Tips from the most famous athletes of venerable age

When we talk about sports, we always imagine people not older than 45 years. Everything else — old age, a lot of illnesses and there is no sport. Some kind of age discrimination, especially if you look at people who are your «well over 50» is able to give you such a head start in sports that not every 30-year-old is capable of. What makes people venerable age to play sports, which helps them to stay in shape — this will tell.

J. K. Simmons: «to take responsibility for what we do»


You 61 year, you’re recognized by all, and even the Academy awards, handing you an Oscar, actor. You just do not look at your age, and producers, remembering your legendary reincarnation of the chief of Peter Parker, calling you to play Commissioner Gordon in new «Justice League.» It is not the role of a superhero, which requires relief of thighs, torn tights, and the role of ordinary COP, who also had a heart attack. Especially to you the role played by Garry Oldman, which muscles did not differ. So why are you going to the gym? All right, you need to prepare for the role responsibly and not look worse pumped colleagues. That, kiddies, is called professionalism.


Photos of Simmons, who is preparing for the role in the gym caused much noise and excitement on the Internet, but something that causes excitement: why has Commissioner Gordon «banks» more than Superman and Batman?

Sylvester Stallone: «Discipline is above all»

Resilient sly in his 70’s, looks only as being stung by bees Stallone 30 years ago. If not bloated from facial plastic surgery, we could safely burn it in handsome. Although in its beauty. Every day he was in the hall, leads an active life, knocking the money to film new «the Expendables», appearing in the show and participating in the filming. It seems that he is now more active than in the 90s. But it’s just discipline.


Every morning I crawl out of bed and ask yourself: «do I really need this?» And trudge to the gym in the garage. It’s no fun, and I hate it. I do it alone, raise the bar. I have 25 different complex machines, I’m alone, I want to sleep, the whole body hurts, and I look at them, and in every 160 pounds, and the heaviest thing I lifted for the last eight hours, is a pillow.

Charles Eugster: «Eat real food»

Have you ever heard about a mighty man named Charles Eugster? This, for a moment, the world record-holder at distances of 200 and 400 meters, and holder of British national records at distances of 60, 100 and 200 meters. Not too impressive? It is exactly as long as you learn a surprising fact — all the records were set, when Charles was well over 90. He is now 96, and every day, going for a run and visiting the gym, he proves that age is not a death sentence, and with the right approach to food and training the active phase of life can last a very long time.


«It’s all about diversity. I start every day with a protein shake, because with age, protein synthesis diminishes. I avoid sugar and eat a lot of meat, especially fat. Lately I’ve been especially fascinated by the fats. Fat! Heaps of fat! The other day I went to the supermarket and was surprised when I discovered there’s a yogurt 0% fat. What is this? The whole idea of «food pyramid» on top of which a little fat and meat, and at the base is full of carbohydrates, pardon the expression, bullshit. People are so oglupeli that they started tinkering with food. Our theories of proper nutrition has led to the pandemic of obesity. Can you imagine the hunter-gatherer, takes pleasure in low-fat yogurt? I tell you one more thing to say: I recently read a report that a fatty diet increases libido».By the way, another tip from the distinguished citizen: not shy of strength training, they increase libido. In almost each interview, Yungstar talks about the miracle of libidinal and how he got back all the lost in the 60 years of joy, and as the pubic hair of steel gray and brown. You do not understand how good it feels when it is not working on returning to life, 90 it’s like a second youth.

Don Wildman: «fear Not to go on the risky adventures»

In 70 years you begin to nourish sympathy for such an amazing political comicmaster as «Communists of Russia» and «the Party of pensioners of Russia», chew and then dragging dentures and feed others stunk like rotten potatoes, stories about the past the past. And don Wildman at the same age, travels to Alaska with the young comrades to snowboarding. And in summer traverses the Hawaiian Islands on a surfboard. He has participated in Cycling for the United States, and gives interviews now, at the age of 81 years. Indeed, it is officially considered one of the healthiest people on the planet.


According to him, the secret of this longevity is that he likes to move and not to worry over trifles, to maintain vitality. His motto is: «Stop moving once means to stop the movement forever.» Well, where do without healthy food and vitamins, but in adequate quantities, so that nothing spilled out.

And pay attention to how active he moves: strength training, surfing the big waves, riding on mountain trails on a bike. He is not afraid to take risks, continuing in 81 years to encroach on the extreme, which many 30-year-old seems too dangerous, not to mention peers of Wildman. He just goes ahead, not paying attention to fear, which is what we want.

Dean Karnazes: «Play to the limit»

Dean Karnazes all runs and runs off into the distance at very long distance, more running to what was recognized as the «man in the best physical shape» according to one of the famous men’s magazines dedicated to fitness. But he became famous do it, and those that can run anywhere, anytime and over any distance. And he started doing this only after 40 years. Karnazes — spermatophores, managed to run 50 marathons in 50 days, to participate in a marathon to the South pole on sorokogradusnuyu cold, and then jump from there straight to hell 49-degree Inferno with the speaker called «Valley of death», to run on it 217 km and win. What about crossing the Bay of San Francis swimming? Or 24-hour ride without stopping?


Karnazes says the secret of its success is the number of factors, among them wormed and good genetics, and courage, and regular exercise, but really it is motivated by a genuine sadism on himself. Illustrative case in the same Valley of death, where, besides him, to finish ran a few. In such circumstances, Karnazes hallucinations, diarrhoea and nausea. But the threat of death did not frighten him, and he continued to torture himself daily exercises and annual participation in the «lethal» marathon. All this continued until, until he finally took first place.

All his life Dean Karnazes tries to transcend the limits of its own body. In order to find extra time for training after work, he began to sleep less, to habituate ourselves to 4 hours a day. The naivete or mental disorder, let everyone decide for himself, it is significant that in his 54 over 30 he will not give.

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