Tinto Brass erotica through the keyhole

Work.com.ua_14.07.2016_knTn9CVqNgoLaAnd she banned my dad’s cassette hidden in a package from under uninteresting film, turned the boy’s mind. The same films after midnight on Ren-TV», revised without sound waiting for the juicy scenes. With a probability of 30 %, it was the films made a wise guru — Tinto Brass. The most similar to old wild boar, with giant, unimaginable size cigar, and a strange love for the ladies «fifth point». To Brass, we didn’t know that was possible. After — I know I shouldn’t. Your father watched his «works» as the films you watched them as porn, but it was the Pope, whose sophisticated nature the charms of the actress of Ukrainian origin, was no surprise. Well, what kind of porn, for these little naughty moments, even people with sensitivities did not have time. — What, in your opinion, the difference between erotica and porn? — I get this question very often. The line is rather thin. For example, a blowjob and Blowjob — almost the same thing. The only difference is the perspective in which to show them. And yet, the erotic gives emotions. A porn ― only naked arousal.Seriously, that Tinto Brass is not Boobs, and some pussy. This is voyeurism and betrayal, things that are in our lives everywhere. If infidelity is understandable, voyeurism raises many questions. But man by nature is suffering from curiosity, he likes to follow the personal lives of public people, learn all sorts of tricky details from the life of familiar and completely unknown. Who slept with whom, who said what, where sent. And even more interesting to watch people fuck. Because nothing you say, do not be curiosity in us porn Studio would roll in money, and «Bald from Brazzers» was not a household name. Yes there himself Tinto moved from one Villa to another.Who doesn’t like to look at unnatural staged an Orgy, they are closer uncomfortable home video, where movement is not as polished, pause more, and the acts themselves are shorter. More realistic and close to life, is more interesting. Because, as you wrote to Alexander: In a strange p*ZDE straw will see, and not see the log». In other is always more interesting. And it is this natural curiosity, Mr. Brass, and plays. Tits, pussy and sex only Arkan, whom he attracts are susceptible to lust, human nature, and then tells their own life story, about betrayal, about men and women, about love and relationships, and about human flaws. Really, it’s not some kind of porn. The difference is big, and the Brass explains it as follows:

Pornography gives an erection erotic — emotions. I aim not to cause an erection their works, and want to evoke some emotion. Unlike erection, pornographic tape — the emotions remain for a long time, and maybe allow people to liberate their inner «I».

Work.com.ua_14.07.2016_SlUQUfYspizHRIn his films many large and beautiful female pop, phallic cigars, bestimmt and the words «pig» (he Tinto from something loves to use it in conversations), there are many carnal pleasures, but they would like, among other things, the film rests not on them, and most of Tinto hurts us «flirting». In childhood, when you subtract the maximum sound on the TV, so no one could hear, watching those movies on the «Ren-TV» after midnight, waiting suitable for Masturbation of time, a large number of flirting and too short snippets of sex annoying. Instead, I had to look at things that seemed shameful, allegedly peeing women. Over the years, sipping icy and salty Gigi real life, these films look just as movies, not as an excuse «to wank». As it is unexpected to see in the movie «All ladies do it» story, and even acting. In the end, convinced of the genius of his paintings, the Director even once said:

Why not? By the way, my films you can show at school ― they have no violence. Students, after viewing you will understand that it is possible to have fun without any aggression and coercion.Well, I am sure people that his paintings are able to change lives for the better. No kidding. Direct speech Maestro in the Studio:

— Well, and his cineerotico you changed the world? — To some extent. I legalize that which was forbidden.It could be otherwise, and the name of the Brass was not associated to the grandmothers with original sin, and the Academy with provocation, fallen in lust. Tinto — a man with a strong by nature curious, and to satisfy him in a movie? Only with the help of a documentary, so he went in this path, but… it did not work.

