Time to forgive yourself and move on

Sometimes we feel terrible and not just because of the fact that the world seems to be crumbling. Life was always difficult, and every generation has its own difficulties and their own testing. But at certain moments we feel terrible, morally in the first place. And this time kills us much faster than all kinds of diseases. And it’s not depression and neurosis, and that we made a mistake, did something stupid, horrible, unforgivable. Even knowing that among the people not supermen, we continue to engage in self-torment for their misdeeds.

But sooner or later you have to realize the futility of their growing up, because they stop you, they take a lot of time. So how to get rid of them? It’s simple: forgive yourself and move on. Time, a friend of ours, to forgive yourself, not to look at the mistakes and move on.

1. Our mistakes are part of our life

The simple truth that is inherent in human nature. It is unlikely that you will find at least one person who is free from this. The error does, except that only a dead man.

To feel sorrow and regret normally. It’s just part of the process of consciousness. We must always understand that some mistakes cannot be undone, they are eternal. For example, you are not able to talk to my father before his death, did not come to his funeral, and now it may not be. This will have to live with.

If you are unable to change something, it does not focus on this. Just go ahead. Most importantly, pull the wind essential lesson that in the future this does not recur.

2. Don’t compare yourself with others

Sometimes this is useful, but not every time. Someone will be really lucky asshole, but someone will always be worse than you. It is foolish to compare their financial position with their peers, which achieved more. He probably got a good card, or it really worked, and maybe that connection helped – it really doesn’t matter. Importantly, in other people’s «success stories» need to look for experience and useful tips, but not a reason for envy. But a lot of people who are dissatisfied with life just because «the neighbor’s car is better». Such episodes, we think, is for everyone.

Besides, your childhood, your education, your experience has made you a unique person. A unique person can’t find a pre-trodden path or is already open somebody the door. Not very difficult to understand, right? So do not blame yourself for what you failed to do what others could. Not so easy, believe me.

3. Don’t be hard on yourself

Yeah, you’re not perfect. Even close to this notion do not stand, but other have their drawbacks. Someone has problems with appearance, someone’s memory, and some small. From this, and happiness will be diminished, and confidence. People losing score on their responsibilities and do not even think to set myself some goals.

Generally, when we are faced with a wall, which from our first impact only grows stronger, then let go. Not everyone, of course, but most simply ceases to try to break it. And it was perseverance made many losers are people we now admire.

It is important to stop being hard on yourself. If failed, then try again. Came across obstacle – oblongus how to overcome it. Other recipes do not exist, only learning from the defeats, we can achieve victory.

4. Be proud of your achievements

If you think that is an empty place at this festival of life, look to yourself carefully. People often forget what he managed to achieve, in every way belittling their achievements. If you had an awful time and you got out of them, always remember that. If you have overcome some life crisis with my head held high, keep a picture of his small victories in memory. In the future, these memories sure will help you, will give you confidence.

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