Ti2 Para-Biner is a very strange multitool

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Multitools, as you may have guessed, a good thing. A lot of functions, comfortable case, stylish appearance, it’s a good thing to use. Generally, any multitool looks in such a way that you immediately understand that this is a multitool and making each component part, but this multitool is vital instruction with numbers and precise indication of what part of what is needed. Because personally I almost nifiga not clear.

First, Ti2 Para-Biner can be used as a carbine. Not for climbing trips, but in General it is a nothing. Also, the assurances of developers, can be used as a wrench, skruchivali bolts of different diameters, corkscrew, ledge, opener and many other things.

Multitool made of stainless steel, very high quality. Manufactured in the USA, cost $ 43.

manygoodtips.com, 7.08.2013, Ds33EvvSvWABuYndYxpEb91VTQ4BHNEI

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