t have to buy a forgotten house the thing in place, and collecting things, you’re going to cope, nothing is forgotten.

9. A label on the Luggage

Always mark your Luggage on the outside with a sticker or other method and put it inside my card there is always a chance that the suitcases get mixed up and will be out of their owners. If your Luggage is lost, thanks to your coordinates and he’ll find his way home.

10. And it is better to take only hand Luggage

So you’re one hundred percent sure that it will not get lost. Besides, you’ll be spared from having to get Luggage and to spend their time.

11. Let the suitcase be easy

It is to fit clothes for two weeks, the key to success is a combination of things. All your clothes should be combined in any kit. You should have less clothes but more outfits — and lots of linen will be less.

12. Pay the blazers to roll

If you have a special case with hanger, put the coat, warehouses to it’s sleeve for a close fit to each other, and roll up into a roll. Inside you can put something small or fragile.

13. Make shirt stacks

First add all the shirts that they plan to bring on one another, then fold them in half vertically, warehouses sleeves. This stack put it on the top, and once you reach your destination, immediately hang on hangers.

14. Don’t bring an empty Shoe

Put inside a rolled-up socks into a ball: it will save space and will make the shoes stronger, which means that it will not lose shape.

15. Take a comb

The usual comb, which you had in school. It will save space and will not fail you.

16. Stocks change of clothes in your hand Luggage

There is always the chance that your bag will fly to Australia or Africa, but to change you need tomorrow.

17. Bring the best sunglasses

They can’t go wrong and will make the journey easier and more enjoyable. Would be a shame to find yourself in tears from the sun is too bright in Berlin or Paris — allow yourself to enjoy the holiday.

18. The headpiece is definitely

Best choice — a stylish hat that’ll protect you from the sun, rain and warm if suddenly colder.

19. Clothing with pockets — your choice

Don’t underestimate the practicality of pockets. One of the reasons why men like sports jackets are pockets where you can put tickets, passport and phone.

20. Take the airport water

And drink it during registration. During the flight, the body dehydrates quickly, and take water with you on the plane you will not. You can buy it at the airport if you don’t feel sorry for 100 rubles for half a liter of mineral water.

21. Take food with them

Dried fruit, nuts, dried meat, fresh apples. Avoid too smelly products, even if your travelling alone — you all smell them and the smell you get tired.

22. Wet wipes

Just take our advice and thank me later.

23. Mini-kit

Paracetamol, Advil, Nurofen, activated carbon, nose drops, handkerchief, band-AIDS — they may need at any time.

24. A breath mint or chewing gum

Everyone is trying to brush your teeth twice a day, but during the journey it may take an emergency measure. In this case necessary means at hand.

25. Take a shower before a long flight

When you go on a long flight, and even with transfers, you condemn yourself to a long abandonment of the shower. Wash up immediately before leaving the house — so you won’t feel like a denizen of the city dumps when you get there.

26. Audio books and podcasts

On the Internet a lot of them. They will brighten up your leisure, although paper and e-book too.

27. Rule armrests

If you sit by the window or aisle seat, you are assigned only one armrest. Give the man in the middle of freedom: at least you can at any time stand up or look out the window.

28. Call the hotel

Among its staff you can always ask a set of thread and a needle, toothpaste, shampoo or disposable Slippers and an iron. If you will know in advance what there is not, it will make your stay more comfortable.

29. Write down information about your journey

Time of departure and arrival, as well as the date. All that you need to print out for yourself and the person who will greet you. Of course, this information you already know, but it needs to share to have on hand: it’s convenient and protects you from possible mistakes.

30. Do not rush

Of all these tips this is the most difficult but also the most important because it can make your journey much better. Give yourself some time to delve into problems, to prepare for the conference and recover. It’ll do you only good.

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