Love keek. I’m a voyeur by nature. A documentary film… I realized that I can’t change the world, removing political films. All revolutions lead to bloodshed. First we have to change the essence of man, people have to give an account of his own sexuality. I believe that life is repressed sex, and it’s time to release into the wild.

manygoodtips.com_14.07.2016_1YhkzDq0KvBa6But if you dig deeper, in times still more ancient, the collision of the world of cinema and the distinctive worldview of a talented guy named Giovanni did not happen. So, there is no error, at birth Brass was named this simple and common (Starbucks) name. The name was influenced by his grandfather, who worked as an artist in the picturesque and inspires creative exploits of Venice. Little Giovanni loved to spin in the workshop of his grandfather, and help him to mix the paint, disassemble the creative stuff. Grandfather jokingly called the little grandson Tinto, which translates from Italian as «color», «paint». The name of the child so much that replaced this parents at birth.

My grandfather was an artist. In childhood I helped him around the easel, and he jokingly said about me home: «Our little Tintoretto!» or well reduced to «Tinto». If I hadn’t become a Director, it would have been a painter. My film is very visual, don’t you think?After school, the then Giovanni went to law College, then worked in the prestigious archives in Paris, famous worldwide for its rich collections. It was there that the magic of cinema and an innate thirst for art took over. Well, not like him to do the paperwork and execute contracts, frog routine enough by the throat, and then there’s the magic of great movies with which he had to work. Therefore, qualified lawyer Tinto Brass is back in his native Italy. First, he never wanted to be a Director and had no education, no imagination. However, the film world seemed so alluring, successful and clever lawyer, is not devoid of talent and personal vision decided to try yourself in the role of assistant Director. He was able to work with geniuses Rossellini and Cavalcanti, who has taught him, and inspired by shooting their own film. Parents, of course, did not like that their son has swapped a successful career that guarantees a good income on a dubious adventure in the world of art, were enough creative grandfather. But the guy was already 30, and to persuade him was useless. Think about it next time you make excuses, saying you’re too old for this shit.And I must admit that the 30-year-old debutant started very quickly, and especially not with erotica. Phallic cigars and juicy women’s thigh — all then, before that twisted brain of Director has not guessed. Therefore, his first film «who are working, Who lost,» was filmed in the genre of «drama». Painting like the audience and inspired a budding Director to further work. A year later, in 1964, he directed the Comedy «Flying saucer» and intellectual movie «CA Ira, the flow of the rebellion.»

manygoodtips.com_14.07.2016_IR8fx0PvQoZzbHowever, Tinto himself was not fully convinced that shooting a film that requires his soul. He dabbled in different genres of filmed short stories, parodies, political sketches, westerns. But popularity brought him a different genre.

It all started with the painting «the Scream». The film was not erotic, although some explicit scenes it contains. Puritan society of the 60’s was never shown on as many as 6 years, and critics called the film a porn. Offend the artist everyone can, and read another unflattering opinion about the picture of the Brass swore to himself, and apparently the Devil: «You haven’t seen porn.»

So in the brain of an educated and promising Director have matured the idea to film the most epic and controversial erotic epic. Tied up members of a Roman soldier, orgies and the fall in aesthetic surroundings, with the participation of a clockwork orange of all times and peoples Malcolm McDowell and honorable «Lawrence of Arabia» Peter O Tully. The film was subsidized by pornomedia «Penthouse», which was very incorrect. Nothing boded trouble, scripted by Gore Vidal upbeat biopic about the life of the debauched Emperor, but in fact it turned out that, after a chronic drunk that is on the verge of gastric cancer o’toole, and screenwriter Saw regretted his participation in the film. In fairness, it should be said that the most explicit scenes were edited by the publisher «the Penthouse» Bob Guccione, without the knowledge of the Brass. Bob would like to do is log Tinto wanted to break out in the ranks of the acknowledged masters, and Saw… splagiatit Camus, so no one will notice. We all had different goals, and therefore, the film turned the genre is uncertain. But still, it turned out as a challenge too unbridled 70-m, which is firmly wedged in the history of cinema. Forget the movie, where the nominees for the «Oscar» in a naturalistic setting is given to sin is not still published, and on the planet meanwhile, there was another, a very original filmmaker who broke the stereotypes and began to shoot their movies.Suffering the film was shot 4 years, and was eligible to serve only 3 years. According to Brass, Caligula – sexy, sensitive hero, no maniacal cruelty, but it originated the style, which Tinto should be for life: the basis of subjects is inspired by historical facts demonstrating the brutality and immorality of society, it’s like you’re spying on someone else’s life through the keyhole. But in the center of the erotic scenes in Brass – the sensuality, the joy of life, the psychology of the characters, the emotions. It’s not porn on the Segway, it’s much vital. This erotic Brass and different from all other things, he’s just trying to convey to its audience a vision of the world.

