This teacher was fired because she too hot


So, man, usually the male fired for sexual harassment and similar things, but girls for sexual harassment not fired. In cases of dismissal for beauty, too, was a bit, but this case is extraordinary.

This hot name is Olivia Sprauer, she’s 26 years old and until recently she taught English in a typical American school. But in the administration of the school the girl began to receive numerous anonymous complaints from students and their parents, they say, a good girl interfere with the educational process, distracts, and then it is somehow not up to English: male students are constantly asking to go out. Most likely, we believe, the beautiful Olivia, complained about not just the parents. I think that 90 percent of complaints from angry girls whom nature has not endowed, and no less evil guys, which Olivia was not paying attention.

Olivia fired, but after two weeks reputable publications such as Hustler asked Belle to look to him for tea. Also the girl drew the attention of the manufacturers of underwear. And all because he snitched on the teacher not only school, but also in the local media. Now she is a star. Here’s a cautionary tale.


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