Tips for my future son

tips for future sonMost of us have already reached that age at which, in recognition of companies, you can have children. I would not say that they are going to do so in the near future, but the thought of the opportunity to get my son from time to time look at my quite grown-up head. In the future, to have a baby worries me is not so much a question of money (although it, too: I can’t just soak it for a crust of bread in boiling water, but my parents were not rich people), but a question of education. If I can raise him a good person? Who knows. Just in case I decided to start to come up with different rules and tips now. Once need.

1. Impossible to dress very elegant.

2. Dance with the soul. In the end, it is unlikely you will do it for assessment.

3. When shaking hands, hold it firmly and look people in the eye.

4. Follow the simple steps. In half of the cases there use.

5. Learn to change a tire.

6. An hour with grandparents is a great time.

grandma and grandpa

7. Always join for the perpetrator. He will remember it.

8. Don’t go against the force, try to use it.

9. Talents acquire. Learn how to sing.

10. Don’t waste time watching endless football matches. Look interesting.

11. Learn to swim well. Swim in natural bodies of water as often as possible. After all, swimming is a great cure for a hangover.

12. Don’t gossip. Never write about anybody a bad word, especially in email or on the website where anyone can see. Bad words will always respond.

13. Bearded dudes have something to hide.

14. It is not necessary to greatly compress the bars meat when fried. So it will flow all the juices.

15. You are what you do, not what they say.

16. Never forget a handkerchief. At least on paper.

17. Often hang out with my cousins and sisters. You have much more in common than it seems.

18. Don’t think you can get rich on gambling. Stay away from them.


19. Learn to play a musical instrument, preferably where you can play at home with friends.

20. In Monopoly, buy the orange areas.

21. Girls like guys who often take a shower.

22. Learn to tie a tie.

23. Go dress code. There will be other opportunities to prove himself.

24. Never talk during a movie. Come in and buy in advance movie tickets for seats in the center.

25. Better no excuse than a bad one.

26. Eat more vegetables. Take care of heart.

27. But keep your eye on the ball and follow him. As in sports, and in life.

28. Be careful with piercings and tattoos. The main thing — then not to regret not to be funny.

piercing and tattoos

29. Always choose a suitable screwdriver.

30. Nobody likes a smartass.

31. Take care of email copies. So you make things easier for my biographers.

32. In the woods be quiet.

33. In summer keep in the refrigerator tea. It is delicious and cheap.

34. Don’t be shy to try yourself in the truck. This is the best way to understand what was happening.

35. Always on time, reply to letters and phone back for missed calls.

36. If a fight, hit first and hard.

37. How can you talk less on the phone. Never call me at home before nine in the morning and not after nine at night. However, when close acquaintance is possible to break this formality.

38. Strong alcohol drink clean. Good alcohol does not need supplements, except that the ice.

39. Potoraplivaya, will not speed up the process.

40. Praise the food they had prepared your mother.

41. Vote with knowledge of the matter. And not blow at each corner of your choice. Not just the voting was made secret.

42. Don’t take it to heart — but in principle, accepted.

43. Don’t you dare. Never.


44. Remember about the birthday and always give the right gifts.

45. Always pack your gifts. You can even own and any packaging that comes into your head.

46. Thunderstorm watch from a safe place, but still watch. Both literally and figuratively.

47. In the long-term loyalty always triumphs over ambition.

48. Call your mother.

49. If imagined himself as a powerful man, try to command something of someone else’s dog.

50. Do not sleep less than six hours a day. Ideally eight.

51. You’ll never be the strongest or the fastest. But it can be very hard.

52. Meet friends of your sister. I rely on your opinion.

53. Always yield to a woman regardless of her age.

54. You need high-quality sneakers.

55. Be patient in relation to support staff — will receive excellent service.

56. It is necessary to have a good relationship with traders in the local market.

57. Also need socks in summer, even if you just went for a walk.

58. The morning workout. Commute to work or school by bike is a great idea.

59. If you draw, draw what you see and not your own ideas about this. This is already more than enough.

60. Send postcards. People still love to receive them.


61. Every day I read the news.

62. Always go to the wedding. There will be your friends and meeting them is always good.

63. At least once take part in student government.

64. Anything collect or collects. For example, boarding passes from all flights which flew.

65. Never snatch the microphone.

66. On sidewalks walk quickly, do not bother the other pedestrians. If you need to stop, step aside.

67. No need too spend money on a haircut: all the same, she will be with you no longer than a month.

68. Nothing in the world is worth exchanging for the TV.

69. Drive train.

70. Humanity is not measured by money.

71. Caution contact with fire.

72. The bigger they are, the harder they drop.

73. Learn your favorite poem.

74. No don’t make a fight with his brother.

75. Keep your word.

76. As often as possible to be near the water. Even a stream will do.


77. Sports jacket — a good business clothes for travel. It is very convenient pockets.

78. Remember: the girl you’re Dating somebody’s sister, then someone can kick your ass.

79. The most expensive is never the best.

80. Climbing a mountain is difficult not because of its height, but because of the stone you have in your boot.

81. Do assists, but remember to throw the ball.

82. Keep the other if he decides to pursue art.

83. Never blame a book, a play or a movie, if he has not seen. Art is full of surprises.

84. Never compare the film and book. It’s like comparing a song with a poem, but a piece of pie. Completely different areas of creativity.

85. When you are sawing, patience is much more important than strength.

86. Don’t be greedy.

87. Talking to the journalist who carefully chose his words.

88. The required minimum of exercise is push-UPS and squats, they do not need any equipment or special clothing.


89. Do not go into a dispute which does not concern you.

90. When you go to the funeral, and just go dark clothes, do not have to dress up in black.

91. Always make sure the clothes are good on you sat.

92. Do not hope to remain in the shadows. Produce the impression.

93. Never eat from the same one twice in a row.

94. There is hardly a reason worthy of your Creek. Perhaps the only sports game.

95. Finish what you started, especially if it’s a book.

96. Sit in the first or second row.

97. After three nights, there is nothing good.

98. Hang out only with dependable people.

99. Sometimes you can not pay for something, and to do it myself — but not always.

100. Do it as soon as remembered about it. Set aside — and again forget.

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