Tips for overloaded dudes


What annoys me in various electronic devices, so that’s how they sit. If the battery ends, instead of having to use it more sparingly, otherwise they begin to signal to you: I say, then puffed his last strength; blink, squeak and all the energy spent on this nonsense.

The human body responds to congestion the same way. For example, if you do not have enough oxygen, it will panic, and you begin to breathe more often, your heart beats faster, and as a result, the oxygen is consumed too quickly (I watched the movie «gravity»? There is just showed that is the situation).

Thus, the body does the same stupid, stupid electronic devices. He has such a nasty habit: to become blunt, when you need brains as quickly as possible. When you panic, you need to keep in mind a lot of things in this condition is difficult to remember. Next time you’re overwhelmed, remember our advice.

1. The sky fell to the ground a thousand times already

I can’t even count how many times I had my own personal end of the world. At a minimum, 50 times in my life I was in a difficult, seemingly hopeless situations, when I didn’t believe that things can get better. During each of the new Apocalypse, I completely forgot about all the previous, that somehow formed and ceased to be relevant for me. But the new disaster always seems deadly, it drives to despair. As is always the case.

I think your sky is falling again. Overloaded brain underestimates your strength and at the same time overestimates the scale of the disaster and therefore highlights the current problem as a special. Don’t let him fool you.

2. Problems like yours were the people always

You are not destined to find a new way of suffering. Broken heart, death of a loved one, illness, old age, constant pain, shame, addiction, failure, poverty, nightmares — all that existed for thousands of years, though in a much more severe forms. There are a limited number of reasons for human suffering, and they are all as old as the world.

Humanity has a huge experience of suffering, which we are unlikely to bring something new. Probably from your troubles already devised a way of escape and you can easily tap into this wisdom.

3. Are you overwhelmed because of their thoughts about life, not that life is bad

When you’re mentally and physically overloaded, your brain creates before you a pretty convincing illusion. It makes you think that can happen the impossible things. You start to think that all the drama of the world is about to fall on your long-suffering head. It is rare that the poor man buries under a pile of shit: first, usually comes alone, you dig with it, and then comes another. Does it not happen that in one and the same time you have to do a billion different things. Yes, the problems are complex and multi-piece, but in one sitting you can only solve one part of the question, to accomplish one thing. The feeling that you all came over — it’s such a mental phenomenon, not really an adequate reflection of reality.

Thoughts follow each other faster than the events occur, and in one minute you mentally have to deal with a dozen problems. Easy to get lost in these thoughts and think that happens too much all at once. When you’re really ready to solve a real problem in the real world, you’ll be able to close my eyes to everyone else in the first place to get one.

4. Mathematically, it is unlikely that your problems are as bad as you think of them

Most people behave like pessimists. Me too, although I try to look at things positively. From an evolutionary point of view it is easy to understand why we love to turn anything into a disaster. If you run away from the snake, because it can be poisonous, likely to die from a sting is reduced, moreover, in 85% of cases you don’t run away from her, and she is afraid of you. Pessimistic tendencies to manifest in the same way, but we are stress and effort, when we continue to run away even from a safe snake.

When you realize that you’re a pessimist, you automatically admit that things are generally better than they seem to you. A pessimist is usually a situation more dangerous and harder than it really is.

I had it when I worked at a very meticulous work. Suddenly at dinner I could remember that, perhaps, made a mistake — and it’s suspected lightning turned into confidence. Further — more, I began to think that I would be fired and I will never be able to work in this field. For half a minute in my head scrolled drama, as I sit on the pavement with an outstretched hand or GRP McDuck: «Free cash!» If this is familiar to you and if you feel bad maybe you’re too pessimistic and you should assume that it is actually much easier than it sounds.

5. Things change very quickly when you stop thinking and start doing

Depression downloaded and outlives the person comes from feelings of helplessness, which, in turn, is due to the belief that your actions do not matter. It happens quite often, but the sense we’re talking about, deceptive. How bad was your case, most likely, they are not like Auschwitz. Wherever you are, you can do something to make a part of your day better than it would be otherwise, and so you’re not helpless. No matter how small it is when you realize that can change things for the better, the feeling of helplessness will disappear.

Clutter — clutter of thoughts, and not any particularly bad circumstances, and it becomes clear when you begin to act. Many times in my life, a bad day turned into light, when I was determined to at least one of his dilemmas. It helps to see that the catastrophe is not total, and you cease to be a passive observer of his awful day.

6. The temptation to do nothing is great when you need something to do

Another useless habit of our brain. There is a tendency to congeal when it is necessary quickly to do something. There are two reasons.

The first is that you’re afraid to make it worse. The ground seems unsteady, and you’re stuck I’m afraid to take the step to not fall. Another reason is even more significant the first, is that make the decision to do something means to take responsibility for the result of Affairs, and we don’t want. In particular, when you think your problem is someone else’s fault, you really want to wait until the man who is to blame will solve everything for you — let him show responsibility. Usually this does not happen. And we are often wrong, blaming anyone but themselves. Of course, you really want to blame someone else. It’s convenient: you start to dream of how God will come out of the car and silently will correct all. This really never happens.

You have to resist the temptation to sit back and wait for some abstract justice from outside who will come and save you. Usually we want to do nothing, when we really need to do something.

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