Tips and phrases that will annoy a pessimist

A constant feeling of anxiety – it is very unpleasant. And have to live with it for many people. Someone on the pill, someone abstrahierte in imaginary worlds of books and computer games, someone just fills himself with alcohol, someone’s trying to hammer its internal state with large amounts of work or sports. Chronic anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders, and it is through her 30-year-old boys happen strokes. Nasty thing from which few are immune.

One way or another, but life itself gives us a lot of negative emotions. All these explosions, burning houses, the crash – everything that can be called reality.

Well, when you’re an optimist and able to see shit to something good. Such a power is granted not to everyone. And perhaps all because of the difference in personality types, and life experience. Everything else on the «chernushny» perception of the world holds a huge reservoir of human culture. For example, all that our beloved Noir, trash, or dirty realism. And what is journalism too.

If you’re one of those guys that look at the world through rose-colored glasses, we know that you are the most annoying. The «helpful tips» from your friends who think you just have nothing to do. Specially prepared this list, which will help you remember all the shit that you say about your perception of this city, country, continent, planet.

«Don’t be so negative!»

Dude, that’s and not happy. You can’t just stop negative attitude to everything that surrounds you. It’s just a given, where people of all possible options selects the one which ends badly. However, to always expect the worst outcome is not always a bad thing. don’t believe that thoughts materialists, but believes that it is necessary to prepare for the worst.

«You just like to feel miserable»

Often say this, but, if you don’t love to wear latex and beat yourself with a whip, it is unlikely you glad that you all the time sucks. No one likes it.

«You’re being dramatic»

Life is not a TV show. However, many people believe the opposite. When they see strong feelings, strong sorrow, or devastation, they are always easier to realize that all this is far-fetched and not misplaced. Perhaps all this is for the reason that a lot of potentiality has penetrated into our lives. It is difficult to adequately assess the human condition, when the contemplation of violence and acting became part of an ordinary day. We have difficult to understand that there is a real feeling and what is not.

«Try not to think about it»

When you say that to your friend, then don’t do anything useful. You’re just a reminder of the problem. The best option would be to avoid the topic, which is so scary dude. Translate the conversation in a more optimistic direction.

«Get over yourself»

Many people think that the «sufferers» are those guys who love to be the center of attention. They feed off of your pity and sympathy the other dudes. These guys have every major company. But really dude, who experience burning around the clock anxiety, I hate being the center of attention and don’t want it. They don’t like the whole thing, and they hate it when their weakness is exposed on the show.

«What’s bothering you man?»

Actually you won’t find out this issue. If the guy is too large cockroaches in my head, like in the movie «Naked lunch», he will not be able to answer you. He worried about everything and nothing at the same time. He himself may not understand what it is. Here are the unhealthy things.

«You must work on yourself»

In General, motivation is of great help to desperate people. But such advice does not always work for those who are experiencing painful anxiety. The trouble is, frankly, similar to a disease that is almost impossible to determine. And if you say that he should just «try», it means that you don’t quite understand how much effort he already puts into every day of your life.

«I understand how you feel!»

Yes, of course, understand. However, heard another phrase: «Sucks to be you».

«Everyone faces similar»

Again, totally useless attempt at sympathy. However, the percentage of truth in it. Absolutely everyone is faced with some traumatic events in my life, and then departs from them in weeks. But chronic anxiety is still a bit of a different performance. You can’t do the time, right? Therefore, it is difficult to imagine that you know how many people actually with similar faces.

«Could be worse!»

Of course, things could be worse. Your dog could tear wild badgers, and to your house, to fall a huge meteorite. But, hell, if you say «patient», things could be worse, and the man will naturally extrapolate and predict the chain of events that lead to hell. These people do not expect a happy end.

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