Time management for freelancers: myths and legends

manygoodtips.com_29.05.2014_XeLs4ioOOy9mLPeople who are far from freelancing imagine such a work as an endless stay in a horizontal position on the couch with a laptop and a bag of chips.

Complete nonsense. From a freelancer, as a mere mortal, has the same 24 hours in a day and the same work that must be completed in full and on time.

In addition, because of the lack of behind your back evil boss with a whip in his hand, as well as around the mass distractions, such as eating or console, the issues of time management for a freelancer is even more acute than for any office employee.

There are several common misconceptions regarding the allocation of working time freelancer.

1. «I can work whenever I want»

Freelancing really gives you relative freedom, but the price of this freedom is risk.

And, no, you can’t work «when you want to.» You can select the most suitable for you hours of operation, for example to work from midnight to 5 am, if you’re a night owl, however, work only when you feel the need is, rather, a trait characteristic of the so-called «professional activities» of the Russian aristocracy of the XIX century (opisywany novels of varying degrees of fiction), not for the work of a freelancer.

2. «I can work during the holidays»

Vacation is vacation, work is work. Do not confuse one with the other, otherwise you’re not going to rest normally, and will not work. Imagine the work of a freelancer as one big vacation with occasional breaks for bickering with the customers is a big mistake, man.

3. «I can rest just as all»

One of the biggest challenges for a person working from home, the problem of the separation of work and leisure. A copywriter can really write sitting down, and lying down with your feet up on the wall, only under this kind of work to relax with their feet up on the wall, it will not succeed. Will have to find other, more different from work, ways to spend free time, as long stay at home is strongly associated with the process.

Besides, if you, in contrast to the previous paragraph, firmly determined not to work during the holidays on weekends and holidays, you will have to sweat to bring this simple idea to its customers who want to get everything as quickly as possible and preferably free.

4. «I can spend more time with family and friends»

Another common myth. Work from home and occasionally to exchange remarks with someone from family members is not equal to spending time with family. In fact, when you work, no matter where you are: in the office, in town for a meeting or at home — you’re still «at work».

Just like any other person, you being a freelancer can allocate a certain time to communicate with loved ones, but don’t think that will be able to communicate with them constantly.

A freelancer is his own boss, who supervises and control, and himself a performer. You must have very high level of self-organization (much higher than that of office plankton, by the way) in order to successfully work and earn a living lying on the couch with a laptop.

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