This really helps the charity

This really helps the charity

manygoodtips.com_20.10.2016_Z3EnAnoGWuQFHFrom severe diseases no one is immune, neither the sage nor an athlete. No matter how much exercise or lead a healthy lifestyle, and guarantee that you will not find a rare disease, or your children are not born with congenital disorders, no one can give. HLS can only improve the situation and in time to insure, but against the environment and genes it is powerless.

Unfortunately, the Pantheon of terrible diseases is growing every day, and their descriptions are more like excerpts from the pages of the bestiary. What is especially bad in this world on the treatment of children, mothers and good people need to raise money. Well can not ensure the state does not have enough politicians in the kindness of his heart, seems to put at least a billion of laundered money on health care. And to spit that the lion’s share of most of these patients — children, like our future. But ill the future does not care about anyone: women still give birth, and among them will be healthy. Patients is easier to determine the destiny: gather up the money for the treatment — well, no— sorry. Let the citizens show humanity, save each other, collecting the miserable millions.

Unfortunately, the way things are in most parts of the world, and even in developed countries, residents sometimes have to raise funds for the surgery because insurance does not cover, and the healing medicine not available to all, only to the chosen. To make medicine more accessible is to lose a lot of money, so you must pay for all services that your insurance cover not.

The idea of charity itself is beautiful and able to bear even the most inveterate skeptic faith in man. A small correction — could give birth. There is absolutely no question to those who sacrifice — well done, good deeds are rewarded, even if this is done in order to ease the soul. More confuse those who organize the fundraiser.

The animal world is fucking. World animal.

– Dmitry Golovashkin –

Human Nature

It just so happened that the person sooner or later there comes catharsis. He begins to think about the meaning of your life, and find it can not. Filling out the boring papers, tyrannical bosses, having children is how all of life, inglorious and joyless. From the awareness that after death, nobody will remember, is not myself, and besides buried everyday humanism gradually makes itself felt. After recovering a little from an identity crisis and after sipping some water, he begins to look for ways-ways in which it would be possible to prove its importance and significance. are two ways: the first is to radically change your life, doing more or less what you love to and benefiting mankind. Alas, he arranges the few, as too much is at stake, and upon closer examination it appears that to leave the comfort zone even worse.

Another way is just to pay off the companies. Simply put, to give money for the restoration of health or treatment of another temple, to convince yourself that you did good work, and continue his miserable existence. Those who are richer, people build entire churches and schools that do not forget to hang a plaque: «the Building was built with the financial support of the Chairman of Board «In the 90s we were OPG, and now the business» Bad. Th.», to remember, bitch, who’s your daddy.

This is the secret of popularity of this attraction the corrupt generosity as charity. After all, giving money to beggars is not prestigious, but for the wealthy and even meaningless — no PR will not. It is therefore not surprising that such a rich field in the shortest possible time bred societies, foundations, charitable organizations and other charlatans of all stripes for a modest fee provide the afflicted with the title of honorary sponsors, and other trinkets. According to statistics, philanthropy in Russia spent 16 billion rubles a year, and almost half of this money goes for other purposes.

The details are not there

And all anything, durite, but their methods are abhorrent and some resentment for humanity. Often use the images of gray, the poor and the defenseless — those who for themselves can not. Often come across ads about the rescue of a young girl, a child, not a veteran of the battle of Kulikovo or animals than healthy strong man, dying from cancer in their 30’s.

Take the usual cries for help from social networks. Fraudsters often copy real ads texts with pictures, as expected, but instead of the original details kindly substitute your. Basically, if you copy these details and paste in «search» with a probability of up to 70% there are still a couple of ads with the same account QIWI or Yandex purse.

Revealing rustling some time ago, the story of the daughter of the financier Andrei Shcherbakov. Year-old girl was fading, and Moscow even the doctors could not really diagnose. Shcherbakov appealed to the German doctors, who warned: we treat, but in case of complications, the cost of treatment will rise twice. Three weeks later the girl was set on foot, and she returned home. And three months later her father received a spam message. «Save Sasha! You need to collect 100 000 euros». Attached to the letter was a photograph and history of the daughter of ul. This is despite the fact that the girl has been healthy and a full course of treatment cost 8000.There is nothing difficult to create your unique ad. Especially with Pets and children, because with 5 identically dressed babies of the same nationality you won’t remember any adult think that children have no striking features. To be more convincing, take a photo of a gaunt, bald baby to be no doubt, though the many touching photos with more healthy life.

