This planet hates us for sure

manygoodtips.com_7.07.2015_EhuK7N5W170O0When they say that it is necessary to increase the demographics that need to have a bunch of families and children, because some of us in this all-time ahead of, and workers less and less, we want to say: «Enough, dammit! On this planet and in this country, and so full of people!» In the first century of our era, all the celestial body, which was called «Earth», lived about 300 million people. On the planet! Now we are slowly and surely moving to around 8 billion people. It’s such a big number that it is impossible to imagine. What are you, little traffic jams, queues and crowds in public transport? Do you like it when you say «no seats»? What kind of sado-masochism and a love of crowds?

Okay, many people do not like have thought «enough to whittle children.» We all love to start a family in 25 years when the lack of housing and decent salaries. Well, okay, it’s not about that now. Now we’ll talk about how nature copes with a large number of human organisms per square kilometer.

And of course, we’ll start with the most simple, but the colorful action.

1. Natural disasters seemed to scale all these catastrophes, particularly weather they do not. So, this year, earthquake in Nepal claimed the lives of 8.5 thousand people, destroyed a large number of religious buildings, notably ruined the infrastructure of Nepal. The earthquake in Japan, tornadoes in USA and fires in Russia recently painting all the more commonplace and frequent. If earlier natural disasters could significantly affect the result of the development of a state in ancient times, now it is simply an event from the television, which is designed to score the tape information. They happen, sometimes they happen to you, unless you fall into the tiny percentage of deaths from them – well, get – well, shit happens.

2. Disease

manygoodtips.com_7.07.2015_maGDULJ2TUvPWDisease always go hand in hand with the man to the moment, yet people are not smarter and did not use vaccines and research and development, to protect yourself from the many viruses. Just imagine that in XIV–XV centuries the population of Europe declined by a third because of the epidemic of bubonic plague, the people just called Black Death. Then neither rich nor poor could not withstand the terrible disease. Died everyone, especially those who lived in towns and monasteries. It is difficult to imagine a virus that could hit a similar number of people. All these new strains of the flu – just sophomoric in comparison with what was gifted to us by nature in the past. In General, the planet took this dangerous toy called «disease». Although who knows what she comes up with in this field further?

3. War

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2015_lDNreozPdg1SuAt one time mankind I’m so decimated during the military conflict, now the war has become more focused and aimed at a certain result. But in the past the state was fighting against each other, we can say, wall to wall. In some wars, Rome was losing up to a fifth of the population, capable of bearing arms. To imagine such it is now difficult thanks to modern technology, as well as the system of military balances. The giants of the world are unlikely to ever go to war against each other, because then all will be lost. On the other hand, we have been unable to imagine a picture of the Apocalypse: images of the end of the world due to nuclear weapons and war has long been ingrained in our skull. Maybe we are close to it?

4. Homosexuality

manygoodtips.com_7.07.2015_QLL0JupgAFw9TTalk about the favorite subject of any Russian feast – gays. I never thought that the number of the population can be reduced not only mortality but also a decrease in the birth rate? If our own nature would say to us: «Enough children!» – wouldn’t it be better for her to make part of the population sank into your floor and, consequently, do not produce offspring? In our opinion a realistic plan cunning of mother nature. Maybe the number of same-sex relationships is growing not because of the lack of spirituality of some and the spirituality of others, but simply because the meaning of the offspring are almost lost? In addition, we often observe deviations of this nature in the wild, when it is necessary to control the population size of the species. Actually, an interesting thing: to perpetuate the species, we certainly need to reduce the reproduction of this species or to go more extreme ways, such as mass destruction.

5. Emancipation and hedonism reluctance to have children, dislike these dudes are not generated, and shifting the emphasis from creating a family to work, scientific work, career, pleasure without commitment – all this makes you cooler, but also takes time to raise children. Of course, many combine, but I agree, sooner more often had a child in 16-17 years and don’t bother what will happen next with life. Of course, now we see the result of all this: a flurry of divorces, but still people loved to have a family. Nowadays it is difficult to find a guy who won’t think about yourself and your future before starting of mouths to feed. We have now it seems that two children is quite a lot, but what was done in those days, when every family had 5 kids?

Well, there were so-called independent women who are unlikely to prefer all day to change diapers, to the detriment of his career. Soon will the time when the older generation were surprised that the couple didn’t want kids, and some girls do not want to get married. And let there be a better way, especially in a time when no guarantee of well-being no one. And again, although it is difficult to take it beyond the social and cultural processes, but suddenly everything has exactly what evolutionary basis? Perhaps hedonism is the tool of evolution, which saves us from creating a family?

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