Thor’s Hammer

What to be for Halloween? A superhero, of course. You’re probably already reviewed a bunch of photos from Comic-con and dream about the cool costume. Well, nothing, we will help you to cope with the lack of suitable equipment.

1. What you need

  • A large Mat of foam, which can be bought in children’s shop toys;
  • 4 black sheet of heavy paper;
  • 50-centimeter PVC pipe;
  • Lot of nozzles for glue gun;
  • Paint black and silver colors;
  • Varnish;
  • Duct tape;
  • What;
  • The glue gun.

2. Let’s start

Enough to prepare, it’s time to get down to business. You will need sheets of paper with the parameters 21h13 see All these leaves need 4 pieces. This templates that you cut the blocks from the Mat.

Turn on the gun, let it heat up. Meanwhile, make a cross mark on the foam blocks to highlight the center. Through the center of one of the blocks reach the pipe and collect the hammer, gluing the blocks with hot glue.

3. Podkla

Now that you have made the core of the hammer attacks to cut the side parts. Cut squares from the same foam Mat and stick them in place with a pistol.

4. Finish main

Make two square rug in three sizes. It will be the side of the hammer. Pick the size based on your taste and the amount of the hammer. Now you need to cut out the decorative part of heavy paper. The entire hammer needs to be a uniform black color.

5. Some more

Now cut a circle of foam, the approximate diameter of 7 centimeters. You will attach the top of the hammer. The handle must be fully wrapped with tape.

6. Left detail

Can get the paint and create. Instead of a brush you can use a piece of sponge. Left to varnish.

7. Ready

Even if you don’t have a Thor costume, enough of the red capes and the harsh hammer that you found out the son of Odin. You always wanted to become one of the super-heroes? Now you have all the chances. Forward to a Halloween party!

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