Time for the offense: why we love to be offended?

For some reason the current generation loves to get offended. I’m not talking about women, women’s resentment is different from the male that ladies are more emotionally offended. The frequency of the image among men and women in recent times it has become almost the same. We become very sensitive to various things, often negative. Whenever someone utters a simple, safe review, we usually close our ears with hands, and return foot back in protest. For anybody not a secret that in modern world there are a number of problems. Racism, sexism, homophobia, intolerance of different cultures, religious and very painful questions, such as traditional values and other «corn». Words not to say to someone not to offend.

I personally never understand all these bad comments on the web, written in a fit of rage when one person hurts another person’s feelings. I always knew that there are different opinions that contradict each other. They exist, because it is impossible to brush all under one comb. Not to offend someone is very difficult, after all, make everybody happy, you just have to understand that person’s opinion is the opinion of the person. They should not poke each other in the face, they should not be abused, it should not be imposed. It just is. When all will understand, it will be much simpler and easier. Well, the other person is thinking otherwise, why take it personally? It is enough to understand that he simply has a different opinion on this. But so few people can discuss without insults and quarrels in the end, it is enough just to discuss the topic, reach a consensus or to wash hands.

The offense is not dependent on age, gender, belonging to a race. Sometimes I think that to be offended less, you need a good quality brains, but apparently I am now someone’s probably going to hurt. People like to pay attention to various trifles, the feeling that they are ready to be offended, no matter what. They are always ready to be offended, at least get the impression. A normal girl will smile when she would say that she looks beautiful in this new dress, but why drunk girl from the LGBT community will boil and you will impose a string of obscenities? She’s ready to be offended! In the first case, the girl is well from shown to her person attention, in the second we have a trivial case of readiness to the image, the girl is easy to distort words to be offended by it and hate the abuser for some kind of nonsense.

In America there was a case when one banal rap song banned because there were words about how the girl is sexy and the hero of the song wants to undress her. It saw the promotion of rape. And nobody cares that these songs thousands of that all of them not just ban because most girls want to be wanted.

The whole world is full of people who passionately want to be offended by something stupid. You just know that it did not want to offend these ladies, dudes, children, elderly women and even a huge number of people, but they are ready to be offended, so there’s nothing, absolutely nothing can be done. The desire to take offense overcomes a sense of humor, sense of proportion, negates any brain activity and blocks if the stream of consciousness. Someone puts paws on his chest and makes a sour face, someone starts to yell at you like crazy and call to of questionable morals. Why they all love to invoke the morality, damn the moralists, to the fictional soulless morality, which are specially selected them to be offended, to remain a victim, to get attention and to denigrate the other. Resentment can be calm and fierce, but in any case anyway.

We can’t accept the fact that someone has an opinion different from ours. We just yelling, «Deny! To stick his dick in the ass for those words!» Practice shows that the most painful fact of a person may be so that, engaging with them in dialogue, you need to be terribly neat. The man did not say that he can be a believer, to be for the Olympics, to love Putin and to enjoy some it is only understandable in the success of Russia. Hell, he may not accept criticism of classical Russian literature, women, too angry trying to get everyone to do a second child and lots of other things.

It is clear that the reasons for resentment can be very different, but why do people get offended? What causes them to do it, after that long and it’s silly to hold a grudge in yourself and be angry? I’ve thought about this topic and I have tried to highlight some main reasons for the emergence of a common image.

1. We get bored

Boredom — the main scourge of our generation. We do everything possible to conveniently remain in the proverbial comfort zone, mourn and are trying to give us something to entertain themselves. Instead try something new, we try to feed substitutes emotion in the form of quarrels, outbursts of resentment and other feelings. Therefore, we are always ready to be offended. It stir in our hearts a little emotion, will you give us a topic to discuss with friends or silently to suffer in silence. A conventional surrogate.

2. We are ordinary faggots

We like to put people in an awkward position. We like to behave like complete morons, to offend and be offended. Sometimes people think that they are just ideological that behave correctly that they are such complex and beautiful, nobody understands. In fact, they are the usual faggots that are trying to whitewash themselves in the eyes of the public in «difficult people».

3. We are fools

So, man, resentment is often a lot of not smart people. If the person is sane and intelligent, it is extremely difficult to offend, because he can’t see in the images of sense. These people do not actually understand what they are offended, they just repeat what they heard from the TV, in the process of life and from other people of his circle. They meet with this situation, react to it negatively, and then absolutely hammer on common sense, pretend that you are offended, and… sincerely offended!

4. We are lazy

Instead of having to understand the intricacies of the human soul, we simply crossed his arms and say that you have offended. And insulted, it seems, is always right!

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