Three questions — and there will be nothing extra, we told you about minimalism: what is it good for and why you need it. I was immensely excited about this idea, especially given the fact that I’m not rich and do not have their own housing. These two factor help me to spend less on unnecessary, to have less stuff and focus on what I have and not on what I have. So hard to live, I’ll tell you, though, and interesting, especially when everything around you is buying like crazy and strive to get something better. You know what I recently noticed in connection with all this? I began to more appreciate what I have and not be jealous of someone wanting something super cool.

I guess this rule works not only in life, but in more delicate matters. What we need, or, conversely, what is not need to live in peace? It seems to me that minimalism can be applied not only on things but also on your inner life. You rent the batteries, give unwanted clothes to the homeless, I try to buy less and litter — but is the wrapper and packaging is the only kind of garbage?

What I did was to buy less? I began to ask myself the question if I need that in this. When I gave myself the trouble to think over their spending and acquisitions, it dawned on me that I really need much less than I already have, not to mention something new. The same applied to relations with others and the world in General. There are things you do without thinking, although they should be. Thought — the option not to do, and then to spare. What questions we should ask ourselves several times a day?

1. Have to talk bad about a person/place/thing?

The answer is obvious: of course not. Many, including myself, like to see in others something bad so we look better to ourselves. And did you ever notice how you usually feel after these conversations? Negative conversation about anything or anyone else (including myself) will not improve your mood. Rather, quite the contrary. Grumps, how can a man be so stupid or helpless, or naive, or sloppy, or fat — and anger is always destructive. You will upset that person or did not meet your expectations. Where the pros?

For this reason, it will be much more constructive to get into someone else’s skin and understanding. At least try it. In the life of every random dude’s lies the abyss of stuff, and you don’t know even half of where here to judge? The pity and the condescension will bring you more benefits than barren govenia per person, which of them do not even know.

2. Do I have to post/tweets about it?

Flipping through the Twitter feed, I see before me a long series of complaints. Why do people think social media is an ideal platform for the expression of frustration and trivial whining. Someone can’t find a girlfriend? Happy voting, is it possible to find a friend who will fumble the football and html, read a book Nekrasov and FET, and also not to occur, what type is constantly lost with friends. What I took from this post? Dude’s got very high standards for others. Nothing more.

Well, there is arena allows you to share it with all of your friends, but agree, sometimes the topic is not worth it. In addition, when you spend too much time in front of all of their problems, the longer you think about them and spoil my mood. Can’t say anything useful, nice or funny? Then better hold your horses and let you have one post less. No one will be upset.

3. I have to answer that call/text?

Perhaps to fight this harder. People come and go — you probably already learned from experience. However, the phone’s memory every second is filled with contact times of the Proterozoic era, and these living fossils of our past is regularly in touch with us. It is very important to accept that people grow and sometimes go in different directions. Just because some Vasya asked you to drink beer, you don’t have to agree. Let something been in the past — those days are gone. Respect yourself and surround only those close to whom you pleased to be. Another point: do not be lazy to communicate with those who you truly love and who you don’t want to lose. If we are to communicate, the quality, and not passive-aggressive because «I don’t want to look like a bastard, perhaps, will suffer an hour with him with a clear conscience, I will live another year».

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