Three short answers

We got several questions from readers who do not pull on separate article. We combined three questions, giving them brief answers. Rather, put them dudes have already managed to grow old or to become an alcoholic: some issues lying idle in the month. But better late than never.



Guys, how to become a more interesting conversationalist?


It depends on what industry. If we are talking about simple friendly conversation, there are two factors that will help you with this.

1. Life experience.

2. Erudition.

On the second point, it looks like this: more than manners, styles, and forms of verbal information you can absorb in your brain, the more interesting it will become your speech. About the benefits of reading as we wrote in the article One week — one book. Why not?, and talked about what we read in the article Guys read: favorite books

What should be the every day guy?


Outline, please, the approximate plan of the day for the average guy who wants to achieve much in this life, but still pants sit in the «comfort zone».


There are not many people who have become successful without outside help. With the help of, among other things, I understand the tips and division experience. Where to get these tips, if you have no friends, you want to be like?

Add to your daily routine such a thing as TRAINING. Yes, that’s it. For example trainings, choose those that you need. Start with courses (of course, suitable and educational literature, but in this case the practice is more complicated) on how to speak in public, and all kinds of trainings that teach communications. Benefit from them a bit, but it’s better than nothing. Then, start to make friends. The more the better. Meet anywhere and everywhere. On the same trainings, for example. Truly successful people is first and foremost communicators. In General, two points:

1. Learn in any way: books, trainings, audio books, seminars, etc.

2. Creek friends: any new man in your life is a source of ideas, and a potential customer, partner, adviser in your future business.



Hi,! Tell me, how to start your own business from scratch? Where to draw ideas and how to stay in the pipe? And please give a few examples.

Where to draw ideas? I will not answer this question for several reasons. First, there is no source that is relevant to all. Secondly, the idea of which is good for me, it’s gonna sound shit.

And here’s how not to fly into the pipe, I can tell. There are rules that reprint the entire Internet and are always relevant.

1. Don’t take the credit for my first business

2. If you’re not confident in your abilities, try not to approach «innovative goods and products.» For example, the sale of extra-innovative-beaver-pegmatites-Lenasia-eyelash, whatever it was good, it will be heavier (because it is unknown to potential buyers) than selling winter tires for cars in November and December.

3. Start selling or producing what he would have used. Here, as in the previous paragraph, you need not complicate things with new ideas.

4. Do not start a business with friends and acquaintances.

5. At the first stage of work, as Satan — get and with full dedication. And remember that many «businesses» have survived not because of his genius and originality and the labor and perseverance.

And some advice for How to start your business with a minimum of means to help you.

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