This Serbian dude shouldn’t drink

bridge1781699719 Sava

Usually any more or less sensible man, who was drunk drunk-ass drunk, there is a reasonable desire to lie down in a warm bed and get some sleep, so relatively calm in the morning to go to work. But not this Serb.

28-year-old man named Ivan Dolvich not looking for easy ways. Instead of having to go to bed, this guy for some extra decided to climb on the beams of the bridge over the river Sava (height 21 meters) in Belgrade. Ivan climbed to a decent altitude, but realized that he was tired. He closed his eyes and fell asleep, being in the moment on a small ledge with a width of 120 centimeters. The good guy noticed passers-by who immediately called the emergency services.

The operation to rescue Ivan was really difficult, because we had to make the Serb was not awake when this was not required: the frightened boy could simply lose control and fall, avoiding the strong hands of rescuers.

A few guys took Ivan with the help of ropes. Why our hero climbed up there remained a mystery.

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