Time is not on your side

manygoodtips.com_8.04.2014_QhgIE9Z31tMO4We constantly want the time passed at different speeds. In childhood we want to go faster, to soon come in the New year with gifts and salads. Later, in school before the dictation, we want the time stopped and we could enjoy freedom. In anticipation of a pleasant moment, such as salaries or meeting with a girl, we want to run as fast as possible, but with regard to unpleasant moments: the thesis presentation or report at work that dragged on as slowly as possible. We always want to speed up or slow down time, knowing that this is unrealistic.

Often we want the time raced forward. Even the last loser deep down think that someday all will be well. When will this «someday» is unknown to anyone. Parents, grandparents telling us that life flew past them, as if on a jet plane, but we can’t believe the speed of time. We have no idea that sometimes it is better not to push him, just to live, work and do business.

Many of us still have not come to a critical moment, when we look back at my life and realize that we have left behind a path much longer than we can ever pass. We still have to mourn these minutes, sorry that we haven’t talked like Faust: «Stop, moment!». We have yet to learn, let it be too late that time is worth more than money. Time is worth more than anything else, because it’s fucking little more and you have no knock. You can try, of course, but no one is immune from an accident.

The older and more experienced you get, the more I realize that time is not on your side. Someone who just lived a life and has not acquired much experience, this is reflected in the panic and desire to go anywhere to reduce anxiety: a sect, a religion, find a hobby. It seems that time is their enemy. Some people think that it is possible to learn to control. This is partly true. Rather, we must learn not to control time and to dispose of very limited resources. There are those who just decided to succumb and time to let it go. Such most. In fact, time is absolutely not on anyone’s side, it just is. Why? This is for a number of reasons.

1. Time can not slow down for you to catch up

This value, which is relative to the end understood only by Stephen Hawking with his teammates, spit on you. However, like any physical quantity. For this reason, each time you want to spend a week in front of the TV, sticking in a new series «Walking dead», you have to think about that one time you do not return. Therefore, every time should think about whether a long relaxation or you can do one day.

2. Nobody will give you time if you’re in need


And this will have to accept. As a strict Professor, who perfectly sees what you write, and can easily remove you out of an important exam. And you know why? Because how would it sounds, deceive you not the time, and myself.

3. He doesn’t care about repentance


If you realize that spending your life in vain, ruthless time will not return you a single day. He doesn’t care that you’re young, old, understand the essence of life and repented for their sins. It’s your problem, time plays by its own rules and in a completely different game.

4. He doesn’t care how much money you have

Time has no favorites. You are rich or poor, time will be the same for everyone. Of course, with money, we think, rich can extend their lives. But to die of old age not everyone, his Majesty the case can break the lives of everyone at any time.

5. Lack of time sneaks up on you very quietly


You think you still have time, but really at the most inconvenient moment for you you realize that time is not there. Even when you seem to have done a lot. Time constraints may come upon you suddenly in the form of the chief who says report need to not take in the environment, and directly after fifteen minutes. Examples are many, I think, you’re faced with the vagaries of time. This happens even with the most desperate fans to make plans.

6. Time can slow down, time can go fast but that has nothing to do with the situation, when it’s really too late


Such situations are. With them nothing can be done. You can try to start from the beginning, but often even this opportunity you have. You lost, face it, the second attempt will not. Time is merciless.

7. If you’re not stupid, you very quickly realize how little you measured resources


It’s the same thing that playing on the high complexity of the game strategy. At each turn you realize you’ve pissed away your resources instead to build something more necessary than what you put in it now. To start from the beginning you can not, have to work with what we have, and how to rectify the situation.

8. It will not let you recover

You could never understand why 24 hours is not enough to patch up the health, but enough to destroy the lives and fundamentally change something. Furthermore, to think that time will work for you when you are treated, at least naive.

9. Time has a price and always requires sacrifice


You can’t be in two places at the same time. You can’t do two things at once. Sometimes it is necessary to choose, because all the time is not enough. Want to travel, and you have competition and work. I want to love, and you have a hobby. Of course, if you can learn to skillfully manage your resources, all you can manage. Only to have to do everything, something will have to give.

Don’t be silly, boy, the time will not work for you. Time, if not delve into physics, this resource. A trivial resource that you need to spend correctly.

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