Thomas Edison — Creator of the modern world

manygoodtips.com_23.10.2014_8lb2MLKblcnH8You have probably forgotten, when we last talked about cool inventors. Well, nothing, we now fill this gap. That is why today you will know a little more about famous inventor Thomas Edison.

Without exaggeration, the old Thomas can be called one of the most prolific inventors in world history. Thanks to his writings we see the world the way it is. If not for Edison, it is unlikely we would have all these good things that we use every day.

Thomas was born in Michigan, and, as usual, in school, he studied not only on the 4th and 5th. It was one of the most scattered students in the class, besides, Edison in the early age had serious hearing problems played a significant role in its success. But the school after all the years ended fortunately this inconsiderate guy, and it was time to go into adulthood.

Strangely enough, his first work He received not because of their knowledge or special effort. Helped launch the career of his companion the case. The fact that by happy coincidence, the future inventor was able to rescue from under the wheels of a train a little boy. And in gratitude for this feat, the child’s father helped Edison to take up the post of Telegraph operator.

manygoodtips.com_23.10.2014_JZpYZjUMZWfTsThomas has ensured that it identified a night shift as the day he was busy reading and had tried to do the first experiments. It is because these works no later Edison was fired from his job, as he managed to spill sulphuric acid which burnt the Desk of his boss.

Some time passed after this unpleasant incident, as Thomas has already managed to move to new Jersey, where he was waiting for the first rain of glory. It was here that he presented the astonished audience his first invention — the phonograph. This work glorified Edison all over the world, then it was thought to be the best inventor of the era.

Our biggest drawback is that we are too quick to give up. The surest way to success is always try one more time.But, as it turned out, this was only the beginning of his ascent to the podium. Shortly after the release of the phonograph by Thomas creates a QUADRUPLEX Telegraph, which is estimated to raise about $ 5,000. When Edison offers the buyer this invention, then, without hesitation, puts as much as $ 10,000 that Thomas is willing to accept.

Of course, the money he didn’t walk, and put in the right and necessary thing to do. Edison built an industrial research laboratory. Here at Thomas have a whole staff of talented and irreplaceable people. But Edison is somehow linked with most developments of the center, although many of his players worked on their own.

By.kom.ua_23.10.2014_m1WJJQuZAyFD4One of the most well-known inventions, traditionally attributed to Edison was an ordinary light bulb. Actually the light bulb Thomas did not invent the idea had been proposed long before he did. Edison had successfully developed the first incandescent lamp, is beneficial from the point of view of production and sales.

In 1880 Thomas was able to establish his company, called the Edison Illuminating Company. After two years of existence the company built the world’s first power station. Edison is actively engaged in business all his life, and he is very good at it.

He died a great inventor and businessman from complications of diabetes on October 18 1931 at the age of 84 years.

During his long life he managed to do a lot, including for you. It is with such men should take an example. If you think that your life is worthless, and want to be famous for centuries, you will not help blogs on the Internet. Remember creators, people who changed the life of mankind, which could bring something new. It was the Creator himself, Thomas Edison.


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