Three calls every day

People like to challenge their capabilities. This fact explains the popularity of different challenges: push-UPS, sit-UPS, pull-UPS and the like. Personally, I am in my life participated in several challenges, for example, twice in the challenges for push-UPS (must repeat, I wonder how much more I can). It’s an interesting experience: they have enough motivation, they are interesting, you can do them with friends, and, of course, to be measured by results, as in some World of Tanks. But challenges are dangerous because they easily get bored, lost motivation and somewhere to go. The best way to maintain a competitive spirit and a belief that this challenge of his own body definitely will help you.

Call 1

Zones: arms, legs, chest and torso.

Approximate duration time: 8-10 minutes.

Number of days: 20.

This challenge comprehensively is pumping all over the body and is a good cardio, as well as a circular exercise. It should be done every day at any convenient time for you. Once a day.

  • 20 squats;
  • 10 squats on one leg (if hard, take resistance), repeat on each leg;
  • 20 pushups;
  • 10 some burpees.

A number of approaches to three times. Break between sets about a minute.

Challenge 2

Zone: entire body.

The approximate duration of one time: 7-10 minutes.

Number of days: doesn’t matter, the goal is to make each exercise 50 times.

  • Prisoner squats (hands behind head)
  • Jack Jumps


  • «Cliffhanger» (quick change of feet from the lower position).


  • Push-UPS.
  • Twisting on a press.

Challenge 3

Areas: torso and legs.

The approximate duration of one time: 10-15 minutes.

Number of days: 20.

  • 25 sit-UPS on a press.
  • 25 exercise «cliffhanger».
  • 25 side leg lifts (on each leg).
  • 1 minute plank in place.
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