Tips for my future son. Part 2

We have already published a post about tips for the future of the son with the particles of the household of wisdom that I would like to convey to the person who will rely on your authority. On the one hand, to give advice is difficult: it’s such a big responsibility, especially when you learn to live the new man, which is in all respects a tabula rasa, a clean slate. On the other hand, from the height of their life experience you can see what you should pay attention to the younger chuvachkov. Maybe not just him.

1. Never make a major purchase later in the evening.

2. A lot of good people are gone. Come to replace them.

3. If the world around is nothing more I can offer you, feel free to stick headphones.

4. Take it gladly or politely refuse, but don’t say the reason for his decision.

5. You don’t suggest the girl bad music and empty movies — flowers no worse. Learn how to give them.

6. About a person can tell a lot how he cuffs his sleeves.

7. If you are planning an important deal, it is better to have a calculation of the amount to not have change.

8. For costume party outfit do it with your hands.

9. No one wants to hear about your health, dreams, dieting, and money.

10. Root for the team of his city, even if it plays badly.

11. Go up the stairs.

12. Suggest women to carry their bags, especially your mom. She carried you for nine months.

13. Never take more than you can lift and carry without assistance.

14. No compound clothing. Just simple and convenient.

15. Sing along. But only if you know the words.

16. Close the door, turn the key, and then you can scream and cry.

17. Old clothes to give to those who need it.

18. If in doubt, do wear a tie.

19. Listen carefully. Don’t be those who are just waiting for their turn to speak.

20. Do not be shy in the locker room. There all busy with their business.

21. Spend time with mom. It is steeper than you think.

22. Do not rush to criticize contemporary art. Don’t pull it from the context.

23. T — shirt is not a way of life, not advertising and not a philosophy. It’s just a t-shirt. Don’t treat it so seriously.

24. Do not spit on the sidewalk.

25. Know her clothing size.

26. Try to get a band together.

27. Know the neighbors pretty well.

28. If you do not know what a word means, ask before it’s too late.

29. On stage there is no time to be shy.

30. Thank those who have visited.

31. Not manernichane, otherwise it will become a habit.

32. Wisdom begins with the awareness of nature.

33. To whom much is given, much is required.

34. You should not have debt. Fees for himself.

35. Well treat your body. Be grateful to yourself for it in old age.

36. In the paper version you need only your favorite books. The rest can be taken in the «Bukinist».

37. Not all win, but this does not mean that is not worth playing.

38. Go for it!

39. What’s the point of saying: «I seek?» Just do what you need.

40. Take part in some cool drawing.

41. Don’t burn your bridges.

42. Don’t lose yourself. Especially at work.

43. With small creatures treat with caution.

44. It is not necessary to make a cult of not only food but also drinks. We provide coffee and beer too much importance.

45. Do yourself a haircut, which will one day regret it. Parents will be worried.

46. Invite your mother to dance.

47. Dance with a partner and not just next to her. Don’t forget to lead.

48. Find your favorite picture.

49. The best thing you can do in the rain to quiet down and listen.

50. When there’s any chance, go to a movie alone.

51. What you need for a good party? Suitable stereo system, lights and lots of ice.

52. Never boil the milk in an enamel pot.

53. In the subway not to rush. Behave confidently.

54. If you’re gonna quote, quote verbatim.

55. Never leave the party first.

56. Let the children from childhood think you’re cool. Reputation is assigned to the person.

57. In order to chewing gum, inopportune moments. At least less than you think.

58. You have to be a place where you can escape.

59. If you want to wear a cowboy hat, better keep.

60. Don’t quit your job without finding a new one.

61. Get out. One day you will cease to live alone.

62. The Museum is well to survive a hangover. It’s quiet and cool.

63. You should be able much. Any universal.

64. Don’t be afraid to participate in contests and compete for grants. Declare yourself wherever you can.

65. If you ignore the story, it will ignore you.

66. «Good morning» — a phrase with which you should hurry.

67. On the beach don’t look openly at the girls. For this is sunglasses.

68. Keep smiling beauties.

69. Peasant Luggage do not roll. Only carry.

70. You must have a signature dish — even if it’s the only thing you know how to cook.

71. Do not shout: «the Judge on soap!» The judge is also a human and he has feelings.

72. Don’t trust the calendar. If it’s cold, wear a warm jacket.

73. Drive through the country from end to end. Take your time.

74. The best criterion for a good travel — return home safe and sound.

75. True wisdom is always given for free.

76. Meet with the unknown is expanding beyond the known.

77. Sign up in the library.

78. Spend more time with people with whom you have to compete and that is something to be respected.

79. Always be a skeptic.

80. Fight for what matters to you.

81. There is always a way that works. Find him.

82. Coffee should be black. It’s manly.

83. It is better not to photoshop your photos. So you gain a lot of confidence, which is not deserved.

84. The more I read. Especially something with which I disagree.

85. Get used to feeling stupid. It is a sign of growth.

86. Easy for people to say nice things, therefore, assess their behaviour, not words.

87. Each person has something to learn.

88. Find what inspires you and do it — even if it does not bring you money.

89. If need be, starve. As long as need be.

90. Try to survive in nature. Just to prove to myself that I can.

91. Do what you promised. But myself can’t trust anyone.

92. Quietly leave that behind, even if it was a permanent part of you.

93. At an early age to achieve significant success in any field. It helps to be more confident.

94. Learn a foreign language.

95. Eat more protein.

96. Let next to you will be people who will tell you the truth.

97. Genius won’t give. Responsibility and execution is the key to success.

98. If you have a choice between the prize/the goods and money, always choose the money.

99. As often as possible meet with people. Offer them help.

100. Anyone go ahead, even if you don’t like him. Communicate with everyone on equal terms.

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