Time guard: what the hell is a woman not cooking?

manygoodtips.com_26.12.2013_W1SOEvV8fRHfjA woman to cook. It is not discussed. The man should cook. Yes there are, all need to cook, why is that even still a question, who pays attention?

Slabat ‘ healthy and delicious lunch has never been easy, however nowadays makes it easy. We have cooking magazines, books, websites, and a recipe app for smartphones. We have hypermarkets and markets. We have the ability to count calories. Which we just do not! Each modern man has all the conditions to cook normal human food, except for one thing: desire. In General, to want to do any business above average — normal. Want to prepare delicious food is a normal desire. If it is not the woman, as she explains?

«If something can be bought, why not?»

The wealthy got! She earns a lot of money, and one day it fell off the understanding that you can spend on what you don’t want to do myself. «What you can afford!» Once again why bother when you can go out and buy a ready meal? Why strain yourself when you can strain other? Why to a skill that you can not get? Women are like the Lotus-eaters as we are, men. The difficulties of cooking they are happy to replace satisfaction let’s make it rain.

«I’m lazy»

Why she’s not ashamed to admit it? After all, it is as natural as a walk in shower, or clean, or… have You ever heard that a person publicly stated: «I’m too lazy to wipe your ass»? No, because the need to wipe your ass is not discussed. Even if it was her will, maybe she didn’t. She will treat you like work force, which ensures the normal functioning of her precious life. Doing things for someone other than yourself? What are you talking about? She is used to that the whole world revolves around her. Paradox: this woman will do anything for his boss, but not men, with whom she lives.

«I’m not a cook»

Ugh, how vile these wrestlers stereotypes in skirts who do not really understand what you are fighting! For example, if I peacefully fry his balls and the next will come across a girl who is also hungry, no problem, add to the pan some more. But here quite another matter. This woman decided never, never to take up a frying pan as a sign of mourning in the middle ages, when abortion and divorce did not exist, and the woman was considered to be almost the property of men. I wonder how all this relates to my request for scrambled eggs?

«Let me please»

When you’re Dating a woman, it is logical that she wants to please you with something delicious — at least from time to time, right? It you think so. And it seems that you have to spend a lot of money on entertainment so she could brag about it to their loyal friends. For her wallet, and a Dildo, anything, but not a living person. She needs to have fun at the expense of all others.

«I don’t care about your health»

Difficult to combine in the purchase of food three necessary qualities: health, satiety, and availability. The combination of any two of them automatically exclude the possibility of a third. The only way to get food that would meet three of these criteria, — to prepare her own hands. If the girl lives on some senecah or eating in catering establishments, it neglects any one of three conditions. The main principle of power — balancing between obesity and hunger. However, it is with great pleasure will eat the cookies, drink the same water — all in order not to cook. Difficult it people.

«I don’t have time»

She is always very busy, although the time to watch a couple of episodes of «Game of thrones» she is still there, as if it is the same mandatory, how to clean the house. And yet it is constantly stuck in your phone. If you want to see her more often than once a week, she will be wary: why so often? This woman is always busy with something, but if you ask her why, the answer is likely to be ridiculously stupid.

Now, at the end of the long text, was a place of justice. All of these claims can be addressed not only women but also men. However, to expose men I’m not interested: who cares why they do not want to cook? I can’t live (hope you too).

A little more justice: luckily, in the world there are a lot of women who still cook for us and do not see anything in this. Some even teach specifically for men. Maybe your will too.

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