I’m just expressing my vision and perception of the world. My eroticism — not that other, as a continuation of the search of freedom. Of course, my concept is in contradiction with the views of other Directors. In my films the main focus is on sensuality, in addition, they are cheerful and active. Many regard sex as something low, and I am a supporter of joy and a happy ending.

manygoodtips.com_14.07.2016_2K6TFlS7LaGs1Some of his movies like «Salon kitty» and «the Key» was filmed in the historic surroundings, and looked too anti-totalitarian, showing the licentiousness of society, even in those early years. The rest — quite a modern setting, and about eternal things — infidelity, passion, deviations, and human nature of lust. Perhaps that is why his paintings are extremely rare, but exhibited at major film festivals. «Vacation», for example, received a prize of the Venice film festival in 1971. And if you cut out the explicit scenes from the film, you get a nice romance. Actually, it did throughout the ‘ 80s, at a time when the influence of the Tinto has reached unprecedented heights.

In the 90s, however, the devil struck gray Brass so much that his films became more of orgies and all the same great female pop than relations. He started to slide, it ceased to be called a connoisseur of the human soul, only a Horny old man. But he could, Yes he could, and, moreover, «can». Rumor has it that all the Actresses he tests for the sensuality in fact… let’s just say, personally, I hope that he used only those parts of the body. People love to dismiss his hands, even now, at the age of 83 years. For example, all the beautiful women who approach him for an autograph, he certainly hurt in the ass. Well crazy people on this part of the body. If you pay attention to the posters and the cover is definitely in the foreground is blatantly, shamelessly protruding ass main character. Indeed, not a sexual same body to exhibit.

As you wish, but I’m partial to the female ass! In my movies it should be seen. I appreciate in a woman a real plastic, no synthetics. In Italy, unfortunately, girls are now doing plastic surgery. And I like beautiful big natural shapes and especially Asses. And unshaven armpits, and everything else – is a prerequisite for Actresses who wish to appear in my paintings. Hair – it’s so natural! When I see overgrown armpits, and I have an erection.In addition, Tinto does not hesitate himself to Shine in his paintings and he like this case a lot more directing. In the film «Breaking the taboos», he came up with the scene in which to your favorite body part of sexy girls, where wearing a skirt with no underwear. Tinto was so pleased to touch the actress that he was repeating a scene 30 times.

And yet, to understand the Tinto, you need to see «All ladies do it», and «Paprika», and the picture of «Peeping Tom». A kind of Manifesto of the Director. In all his films — a woman plays the main role. Men, for the entourage. So, no need to consider him a pig and a woman hater, just excessive looseness prevailed over reason. And it is not how much it hurts — not in career or in personal life. He’s 50 years old and lived with one woman, with whom he has two children, despite the fact that everything — from a little boy from Bergamo, before the summer lady from Catania knew he chudit on the side. Well, what to expect from a man who glorifies adultery and considers it normal, picking your cigars in the female crotch?

manygoodtips.com_14.07.2016_JFaroWrhVKRjzTinto is now a widower and a deep retired, but still continues to twist stories. His films rarely went to the festival, which greatly offends the Director (he believes that making a movie for intellectuals), however, know it all, movies low categories made him a rich man, but for someone teacher. Not sexually, just explained how to behave with women. Anyway, the Brass says that he receives letters of thanks. In his paintings full of things, which he calls «disgusting», but they are all part of the shameful daily life, which everyone has but which is not to say. And he did not hesitate and told and most importantly showed everything as is. And thank God, how else to draw knowledge.

And of course, Tinto a completely happy man. He does what he wants, lives in a permanent carnival of pleasure and gets an explosive arousal and pleasure from everything, even from work.

When I shoot a film, we are in a constant state of erection.

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