The most important thing: to write that without money the patient will die. The patient come up with an amazing diagnosis that, understandably, are not treated even in nearby countries, and we need to get the patient to Switzerland, Germany, Israel, greatly increasing the price.

In recent times it has spread to another interesting method of mastering other people’s money. Comes you a message, maybe even from their own friends, which tells another Thriller about the disease. If friends can not refuse, but do not rush to exercise altruism is a high probability that they simply broke. So don’t be lazy to call and find out what it is.

Funds muddy the waters

People tend to remember a lot of things by Association, and this is often used by scammers in charity. One way is to create a site that copies already operates a charitable Foundation. For example, with the charity Fund «the Legend».

manygoodtips.com_20.10.2016_xmC4xP0Mbr9hqThe sites copying the content of various charities, even copied the names and photos of employees from other funds, everything is so absurd. Well, in the details, of course, was provided personal accounts. But it is much worse when the funds themselves are engaged in this, literally murderous activities.

Remember the story of 6-year-old girl who found a tumor in the brain stem. The doctors said that operation is not possible, but the parents hoped to the last for the treatment. One of the doctors gave a card with the focal points of the Ekaterinburg charitable Foundation «Good heart». The Fund offered the girl treatment in Italy, where it has its own specialist, the mediator, «health service Assimed Group», which allegedly helped in the organization of treatment of patients and the elimination of the language barrier. To Fund the girl’s mother said that the child will recover with 50% probability.

Began collecting money. The story of the sick girl immediately spread by the media, the money was collected for the month and transferred to the account Assimed Group. Meanwhile, Nastia was getting worse, she had the dropsy of the brain, and the treatment did not help, the girl died. Doctors Svetlana accuses — they did everything they could, but believes that these same mediators were pulling precious time until you receive payment.

The Fund was raised by a tumor in the girl’s head until until it was collected the amount required in order to take her as payment.

The money went to the account of the founder of the Foundation, and the clinic did not know. As it turned out, they could take before and without money.

There were collected more than 180 thousand Euro, all invoices went through this intermediary, while the clinic billed only 92 thousand euros. The rest is left in the hands of the bastard mediator, who earned 100 thousand. But with the clinic, he «forgot» to pay, and as a result a woman with the body of a child is simply not allowed to leave Italy because of the debts.

Street evil

Against this background, much less evil seem to be street peddlers volunteers who walk the streets with boxes and offer to help the orphanage. With trepidation and joy they take in their minors, because children can’t lie. In one such charitable organization of our County-level city employs a guy with cerebral palsy. It is clear that he, like the students, it is difficult to find work here and have to engage in such black deeds. And arrogant boss understands that people are more likely to give money to him than athlete-athlete.

Real charities do not collect money in this way on the street — if they organized a fundraiser with the help of volunteers, it is done on some festivals, officially, after the contract with the organizers. So avoid them like the plague.

However, not every organized philanthropy: sometimes there are «altruists», which only confirm the title of «animal world». In order to visualize and to present this history in the most vile colours need nothing but a healthy imagination and care.

Imagine a regular guy with a simple name, a strange name and repulsive unnaturally stretched smile on every photo. He claims to know a lot about photography, calls himself a professional photographer, and even has some workshops, where something teaches beginners the knights of the camera and retouching.

Have a photographer friend who one day called him and said that her friend needs help urgently. According to rumors, a good woman, a loving mother and wife, but family and life idyll was broken by the damned cancer, and of course, need money for treatment. As often happens, was organized to raise funds, created social media groups, scattered over a variety of purses, and it remained only to wait until the amount of treatment. Usually in such cases, unfamiliar people do repost and people who are close to or openly sympathetic to ascribe to him a great, sentimental message describing the positive qualities of the patient, but our hero went much further.

He also spoke about this issue in all social networks, dashed off an entire sheet of fine text and choosing such a heartfelt speech, which the writer Bunin from birth to death did not know. But our photographer — the person arecreational and progressive, and he’s not just calling people to compassion, he even gave detailed instructions on how to show compassion. In short, the guy offered everyone to spend their money, dropping them on treatment not directly, but through a very peculiar broker. The facilitator was our hero, that is, he offered to give money directly for treatment, and give them to him.


