Three simple recipe for Halloween

Friday – the greasy, nutritious food, without which it is impossible to do on the eve of all saints Day. Last week we offered you the option of a Burger for the health, today you will feel all the power of a caloric punch. In addition, three our recipe will perfectly fit into Halloween party. Cooking them is very simple, find products for them even easier. So you’ll be able to handle, even if hands grow not from that place, and there’s no time. The primary around will be the usual sausage.

Worm burgers

Sausages you can buy in any store. And the topic is «worms» and all sorts of creepy-crawlies, probably, love all sorts of horror party. And there is nothing easier than to cook worm-burgers. You can do it in 10 minutes. And here’s the recipe for 8 servings.


– 8 sausages;

– 8 slices of regular cheese (better to take spicy variety);

– 8 rolls for hamburgers;

– half a Cup of sauce, barbecue;

– butter;




1. Cut each sausage in half, do the same with each half, and then again. It turns out 8 thin strips.

2. Take a good pan, heat it, throw it a piece of butter.

3. Start to fry nipples, and sprinkle with salt and pepper them.

4. The strips should start to squirm in the pan. Gently pour the sauce-the barbecue in the pan, stir.

5. Slices of cheese placed on the bun, and the hot mixture from the sauce and sausages put on top.

6. Press the top of the loaf and serve.


If you don’t like fried and want to diversify the menu, it is possible not to buy some other products. Just take a warm dog.


– 8 sausages;

– 8 rolls for hot dogs;

and lots of ketchup.


1. Cut each sausage exactly the way it was written in the first recipe.

2. Cook them, you can salt the water.

3. When they start to bend and deform under the action of boiling water, put them in a bowl and cover with ketchup.

4. Refill the mixture into the bread.

5. Give friends.

Application: instead of ketchup you can use any other sauce or mix several options, such as ketchup and cheese sauce.


If you want to impress your friends, make the «dangerous» dogs.


– 8 sausages;

– dough;

– butter;

– mustard;



1. First make the dough. Really you will cope with it. Usual yeast dough will do. However, you can buy a ready-made, because time waits for no man! Take the pizza dough, for example.

2. Preheat oven to 190 degrees Celsius.

3. Cut the dough into thin strips and wrap each strip of sausage so that she looked like a mummy or Talib. Leave a space for the eyes.

4. Grease the pan with oil and start to bake my sausage martyrs. 15 minutes is enough. If you see a light Golden color, it is done.

5. Mustard put eyes (you’re left for them?), how pupils use a Mac.

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