Tips from Gordon Ramsay: if you want to be a cool chef

manygoodtips.com_9.07.2015_l59QLpvZSEUT1In General, being a chef is a very serious and correct decision in choosing a career. And in any case, as you know, the Council is never superfluous. Edition of course, he loves to cook and does it with pleasure, but we still think that recommending the best professionals will help you.

We have already written about Gordon Ramsay and his brainchild – «Hell’s Kitchen», but besides that he is a great showman, he’s still there and a great chef. What advice can you give Ramsay? We tried to collect the most, in our opinion, useful.

So, here they are:

1. Balance

Everything must be balanced – the ideas, ingredients, menus, everything.

Generally, when you cook at home, I bet you like to hit an extra serving of condiments. So, experiments are good when you’re doing it for yourself. But the rest of the balance will serve you well. You should appeal in the first place, ordered your meal.

2. Seasoning

You have to understand that only one product in a dish – main, the rest is just seasoning, whether it’s pepper, cheese or black truffle.

This is true. Is the basis for the dish, and it is the leitmotif of the whole. You should allocate it a taste, make it the coolest. Everything else is important, but it should not flaunt it.

3. Easy

Your ideas should be clear and obvious.

Don’t think if your recipe does not absorb all the flavours of the world, then it is bad. Here, of course, necessary to understand for whom you’re cooking and you love your guests. However, in General, people prefer simple things which they could have not for curiosities and every day. So, the molecular kitchen – this is certainly cool, but would you yourself eat molecular food every morning? Unlikely.

4. Color

It is necessary to take care of natural color combinations.

If you think appearance is important only for the choice of sexual partner, then you’re wrong. The food must also look appetizing. Actually it is an innate quality of all people – a sense of the advisability colors. However, you may well go into this direction and explore the subject better. Google «chromatics» and look at how the choice of color characterizes certain emotions.

5. Presentation

manygoodtips.com_9.07.2015_DlZl9NqpntmosThe food should inspire, it should be a good show.

Well, when people didn’t like the show? Will the dish delicious? On some level, Yes. This is especially true of banquets, weddings and other celebrations. Here it is necessary to show imagination, but it’s worth it.

6. The context

It is necessary to understand for whom you are preparing, and to take this into account.

Mentioned above. It is worth repeating. In one situation you want an easy a hot dog, another with a dish of high cuisine. If you are a visitor to the fast food cafe, it is unlikely that you’ll be happy snails at ease. The chef needs to understand this, it must also determine the types of people not to accidentally tell them something that they are cold. Holidays are also important, and time of year.

7. The conformity of the product and technology

Fish should not be fried to the state of chips, and so on.

Again, the experiments leave the house until better times. The rest you had to learn in culinary school, but we remind you that each product has its own technological frame. And spoil, like meat simply by incorrectly selecting the method of preparation.

8. Sauce

manygoodtips.com_9.07.2015_Y7tyLjEmHTSaXThe dish is the body, sauce is clothes.

I want to tell you that we are fans of various sauces. And now it is hard to imagine that a lunch be complete without an interesting sauce. Of course, there’s plenty of purchase, with normal taste, but personally cooked will always be more expensive and tastier. Mix it, taste it, take it on Board.

9. The content

Try to always find the best products, because the bad will destroy any good idea.

This pointless to argue. Therefore, to establish ties with farmers, producers check the quality. You, of all people, should understand that the quality of the meat in one store is fundamentally different from quality in another. Before the serious work it is necessary to study the entire market, then no one is left with poisoning or just unhappy.

10. The ability to stop in time

manygoodtips.com_9.07.2015_cAyludGoVyQraIt is especially important for the fearless young chefs.

Yes, we all want to come up with something nuclear and enduring brain. But settle down, sometimes you can just lose control. When you’re on edge, you will find it difficult to understand their mistakes, but learn to control myself. Cooking – though the art, but still has its limits.

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