Tips for good sex

parade for sexLive and learn, and not only work to raise children and to do something new. Life you can even learn to have sex: it’s fun, and most importantly nice. Today we will give you important tips for sex after discovering you have knowledge of which will happy every girlfriend!

1. Women need the mood to have sex, otherwise you’ll have to exert much more effort. So it is necessary to choose the right time. After a romantic Comedy. When cuddling in bed late in the evening. In the morning when she is going to work? Not.

2. No need to build from a jackhammer: women prefer smooth and unhurried motion.

3. A joint shower is the most common female fantasy. However, in real life everything is much more complicated than in the movies. Even if you found a good angle, slippery surface can make up even dangerous. Plus, the water will wash away her natural lubrication. There is still one way to enjoy sex in the shower: first sex not in the shower, then to actively use the hands in the water and to get to know each other.

4. When moving, try to tilt your body backwards so the angle is better. Small change — big difference.

5. Some women like doggie-style. Someone can only orgasm in the pose of a rider. It all depends on tastes and preferences. No matter how many partners you’ve had before: you will need to study it from the beginning.

6. During sex the body make various strange sounds that confuse. Better laugh at them together, and all the awkwardness would disappear.

7. Always keep ready a condom. You also need to monitor health? It is necessary to control the birth rate. Two birds with one stone!

8. Women have many erogenous zones, not just Boobs. Explore, pay attention to particularly sensitive areas: neck, earlobes, inner thighs.

9. She can’t read thoughts. If you want to try something new and not happy with what you are doing now, tell me about it tactfully, of course. And will you all now since it’s already broken.

10. Compliments always work! She doesn’t undress in front of each of the first counter, so not used to hearing compliments his Nude body without clothes, as all people feels insecure. Compliments to increase her confidence, and she begins to do much more interesting things.

11. Two hundred percent that all porn actress are not something to enjoy in the process. Moreover, for these tricks they train almost years. Don’t try to repeat what you saw in the movie.

12. What women like, so this is pure linen. Somehow it always works. If a simple trick, a sin it not to use.

13. Don’t forget to kiss her: you’re romantic. Even if not the best stance’t pick that up.

14. If you have some fantasy that you’ve long wanted to implement, it’s time to offer it is when you get down to business. When it is violated, it is easier to agree to the experiments.

15. Take off your socks. A naked man in socks looks ridiculous.

16. Try to have sex outside the home, but not in a public place. At least try to go to the balcony, if there are blinds, or in a tent on vacation. The novelty adds to the joy.

17. The buoy the same it is necessary to cut or trim with a trimmer to first, it looked impressive, and secondly, it increases the likelihood of good oral sex.

18. Sometimes, it is simply no lubrication for some fuck knows what biological reasons. This does not mean that she doesn’t want sex. If she says Yes, it means that you just need to use lubricant.

19. If you haven’t had sex in a week or more, then the impressions will be enormous. The science is sound.

20. It so happened that in men, orgasm comes faster than her friends. If all turned out well, don’t leave her in the lurch. Oral sex or second round.

21. Sport not only makes your body, it also makes you more resilient, including during bed exercises. So I run to the gym!

22. Of course, that sex people become sweaty and clammy. Humble yourself and don’t worry.

23. Problems with premature ejaculation? Kegel Exercise!

24. I wanted to bite her, cause you’re the all so brutal? Go ahead! Only half-heartedly, otherwise there is a risk to break the skin, but there is not to sex.

25. Feel free to use the toys with them women get more pleasure, and you experience.

Not enough? We have more tips on how to improve your sex and life hacks for sex. Works!

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