Those crazy Japanese shows

The Japanese, of course, utterly crazy people. All know that they have crazy is and crazy pornography. It would seem than can surprise people, shoves octopi in vaginas young virgins? It has appeared, can. Show band. Everyone remembers crazy show where young people had to blindly fuck stick lady’s charms and guess where their mother is, and then doing the same parents with their daughters. Of course, this is not shown on the blue screen in Prime time. It’s just a form of pornographic art. Some of the show just like that. But others who are inferior in pornographic, can be found. As if that was not, and all these show complete idiocy. But once the Japanese are terrorizing China and spanked the Americans in pearl Harbor.

Japanese Split Racing World Record

Everything from Reykjavik to the Republic of Tonga, I saw two elegant women who competed in the race. All anything, but they did it in a very peculiar position, as if to say… twine, straining the muscles mizunoya.

I don’t speak Japanese, moreover, in our version, no one speaks. But thanks to the innate consciousness we guessed that, in fact, happened. If someone will give us a detailed, shallow transfer all the nuances of this show will be very grateful. Using fragmentary information, it became clear that these desperate women tried to put a «world record». For whom? For what? However, it’s Japanese. Maybe they are athletes-Paralympic? Or these ladies are the embodiment of a bad dream, an ordinary Japanese Director, the illegitimate daughter of a human and tentacles?

But after «check-in» women rose to his feet and gave an interview, then they are not disabled. Apparently, they just imitate running two frigid paralysis of Morich. Well, God with them, with reasons, there is clearly need to dig deeper to know the mysterious samurai soul. And without a liter-other sake is not enough. At least the winner got a place in the Guinness Book of records and will star in another eerie, like a smiling 70-year-old Bucharest prostitutes, advertising. And everyone is happy. Proud and reserved champion parents crying of happiness, and the snotty Japanese students think about how pumped muscles… their sweet spot.

Boobs shocker


Japan is famous for its game show. But actually it is a disguised torture and abuse people in order not to violate the Geneva Convention and human rights. It is hoped that victims of such shows get a decent reward, or their relatives released from captivity, because the other reason to do this that I can see. Maybe it’s a cunning Japanese test? After all, the Japanese people are curious – look at how many Japanese tourists in Europe. Here they want the hard to learn and to feel what the prisoners of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. Or is it a simple animal desire to see Boobs.

Let’s start with the sentimental moment when the guys with the nose clips, nipples and eyelids are trying to steal women’s underwear. I remember in a Japanese mental hospital hawk’s:

Under the clip

Bleeding lip

The samurai in confusion.And here’s something from the category of «I’ve seen some shit.»

Although everything is godly. The player tries to slide so as to drive up as close as possible to the female breast. As you can see, the contact is closer to the notion of «closeness». And it would seem, all very nice. The girl laughs leaping, man, for perhaps the first time in life touched his chest. But those are Japanese! Guy gets shocked. Why? Apparently, to rejoice greatly. Or they just had seen «a Clockwork Orange» and thus weaned from the female.

How many coins can your clevage hold?

Imagine you came to play slot machines with his girlfriend. Fortune turned for you a decent place, and you won’t get many coins. But you cannot take them by the hand, fill a handful of palms, and bags. No, it’s not magic, these are the rules. Your girl has Breasts? No? No matter the fact that she must collect the coins to his chest. How many instead of much of your winnings. No, it’s not the delusions of a mentally ill person, is the essence of a regular Japanese game show. Although I doubt these show up with normal people.

All those who are outraged by the large amount of sexism on national television, urgently should watch this performance. I must say that some may even break the perspective, with which removed Japanese Tits, which bounce fun shot Nickel coins. And namugenyi the smiles of the girls remind the emotions of the partners of Ron Jeremy in his films.

If you pay attention, even the background music (Japanese version of «Every Breath You Take» old gang sting The Police) suppresses the already dark and miserable atmosphere, like in a cheap bar on the outskirts of Vorkuta on Wednesday morning.


The only show in which skills can be useful for Blowjob. Although there is not only the most «delicious» in front, man. However, looking at all this «oral obscurantism», not to recall the words uttered by the legendary Georgian wit Otar Kushanashvili: «If you made a blowjob one time – suck all his life, until the end of his days fucking!» Although in the show the diva with the poor oral exhaust has a chance to get a reward of a cockroach. And the essence of the show is to suck a cockroach, and to blow (in the best sense of the word) it into the mouth of her rival. Cockroach, by the way, dead. So lost to the party have not only managed not to choke on a cockroach, but try not to spill the contents of his stomach to the public.

By the way, in the show all grown-up, even the judge is. Look at his eyes, he clearly thought about more. He probably even hates his life.

By the way, judging by the faces of the girls, they had to regret his consent. It seems that they are scared. Right, stupid Japanese, the head had to think before agreeing! What parents say? Homeland gave you perspective, primary education. Learn – do not want to want to eat roaches. And it’s Japanese?

Sing What Happens on Yoshimi Tokui»s Unzipped

In Japan, a cult karaoke. It’s not just entertainment, it has its own culture of singing at zakruchivaetsya lettering. But even stubborn conservatives from the country of the Rising Sun» is tired. Or maybe just the TV companies suffered another crisis of ideas.

How else to explain the presence on television of such charms? Graceful a quiz show. Opponents of a male needs to sing karaoke, while acting as hand of blessed beautiful model. The participant must finish the song without losing his temper, with more or less adequate to a person giving a «roosters», and in order to win 1 million yen.

But like all cynical on the background of happy children’s faces. Apparently, in the song about dad-idiot.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), the red curtain hides all violent manipulations by hand. What if they don’t do anything? Suddenly everything is a lie and acting?

The Human Slip’N Slide

You excite naked seniors who ride the wet ladies? No? And the Japanese are not exciting, they just like to look at it.

The hero of the video takes several attempts before it can pass through dense, wet, meaty minefield, consisting of peers of his granddaughter. What is most interesting, it seems that the get pleasure ladies, not old cavalier. He retired, apparently, feels something like a public humiliation and repeated impotence. But kept all his might. Code of Bushido does not tolerate weakness of spirit and hardness of the penis on men.

But the suffering men do not come to an end. Then there is the competition in agility and skill with the youngest competitor, and slippery ladies start to put rubber bullets in their shorts. If this symbolic demonstration of the shameful inadequacy wasn’t enough, among the pile of rubber bullets stubbornly goes back to the sun veiled TV Japanese process. Ladies have fun laughing, and the man only weakly fending off their attacks.

Finally, the trial comes to an end, and the young women decide to knock down the old man to the ground to tickle him to bloody diarrhea, while master and the young man poured a bucket full of an unknown liquid in a moving mass of skin and sorrow. At some point with a young man rip off his pants, and he will be rewarded.

Orgasm wars

So, back to the topic of blowjoba. Remember the quote by Otar Kushanashvili. Remember tolerance abroad. Look at what we offer Japanese shoemaker. A TV show called «orgasm Wars» caused a lot of controversy on the Internet. For example, the homosexual had to do a second Blowjob, and the two end up in a certain period of time, he lost. And with what facial expression they do! Right, there is nothing better than Japanese expressions.

This is definitely the weirdest TV show ever appeared on Japanese television. It is a form of pornographic art, you will not find it by flicking channels.

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