Those who are tired of the standard beer glasses


I’m always a little surprised that cool beer glasses so little. Most of these glasses could not boast of anything more original than a naked woman who strips when in a glass pour a beer. Sadly, in short. There is still beer kruzic different sizes and weight. But if you, as I am genuinely tired of the standard container for beer-bellied type of glasses and mugs we found for you adequate and fun replacement.

The shelves in your kitchen can decorate pretentious beer glasses from The Pretentious Beer Glass Company. The guys from this company are engaged in various handmade and manually blow out the liquid glass of cool things, most of which can be used with benefit for themselves. The guys have done a lot of crazy glasses, most of which still look as though someone ruined one of the stages of the process. But they are still pretty funny. If you really want to buy, suggest desperately Google. Price of set of glasses $ 35.

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