No, not just because he took your picture. Just in the chart sverhzaryadnogo photographer, who also teaches beginners followers camera and retouching (although from his writings it is unclear what he can teach), there were 11 days that he can spend for such a noble undertaking. The height of chivalry was the discount for services (it’s for charity). Indeed, it is better to spend the money on a photo and give yourself and your photographer pleasant than to give them treatment. Moreover, it is likely that he had them even listed.

«If you’ve been wanting or would I have to take pictures, then now is the time, as your money can save a man» — literally screaming post. And build all reverently sighed, saying, no wonder we are torn, moreover, the talent, and noble man. So the guy famously eliminated competitors as if to say, «I Have you not only take a picture, but will help another.» «Do not postpone on then, hurry up with the money to me, while I have discounts,» the guy acted as arrogantly as the Church.

Here is an example of brilliant and competent PR, and don’t need to see a specialist. Enough to advertise their services on the bones of you unfamiliar person, and at the same time put himself in such a noble don, saying that all people, sacrificing downtime… that is output for the other person, ready to plow for 11 days to help. I, unlike you, noble. After all, you are able to take and give the person money, but I can, and to somehow save your soul I fotomaster and give you a chance to have fun and save the lives of others. And the people he admires the nobility, actively making reposts and touched by the kindness of man.

Unfortunately, it’s not a beautiful story about human generosity, and fear its monstrous cynicism of the PR, supported by unflattering reviews about the human qualities of a friend. Maybe human meanness and fraud in the charity sector killed us all faith in human generosity? But in this case it would be nice to see a receipt for the transfer of all funds and a detailed report on «charity photo», which is why the result was not.

Business on a global scale

Of course, there are philanthropists and benefactors, who by their good works want to stay in history, but for the most part, this generosity has a commercial value. This mess is not only in health care and the so-called robotnikinin, when the content of cute dog from a shelter in urgent need of money.

Love under the charity to issue expenses, all sorts of large organizations. Let’s say you want the head of a large and respectable companies urgently what to do with extra twelve trucks of money to them, not selected state. This takes the average of the orphanage, which by the grace of lordly complain all that money. As a result, the orphanage 4 cheap TVs and one computer, the Director of the orphanage a gold ring and a pack of dollars in the drawer, and you have an apartment in Miami next to the mother Natasha Koroleva and story in the local news where you’re grinning to show the world your generosity. Here’s a charity.

manygoodtips.com_20.10.2016_ZhbzDK7suk29RLarge corporations, major donors in Russia, even in the most powerful, there are always some Mutko with finances. Now, when the crisis worsened, these mutki become even bigger. But thanks to charity can be very easy to solve them, because charity is the passport to a world of opportunities. For example, individual donors may receive a tax deduction. Soon they will not have to pay tax on income donated to charity.

In addition, in the future the company will be exempt from income tax from income of legal entities, are transferred to the charity. Such was the case 20 years ago, and at that time when many large firms was the charities, the only function of which was to help owners to reduce their tax expenses.

Charity allowed, allows and will allow it to evade taxes.

It’s simple: the representative came in one big Fund gives 100 thousand, receives a 50 retracement level and a tax payment from the state on top. That is what earned him a good name, and at the same time and deal with financial Affairs.

And remember one more thing. Next time, coming to the next charity concert or any other event, remember that in many (not all) cases, the charity will be deducted one to three percent of the money raised, which, of course, greatly helped the sick and starving people.

And you probably want to see something about the Church’s charity, but what’s the point to talk about it. Not all donations go to the restoration of the temple, as eloquent priest’s «Mercedes».


For charity is a whole industry that actively feeds a whole pack of politicians, publicists, journalists and other members of the population. But this does not mean that absolutely all is bad, there are foundations that really help.

But before you send an SMS with the code word to number four, do not be lazy to check where the money can come. And in any case don’t let your hard earned miscellaneous idiots who think they are smarter than all. After all, you need to do good in a world where the health and the roof need to pay, even paid taxes. It works according to the precepts of Shura, he’s not bad advice.

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