Three cocktails for a fun-filled Friday

Well, you almost made it through another work week. What could be better Friday night? For the working man is a welcome oasis in the desert.

And we have something to offer you today a little to brighten up the evening and to relax your shattered nerves. A few simple cocktail recipes, with which you will be able to show off at a house party, to treat their friends and girlfriends, or make a cocktail for yourself and SIP it while sitting in a chair and enjoying the silence and solitude.

1. Rob Roy


Now we will bring you to new York in 1894, into a luxurious hotel «Waldorf», because that is where «born» the recipe for this wonderful drink for tough men. The cocktail was named after a famous character, whose predatory and charitable activities are similar to criminal activity known to the noble Robin hood.

Based on the stories of PoE on Broadway decided to put the operetta, and some Tommy Duhart, a bartender at new York’s Waldorf», which was mentioned above, inspired by this event, decided to pour a Manhattan American rye whiskey instead of Scotch tape.

People quickly tasted a new cocktail, appreciating the aroma, taste and bold the name of the new recipe.

Hearing about the drink quickly shattered. However, the first recipe for «Rob Roy» was published only in 1930, but this did not prevent him to time to become Scotland’s national treasure.

Warning: Editorial not responsible if you end up going to jail, deciding that the time has come to take money from the rich and give to the poor. Control a sudden influx of courage, relax and enjoy.


  • Scotch Whisky 45 ml;
  • Red vermouth 25 ml;
  • Angostura bitters — 2 drops;
  • Ice.


Pour into a chilled shaker of whiskey and vermouth, add ice and bitters. Mix and pass through a strainer. If fucking drunk girlfriend, don’t forget to decorate this thing cocktail cherry.

2. The diplomat


Rich fruity-herbal flavor will delight any fan of vermouth, and the weak percentage of alcohol will allow you to enjoy a drink without the risk of the end of the night, to poison biscuits.


  • Dry vermouth — 50 ml;
  • Red vermouth — 15 ml;
  • «Maraschino» — 1 teaspoon;
  • Angostura bitters — 2 drops;
  • Ice.


Pour all ingredients into a chilled shaker. Add ice and mix. Add the bitters and mix. Strain into a cocktail glass.

3. Journalist



  • Gin — 30 ml;
  • Dry vermouth — 10 ml;
  • Red vermouth — 10 ml;
  • The Curacao Triple sec — 10ml;
  • Lemon juice — 10 ml;
  • Angostura bitters — 2 drops;
  • Ice.


Pour all ingredients into a chilled shaker. Add ice and mix. Add bitters, lemon and mix. Strain into a cocktail glass.

Have a nice evening, dude!

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