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manygoodtips.com_7.09.2014_FNQSofwLSXkRiWe write about how not to embarrass myself. Write about how through training to improve the quality of sex. And now, after reading blogs and studying the advice of prominent sexologists, we write about small rules for big and tough sex.


Use your breath. But not soapy and puffing in the ears of girls, like a mangy dog. During the prelude, your breath warm her Breasts, belly, hands, wrists, and ears. Well, and build a small tsunami in the area of genitals. «Disaster» of such magnitude it will gladly be appreciated.


Talk openly about your fantasies. And you will be surprised what a joyous response to their offers can get. Because as they say that the woman has in mind, not every male on here. And life is too short to wait for the first hints and steps. Are you a man or not a man.


Every woman has a unique physiology. And if it’s dry like in the Sahara desert, that doesn’t always mean that you’re doing it wrong. But I do not think now all the «blame» on physiology. Use of lubricants. It is proven that women have a lot more fun when sex is used this simple but effective piece.


Women love with their ears, of course. And when you love a woman, don’t forget to pay attention to these auditory organs, as the ear lobe is a fairly large number of nerve endings, stimulation of which many a lot of fun.


Turn her to her back, take away the hair from her neck and lightly bite. And then smile and go about your business as if nothing had happened. So, you’re mysterious and sexy as hell!


Play with her Boobs — the right way. Tenderness alternates with stiffness, but do not hold the teeth around the nipple too long, you don’t three months, and it’s not breastfeeding. Alternate ice and oral sex. Such a contrast brought to mind more than one girl.


Create an atmosphere. Use senses to the maximum. Let your appearance pleases the eye. No holey socks and boxers. Use high quality perfume, or at least let you smell a clean body. Turn on the music, buy chocolate, and of course, don’t forget the touch.


Attention to the clitoris — another the right way. Lick your finger and go, carefully watching the reaction of the girls. Method playful thumb is that you at least 15 minutes paying attention to her clitoris. Don’t be afraid to ask about her feelings. We will not discuss his quest if you don’t know where the girl has this important on her sexual feelings, close this article, and Rubis on the tanks.


Have sex in public, in the shower, on the kitchen table — any non-traditional places. The adrenaline, the diversity, extreme and new impressions.


Not take off her underwear. Give a little torture, teasing and stroking through the fabric. This will create an agonizing wait and anticipation, and when there will be direct contact, it will bring a lot more fun than usual.


Start with the massage. Heat up her body and muscles, alternating gentle Ironing and light Slippers.


Be self-confident. Even if you are not the best Les Miserables the hunchback, now that you’ve reached this stage and on a voluntary basis, convey confidence of the main alpha male in the neighborhood.


Sleep naked. Touching of naked bodies, even in a dream, cause pleasant emotions and consequences.


Tie her eyes. The excitement caused by temporary blindness, raises the level of adrenaline. Let the bandage be of soft silk, it will add sensuality and new sensations.


Turn off the light. The same «blindness» to both of you, allowing you to focus completely on the sensations and each other. Plus, you can hide a long time not trimmed toenails under cover of the darkness.


Role-playing games… They are able to diversify and revive even the most dull occasions. You can start with whispering dirty words, but watch the reaction, it is important not to overdo it. Try to satisfy her using a vibrator. No one is doubting your abilities, but a lot of women describing their fantasies, dream about their partner to slightly depart from the familiar schemes and Fucks them with a Dildo.


Kiss passionately. Don’t turn your tongue into an analog jellyfish in her mouth.


Eat more pineapple. Scientists have found that this fruit improves the taste and smell of semen. Will not ask you what method or empirically found this fact.


During oral sex, don’t use teeth.


Try and practice BDSM. In connection with wildly popular this shit like «50 shades of grey», many girls do not need to push themselves to such experiments. Only discuss what is acceptable and what is not. Not to be excruciatingly embarrassing and painful.


Reverse side. Let her tie you up and have a little podmenivali. Within a reasonable. We do not condemn, but strap-ons are not recommended. (Brrr)


Play with her a game of truth or dare. This is a great way to learn some things about each other.

Well, the desire to make in accordance with the possibilities of your imagination.


Have sex in front of a mirror. Offer watch porn, and while watching her give oral sex. Or, conversely, it agree.


And last, the best sex for girls with who she will feel, if not the most beloved, the most desirable and loved. The greatest lover of all times and peoples Giacomo Casanova, got its title not because he knew how to do triple coats in bed, and not for the member to the knees, but for the fact that every woman in the eyes of Casanova had its unique beauty. Because «the One who loved reading, would be curious to read all encountered books to him; he who loved women, will seek to love every person he met, regardless of beauty or ugly she is«.

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