This is a man’s world… from a scientific point of view

As he sang gutalinovoy funk forefather James brown: «it’s a man’s man’s man’s World», that our language sounds like «this is a man’s world». Whatever we are not frightened by feminists: the courts of Lynch or unshaven legs, the fact remains — men, occupies the leading position in this strange life, as before, more than women.

But this is a completely adequate scientific and, I may say, a philosophical explanation.

Boys rich, girls poor

The most that neither is a genetic cause. Poverty breeds poverty, losers — losers. This is not a pattern, but a fairly common fact. What can I say, women are always attracted and will attract strong men with a big wallet, willpower, and with whom they can feel safe.» As a person who will do everything for you, much more comfortable.

Won’t stray too far, look at wildlife. From red deer, elephant seals and gorillas «successful» males, tend to have harems with hundreds of females, while «losers» have serious problems with reproduction, and often die, leaving no offspring.

In 1972, the American scientist Robert Trivers went back to studying the problems posed to Darwin. Along with his colleague Dan Willard, he has developed one of the most famous theories in evolutionary biology, which has received the name «hypothesis of Trivers-Willard,» according to which wealthy parents with high status, often born sons, while the less affluent daughter. This is due to the fact that children inherit the status and the social status of their parents. In General the hypothesis of Trivers-Willard applies not only to the wealth and status of the family. If the parents have something to pass on to our descendants, dominated the floor, which needed the main element of the parent of the inheritance. If the parent signs may be more appropriate for daughters, they will prevail among offspring.

By the way, interesting math. The probability of having a son in the family of a millionaire is about 65%. This ratio proves a historical example.

And there is opposite example. You know, that when hunger is rampant, mostly girls are born. The reason is unclear. Moreover, in poor families girls are born more often. Do the conclusions.

Fierce competition

Yes, it’s a man’s world, but who said that males would be easy? Competition is in fact insane, and the people so much that this year in primary schools were at least a dozen first class. Among the noisy, stuck in smartphones buy, if we ignore all the women, Chichkanov, owls can’t live in a society of comrades, there are at least a billion purposeful, arrogant, greedy and hungry males. As one educated greedy, selfish age, they won’t hesitate to do something unforgivable to go forward. Again, it’s in the genes, it’s in education. We were taught to be decent, but how to be decent in conditions where survival of the most cunning and the strongest?

Women not so long ago began to compete with men, but when you consider that half of the globe on gender equality prefer not to remember, the gap between men and women is simply enormous. Plus patriahalno upbringing taught them… well, more about that.

Education and stereotypes

Talk about Patriarchal education, which 100 years ago was widespread. Women for centuries have taken their place behind men, who kept the hearth, cooking, watching the farm and gave birth to new family members. The fairer sex have shouldered a heavy burden, being the moral Bastion of the getter. The duties of a wife was regulated and limited, and while the males were making history, the female wiped the sweat from their foreheads and produced new assistants. Heck, not everyone felt the need to teach women to read and write!

Then about feminism and think it was scary: a rare strong women who have created history, still became the victims of prejudice. And the hot thread of women’s emancipation, and covered the world in the last century, began relatively recently, if you look at the history of mankind. Besides, not every society has welcomed the equality, and therefore, remnants and foundations refused rather sluggish.

In fact, so tradition and the desire of many women has not changed. In her family for centuries, female children were brought up so darned socks, and she, despite this, took a similar pattern for example. That’s why women are less likely to open the tent with Shawarma.

Men more stupid

If you look at some of the country side, we can compassionately cry from the fate of single men. So already the nature of the work that boys more. Today, according to statistics, for every 100 girls account for approximately 109 boys.

This inequality is caused by natural necessity. Guys, didn’t mean to upset you, but we have a weaker immune system, diabetes, and heart disease, we are also more prone, plus we apply a high percentage of cancers, and low chances of survival. In 2/3 of cases men are victims of homicide, 3/4 cases — victims and 3 times more likely than women to commit suicide. Here mother nature tries to get out, to save the cursed family, invariably spoils its magnificence.

But in this theory more puzzles than answers. At the time this issue was seriously engaged in Darwin. He found that the presence of distinctive individual traits in some animals — for example, like the tail of a peacock, designed to attract females — suggests competition, which is probably a result of the extreme lack of males. Paradoxically: the number of male and female animals of those species which he studied, was about the same. What this is not absolute equality, Darwin did not know.

In any case, at this ratio, the likelihood of becoming President or Director of the company one-day for the man increase greatly.

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