Three simple rules how to attract clients already gave you valuable advice on how to organize your small business with minimal funds. Perhaps inspired by these articles you have decided that enough to work on someone else’s uncle and long time all your mind, creativity and dexterity to apply for the benefit and financial well-being only myself.

One of the first reefs that you reach your business vehicle, in addition to the initial investment, will attract new customers. But posted ads on a fence post targeting in social networks, to put a running line on TV — all this is not enough, if attracted clients who decided to «take the test» with your product, will not be getting back with you.

How to find loyal customers? Here’s the Golden trio of knowledge that all the powers already imbibed with mother’s milk.

1.Beat expectations

This, albeit trite slogan, is the lion’s share of the essence of modern marketing. Always do more than expected by your client.

Nobody tells you, for example, to sell in his shop expensive TV, and how loyalty to the buyer, to send in pursuit of free bonus video camera or stereo system. You’re a budding businesswoman, not Leonid Yakubovich.

There are a huge number of different ways to give the customer something more than just the product/service — namely, positive emotions. You have the power to do a nice discount on the purchase of related products. Or you can please people save time when they expect that the transaction or sale will last for the whole day.

Be sure to give the client your business card, brochure, or catalog colorful. Even though it will gather dust in the closet, but how many brilliant solutions and ideas was made there!

2. The mood on the loyalty of its employees. Motivate them


The technical support staff or call-center operators almost always occupy the lowest rung of the corporate ladder. You can make these staff members is indispensable in the eyes of the customer. Try to give them a little more freedom and initiative in solving problems and some issues of the company. Feeling part of a team, feeling trust, they will try to get the client on the other end of the wire was not left disappointed. Organize seminars to improve the skills, try to create a healthy atmosphere of support and mutual respect within their company.

A monetary motivation can triple the zeal of any employee.

3.Never lose your sense of humor

Experts are not ignorant of Apple’s famous in America that have much more knowledge than necessary for quality work. In addition to knowledge about modern gadgets, they will be able to answer when is the Passover of the Jews, who framed Roger rabbit how to get to the library, and even who is to blame and what to do? And let them have a pleasant female voice, but they can find the answer to almost any question.

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